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Facebook Spy App to Monitor FB Messenger for Android Phone

Secretly Spying on Facebook Messenger Chats & Conversations

Facebook allows user to make audio and video calls, send and receive text messages, and share photos and videos on Android and iPhone. TheOneSpy messenger spy app enables the user to hack Facebook conversations on the targeted device.


Monitor Facebook Messenger with FB Spy App

Mighty Facebook messenger is fascinating for the modern youth and for others. Parents, on the other hand, have reservations and same is the case with the employers. They want to spy Facebook and monitor teens, children, and employee’s messages, text conversations, audio and video conversations, multimedia shared respectively. Parents want to monitor teen and kids Facebook instant messaging app from cyber predators such as stalkers, cyber bullies and from sexual predators. Employers want to spy employees Facebook social media app activities to prevent time wasting activities within the working hours by using Facebook spy app.

Monitor FB Messenger Chat with Facebook Chat Tracker

Parents can spy on the messenger activated on the children cellphones and gadgets connected to the internet. However, they want to protect teens from online bullying, stalkers, messenger’s obsession, self–obscenity and from sexting using Facebook chat conversations. Additionally, employers can stop employees to waste working hours in Facebook chat conversations, messages and many form many other activities. Therefore, you can use Facebook spy app to get access children, teens and employees text and chat conversations secretly and remotely.

TOS Facebook Spyware Let You To

  • Spy on Facebook messages whenever you want, having internet connectivity
  • Read and view the offline messages and text conversations
  • Monitor Facebook activity logs
  • View newly added friends and blocked and deleted entries
  • View all chats along with the complete time schedule
  • Cross the borders of FB personal privacy settings and you can check all the private likes, shares and tags
  • Monitor the Facebook messenger keystrokes
  • Auto start Screen Recording on the target Android cell phone and tablet device when user login his/her Facebook Messenger

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How to Spy on Facebook Messenger Chat Conversations Through TOS Dashboard.

login to TheOneSpy dashboard

TOS login

You need to type cp.theonespy.com on your android smartphone device. it will give you access to TheOneSpy dashboard and then go towards the “my services” and click on it. Now you have the menu at left side of the cellphone screen. Click on IM’s logs and set Facebook logs. View all messages, chats, and conversations along with the complete time stamp.

Reasons Behind Using Facebook Monitoring Software!

Facebook  and its instant messenger app is the most popular social networking app of all time.  Though the children, teens get bullied and stalked on the FB app and messenger. Employees are famous for wasting time on Facebook. So, this popular social networking app becomes a headache for parents and for employers.

The young generation has reportedly become addicted to Facebook.  They spend most of the time on text messages, text conversations, sexting, and get involved in hookups.

According to the DailyMail Stats 2018

  • Facebook messenger is the leading social media and networking app where children and teens bullied online, 87% of reported cases of cyber bullying.
  • Most of the victims of cyber bullying on FB  instant messenger were 19 year old
  • Facebook is the largest social platform for internet trolling, bullying and more prevalent online compare to other social media apps
  • 49% of the victims of cyber bullying on the Facebook instant messenger were abused offline. However, 65% of the teens were subjected to abuse in cyberspace.
  • Only 37% of the victims of online bullying on the Facebook messaging app have reported to messenger.
  • Most of the young victims remain silent even repeatedly trolled and bullied online on Facebook
  • Young kids and teens are obsessed with the online chats and sexting on the other hand employees are using it on company’s owned Android devices.
  • Almost 10 million text messages are sent each month on Facebook messenger; out of all, there are a number of people who happened to be cyber bullies and cyber stalker.
  • Spy on Facebook messenger enables you to facilitate a quite better online space to young kids.

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