Telegram voip call recording

Telegram Voice Call Recording –First Voip Call Recorder without Root

TheOneSpy Spy App has Introduced the World’s First Telegram Call Recording Feature without Rooting the Phone

Where Telegram messages are encrypted and self-destructive TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring app enables you to monitor the logs of instant messaging and conversations, and now it has come up with a Voice call recording feature. It is the world’s first cellphone spy application that empowers you to record the Telegram VoIP calls on Android cellphones and tablet devices without rooting. Therefore, users can listen to and record the live social messaging app (One-sided calls) in real-time.

Telegram Call Recording App to Record Instant Messaging App VoIP Calls (One-Sided) without Rooting Android Phone

Record & Listen to the Telegram Voice Calls on Android

The Telegram is known to get access to your chat from multiple devices, fastest delivery of self –destruct messages, no limit of chat size, and you can customize your messenger.  Now gone are the days when you were able to get the logs of instant messages, video calls logs and media sharing only by using TheOneSpy phone tracking software.

Now you can record live VoIP calls of IM’s on Android devices without rooting the target device. Enjoy the world no. 1, a breakthrough in recording lives instant messaging apps calls. You can use IM’s call recording app on an android phone, and it will enable you to record the voice calls of the social messaging app. You can save the recorded voice calls on the TheOneSpy dashboard.

How to Use Telegram Call Recorder Software on Android

Are you struggling to listen to the live Telegram Voice calls, and then you need to activate the android tracking software on the target cellphone active with the instant messaging app. After the successful installation process, you need to activate the IM’s call recording app on the target device. It will function in a way that it starts the recording of incoming or outgoing (one-sided) voice calls on the social messaging app. Users can deliver the data of the recorded voice calls to the dashboard. You can listen to the VoIP conversations using the web portal.

  • Install TheOneSpy spy software on Android
  • Setup the Telegram voice call recorder
  • Start recording of messenger’s incoming, outgoing voice calls
  • Record the one-sided instant messaging app live calls
  • Recorded voice conversation delivered to the dashboard
  • Get ingress to the dashboard & listen to the recorded voice

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Who are Looking Forward to Telegram Messenger Voice Calls?

The parent’s community, business professionals, and people belong to the intelligence agencies, and many individuals want to record IM’s VoIP calls.  It was impossible to do that but, TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring software has achieved the milestone and become the first non-rooted spying software for Telegram to record logs of the instant messaging apps and to record and listen to the VoIP calls on android phones without rooting. Users can easily upload the recorded IM’s voice data on the web portal.


Social networking is on the rise, and today the young generation blindly using the social messaging apps on their cellphone devices. Therefore, young teens are more likely to become obsessed with a social app like Telegram, and its appealing features can put your child in trouble. Kids and teens are more likely to face stranger danger, cyberbullies, stalkers, and sex-offender with a fake account on the instant messaging app via messages, voice calls, multimedia sharing, and voice messaging activities. Now parents can protect teens by monitoring the logs of text messages, chats, and voice messages and with Telegram voice calls recording. Parents can discover all the hidden activities of children.


The corporate sector is well established just because of technology, and free communication tools are not less than a blessing. Therefore, employers and employees community use the instant messaging app on their digital phones owned by the company. Apart from the advantages, social messaging is dangerous for business owners.  Employers have no way out to spy on Telegram messages, chat, shared media, and now you can record voice calls to stay updated about employees’ activities on social media app to make sure business safety and productivity.


Millions of individuals worldwide are interested in taking control of someone’s cellphone devices and well as on the activities of social messaging apps active on the cellphones. TheOneSpy tracking app used to of providing the features to monitor the social messaging app logs but unable to record live IM’s voice calls. Now the time has been changed, and individuals can record one-sided Telegram VoIP calls of the social media app without rooting the android device.

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