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WhatsApp Call Recording App – Voice Call Recorder for WhatsApp

TheOneSpy is Exclusively Going to Offer You WhatsApp Call Recording Feature

It is the first mobile monitoring application in history that is going to introduce a feature known as WhatsApp call recording. TheOneSpy has made history again with its exclusive and dynamic breakthrough. Users can use it on any cellphone and record and listen to voice conversations without rooting the target device. WhatsApp call recorder can work on both rooted and non-rooted cell phones It can be installed on the targeted device and start working right after the installation. Record all incoming and out voice calls over WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp Call Recording App to Record VOIP Calls on Android without Rooting

Now Instantly Record WhatsApp VOIP Calls on Android Cellphone

Instant messaging apps are in demand and everyone has got access to social media platforms. You can see it installed on everyone’s cellphone. Users can use it for free text messaging, chats, and audio-video VOIP calls and for sharing multimedia with friends, family, and for professional purposes. In most scenarios, we have the tools to monitor or record activities on social media app, but no one was able to record Voice calls of social media app.

However, TheOneSpy is going to make history and let you record instant messaging app calls on any android device. You can use call recorder software to record VOIP calls from both sides on instant messaging app. After ending up with the live recording of the calls on social networking app you can upload the data to the web portal.

How to use WhatsApp call recording software on Android without rooting?

If you want to monitor someone’s mobile device and at the same time, you want to record the Voice calls on instant messaging apps installed on the target device, then use TheOneSpy cellphone spy app. You need to visit the official webpage and then get the subscription. In addition to that, you should get access to your email and get the credentials. Now get physical access on mobile and complete the process of installation. It will remain invisible on the latest Android OS version 10. Now use credentials and activate the online control panel and get access to features like WhatsApp VOIP calls recording app. The web portal automatically activates it on Android once the user is making IM’s calls and will send the recording to the web portal.

  • Subscribe for TheOneSpy cellphone tracking app
  • Get physical access on an android mobile device
  • Activate web control panel of TOS
  • Use IM’s Voice call recorder app

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Who wants to Record WhatsApp Messenger Voice Calls?

The corporate sector in general, law enforcement authorities in particular, and plenty of groups of people want to do IM’s call recording. Until now, it was not possible at all, but TheOneSpy cell phone surveillance software has remarkably achieved that goal by becoming the first non-rooted spy app for whatsapp and it enables the user to record WhatsApp VOIP calls on target mobile devices. Now you can get access to the target device and further you can record IM’s voice conversations and upload the data to a web portal.


Social media addicted teens cannot spend their leisure time without using an instant messaging app like WhatsApp. That’s why parents used to monitor kid’s Android phones to keep a hidden eye on installed social messaging apps and to track the logs. However, one thing they always want to get their hands was IM’s calls. Now you can use a call recording app for WhatsApp tool on target cellphone device and you can record and listen to social media app calls and upload the recording to an online dashboard. Gone are the days when parents could not know to whom teen is talking on social media audio-video chats. Now parents would not just make hypotheses only, now they can get concrete evidence regarding their calls on social networking app.


At the corporate sector instant messengers like WhatsApp are commonly used by the employees and executives on the company’s owned devices for communication and to share business files. On the other hand, employees are used to using the instant messaging app for personal activities in working hours on the company’s provided digital phones. That’s why employers used to face issues like goldbricking, breaches in intellectual property, and to share the company’s secrets using social media apps via calls. Now, employers can use messenger call recorder software for android and get to know about secret activities to the fullest. Moreover, employers can listen to calls related to customer service to know how employees behave and deal with their clients.


Though technology has been advanced over the years and today many individuals want to use the tech for tracking people’s voice calls on social media apps. TheOneSpy is reportedly been the first application that empowers you to record the live calls on social media apps to the fullest no matter what incoming or outgoing. You can use IM’s call recorder software on target android cellphone to record and listen to the calls of both sides. Moreover, you don’t need to root the target mobile device to perform this type of classic and exclusive surveillance activity.

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