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Experience the seamless and efficient Computer monitoring software that rapidly captures and tracks activities. Perfection in tracking software, packaged with convenience and efficiency anytime, anywhere. Time-saving, fast, and comprehensive surveillance that goes beyond the basics.

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  • Your Family Safety Under Your Control
  • Help Your Kids by Watching Their Back
  • Total Control from Any Place, Any Device

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  • Increased Loyalty and Better Profits
  • Improve Employee Productivity
  • Perfect for Small Businesses
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TheOneSpy computer monitoring software empowers you to groundbreaking features to monitor any kind of Desktop/Laptops from any location. TheOneSpy MAC & PC monitoring app is enabled to perform stealth operations without letting any clue of your target like each activity happened on the PC & MAC computer on the internet having the exact time schedule.


This feature effortlessly records ambient audio and video using the computer’s microphone and camera.

Capture Screenshots

Our PC monitoring app can remotely take screenshots from the target computer screen at scheduled intervals.

Screen Recording

Our screen recording feature offers real-time visual recording, allowing you to capture everything that happens on a targeted computer screen.

Network Connections

Track all network connections of the targeted devices, including Wi-Fi, personal hotspots, and IP addresses.

Device Stats

The device info feature lets users get detailed insights about the targeted computer. It can access information such as the device model, manufacturer, memory utilization, storage capacity, used and free space, audio space, video space, last sync time, and Wi-Fi status.

Social Media Voices

Gain insight into social media interactions to track and record calls and voice notes from targeted devices.

Apps Activity

Monitor app usage details with timestamps using TheOneSpy to boost productivity and identify inappropriate apps usage.


Our advanced keylogger captures all keystrokes, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of passwords, messages, emails, web searches, and more.

Web Filter

TheOneSpy empowers you to control access to specific websites by blocking inappropriate and harmful content on targeted computers.

Web & App Based Control Panel

TheOneSpy computer monitoring software gives you access to a web interface and mobile apps, providing seamless management of PC monitoring through web and app-based control panels.

Location History

Our location history feature allows you to effortlessly track and record all your previous geographical locations with timestamps.

Internet History

It provides detailed information about browsing history, such as visited websites, URLs, and bookmarks, with dates and times on a targeted computer device.

Screen Time

TheOneSpy empowers users to take control of their device screen usage, allowing them to effectively reduce excessive screen time.

Smart Analytic Reports

Get in-depth insights with our Smart Analytic Reports feature. Get detailed device information and user behavior to effectively control tracked online activities.

License Switching

This key feature allows you to transfer the app license from one device to another for seamless computer monitoring.

For WindowsHighlighter2 Social Media & IMs Tracking Features

The Best Monitoring App for reading chat, self-deleted messages, and social media activity logs. It intends to track voice messages, shared photos, and videos through screen recordings.

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Real-life Stories from Parents and BusinessHighlighter2 Executives

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Know more about my wife

I have the ability to closely monitor my wife’s social media activity in order to proactively protect her from potential issues.

Joseph – Husband of Sofia 26

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parental monitoring software by theonespy

Track LINE activity easily

As a parent, ensuring the safety of our children is paramount. The TheOneSpy monitoring app for Windows grants me peace of mind by enabling remote blocking of harmful content on my child’s computer.”

Jessica – Mom of John 12

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Are more productive, More satisfied, More fulfilled

Using computer monitoring software has opened my eyes to the importance of employee monitoring in safeguarding a company’s confidential information. Since implementing TheOneSpy, I have been able to significantly enhance data security and protect against potential breaches.”

Alex – Head of 200+ Staffs

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Don’t let suspicions be a part of your relationship – Know the bitter truths with the tracking app for Mac and Computers