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Ultimate Hidden Android Spying Software to Secretly Track Cell Phone Devices

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Watch & Listen With TheOneSpy On Target Phone

  • Live video using both cameras with audio
  • Live audio to listen to surroundings
  • Watch live phone screen without audio
  • Exclusively monitor Signal, discord app, QQ Messenger, & wire IMs
  • Monitor WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat & others
  • Track instant location, pinpoint, and GPS location history
  • Compatible to Android OS 10, 11, 12 & latest
  • Track android remotely with hidden or visible mode
  • Set parental control & data safety on Android phones

Award Winning Android Parental Control with 250+ Result-Oriented Covert Monitoring Tools

8 Distinctive Qualities

Of TheOneSpy That Makes it Android Monitoring King Without A Crown

Best features Execution
Install in 3 Minutes
Antivirus Proof
No-Root & Hidden
Timely Results
Operate covertly
24/7 Chat Support
Temper Proof

TheOneSpy Android Tracker Features Are Nowhere To Be Found.

TheOneSpy Android app has been developed as a comprehensive, discrete, insightful spying app for Android phones and devices. Parents can install it on their children’s or teenagers’ phones as well as by employers to extract detailed information about the target phone’s activity. In addition, our app gives parents and employers complete control over the action on their adolescent’s smartphones and company-provided Androids.

If You are the Parent of a Child that Owns a Android Smartphone, Consider This:

Even the most vigilant and caring parents have difficulty setting limits for teenagers and children. What if you could put these limits in place without alerting your children?

90% of teens own and use social media and our likely to spend more time on it if they use it through their Android phones. The dangers of social media include oversharing, body image issues, cyberbullying and sexual predators, to name a few. If the time on social media is uncurbed, children often develop an addiction, low self-esteem, and fail at school, often in an unidentifiable vicious cycle. 

How Teens Be A Prey To Cyber Predators & Slave Of Their Phone Habits


Bad Sleeping

Teens have unhealthy sleeping patterns due to phone usage.

Excessive Screen-Time

Likely to spend 7 hours a day on a cellphone screen

Interaction With Predators

Chat, text, VoIP calls with bullies and sexual predators on IMs.

Internet Obsession

Spend time on social media networks & breaching privacy.

Anxiety Disorders

Phone obsession cause teens to develop mental disorders excessively.

Social Media Addicts

Share snaps, capture videos, and record nudes on social and live streaming apps.

X-Rated Content

Watch and browse porn & use cell phones as pocket porn.


Send sexting to strangers & sneaky texting codes.


Repeated Bullying Victims

1 out of 4 kids repeatedly become victims of bullying.


Blind Dating

Teens chat with strangers & meet them in person.


Parental responsibility is rising since Android has become 90% of the worldwide cellphone’s OS. Before cyber bullies, stalkers, & child abusers lure your kids online, use a spy app for Android to protect them online.

Every Feature is a Symbol Of Excellence in TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App

Keep the Android phone, microphone, and screen in your control to monitor and record cellphone calls, messages, location, social media, chat, email, & messenger keystrokes. Here are TheOneSpy hot features to spy on Android phones.

Bugging surround recording app
Record Surroundings

Phone surround listening has become possible using a target phone microphone with the surround recording feature of Android spying app.


remote call recording software
Call Recorder

Remote call recording feature to secretly record incoming and outgoing voice calls with the hidden call recorder

Im social media monitoring
Monitor Social IM’s

You can monitor instant messaging apps, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and all other messaging apps, like Wickrme, Wire, discord, and Signal app.

view 360 camera bugging
Live Spy360

Remote control Android phone cameras and microphones to get live streaming of surroundings switch front-back camera and share the live screen without audio by using Live Spy 360

Geo Fencing

Create a virtual circumference around the GPS location of the target phone and get alerts when a person enters or leaves the electronic fence via email.

flexibility feature

Upload the target phone data at will using Android tracking tools flexibility by setting preferences of data syncing on your web control panel.

screen recording app
Real-Time Screen Recorder

Live video recording on a cellphone screen, send videos to TheOneSpy dashboard, download videos, and watch live activities.

Cell phone live GPS
Location Tracker

Track real-time GPS location, route maps, and location history  on Android phones with the Worlds best Android tracker app.

password keystrokes logging
Android Keyloggers
Best Keyloggers and Keystrokes monitoring app to keep tabs on Android phone passwords keystrokes, messengers, web mails, and Text messages keystrokes

Do You Run A Business That Requires Employees To Use Company Provided Androids? Are Most Of Your Employees Working Remotely?

If so, our Android monitoring app will help you observe and track employee activity while promoting your company’s profitability and integrity.

  • In August 2022, the data of over 10.000 employees spanning 130 companies were hacked.
  • According to a 2017 survey, nearly 67% of corporate data fraud is said to originate from smartphones and Androids.
  • The portability of Android smartphones also makes them more likely to be stolen or lost, putting businesses at risk. 

Even if your employees are loyal, a simple click on a tempting link that offers rewards or freebies can compromise your entire setup. And for the tech-savvy, it takes one disgruntled employee to bring a company down or sell trade secrets.

Save your company from fraud, slackers, and thieves with TheOneSpy for Android.


Top Reasons Your Business Android Phone’s Security Always At Stake

Snatched or Stolen Android cell phone
Phone Without Proper Protection
Lacking with Data Backup & Security
No Need of Data Retrieval Apps
Unsecured Intellectual Property
No Email Monitoring

Prevent your business from cyber-attacks, & backup your data with a spying app for Android. TheOneSpy is a trustworthy and powerful remote monitoring app for tracking and spying on employees’ Android devices.

bookmarks monitoring
Monitor Browsing & Emails

Track Android cellphone browsers to monitor browsed websites, bookmarked pages and read emails remotely.

surveillance on android multimedia
TOSDesk App

Download the TosDesk app on your phone or desktop to get a fast, and exciting android monitoring experience.

password chaser
Password Cracker

Chase passwords on android phones, like pattern/digits and home screen to the lock-unlock phone.

data backup remotely
Back-Up & Secure Data

Back up stolen data from business-owned phones and tablet devices with the TOS dashboard app and remotely secure the secret data from target device.

tos desktop monitoring
TOS Desk
Use TOS Desk app to perform spying activities on target android phone. No need to use web back and forth
screenshots spy app
Capture Screenshots

Capture screenshots on an android phone after the delay of every 15 seconds back to back.

switch android device single license.
Switch Devices

Switch devices with a single license one after the other, and switch platforms/ operating systems.

android device information
Target Device Information

Get to know about the Battery left, Wi-Fi connection, GPS status, and cellular network name.

remote control commands
Remote & Covert

Every tracking operation you do, with the android monitoring software remains covert and remote via the dashboard.

What Is TheOneSpy Android Monitoring Precisely?

Protect your kids 24/7 at the time & space of your choosing with TheOneSpy

“Built reputation, preserve security & enhance the productivity of your business by tracking, and spying on your employees when working in-house or hybrid.”

Why Is TheOneSpy A Call For Users?

TheOneSpy has one of the safest and safest android monitoring apps that empower you to monitor cell phones and tablet devices. It is a solution with features that you wish to have to monitor and control the target cellphone device. It has an arsenal of tools for your kid’s digital safety and protects your business from external and internal threats.

Business professionals can use their business phones as their ears and eyes by listening to and watching their surroundings. Do you know how? Users can use cellphone cameras and microphones remotely to record, listen to, and watch surroundings. A business professional can prevent employees from time-wasting and data breaching. Parents can monitor kids’ every cellphone activity.

Why Is TheOneSpy Exclusive To Other Android Monitoring Apps?

  • Dozens of features to monitor a single activity on an android compared to other tracking apps.
  • Ability to record, save, and control non-verbal communication via chats, emails, and VoIP calls.
  • Social media monitoring, you name it, is like Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, discord, signal, Wire, skype, and others.
  • Location tracking features, like location history, Geo-fencing, location history, and daily location.
  • Real-time screen recording in terms of back-to-back short cell phone screen video recording
  • Live spy360 feature for live camera streaming using front, and back cameras, live screen sharing, and live to-listen.
  • Audio and video VoIP call recording on trendy social messaging apps without rooting Android.

TheOneSpy is the best Android monitoring software because features are easy to use, result-oriented, and always at your call for tracking target phones from anywhere, anytime on any cellphone device.

How Beneficial for Parents?

It is the best parental control app for android because parents can safeguard kids from online predators and social media explicit activities. Parents can also prevent child abduction, child abuse, and child trafficking using features, like surround recording, live GPS location, screen recording, and live spy360.

How Better for Employers?

TheOneSpy allows business professionals to monitor emails, listen to live phone calls, track location history, capture screenshots, and retrieve stolen or tempered data via an online dashboard.

How Helpful for Individuals?

Individuals can use TheOneSpy to clone any old android cellphone device using an online dashboard. Further, android monitoring software helps preserve precious cell phone data, like IM chats, VoIP calls, and emails.

When Talking About The Efficiency, Accuracy, & Productivity Of Android Monitoring Apps –TheOneSpy Stays At The Top.

Monitoring App For Android Is Not Free But Not Use You Like A Product!

  • Forget about free trial and fake Android monitoring apps anymore!
  • Forget the safety of your kids from online predators & explicit activity!
  • Forget about features you think impossible to have in monitoring apps for Android!

Only remember the name of TheOneSpy whenever kids are in danger & business safety is at stake! Believe it or not, TheOneSpy will not disappoint you ever. Are you thinking of your wallet? Need not worry; our monitoring app is cheaper than your worries.

The TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App Has Supernatural Qualities:

  • Listen to and record cell phone calls, and phone surrounds
  • Download and listen to recorded calls from the dashboard
  • App has the best keylogging app for android that capture keystrokes
  • Back to back android screen videos recording and capturing screenshots
  • Track audio-video VoIP call logs of line on Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, discord
  • Monitor social networks that no other monitoring app does
  • Pack with the cell phone GPS location tracker
  • It is hidden and undetectable on cellphones
  • Offer remote features to monitor android phones
  • Switch devices as many as you want using one android monitoring subscription
  • Cheap price but works effectively
  • Effortless installation process on the target phone
  • One of the few hidden monitoring apps for android with the Mobile Viewer app
android spy app

How TheOneSpy Protect your teens and business assets in 4 steps

how to start theonespy app.
how theonespy works?

1- Select Your Package & Plan

Go to TheOneSpy packages page, choose a suitable package according to your monitoring needs, and register using your email.

download and install theonespy step 3

2- Get Credentials via Email

TheOneSpy provides a confirmation email containing a username, password, app download link, activation code, and link to the login user control panel.

download and install theonespy step 3

3- Download Install & Activate App on Target Device

Get physical access to the target device to install and activate The One Spy Android app. Just hit the download link provided in the confirmation email. It can take 30 sec to 1 minute, depending on internet speed. Use your activation key to activate the app, its all done.

start monitoring secret surveillance step 4

4- Start Monitoring Android with TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy starts working right after the activation and fetches all the data logs to the user control panel. Use credentials and log in to TheOneSpy dashboard to see sync data.


Supported OS

  • Compatibility with Android versions starts from 5.0, 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.1, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.0
  • All the Major Cellphones of android such as Motorola, Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, & HTC are compatible fully instead of TCL devices. TheOneSpy is compatible with all carriers.

Common Questions

First, make up your mind to monitor someone’s android phone. Once you made the decision to monitor your cellphone, choose a monitoring app for a cellphone compatible with your target device. Subscribe to a monitoring app for android and receive credentials via email. You need to install the TheOneSpy Android monitoring app on the target phone having one-time physical access.

Install the surveillance app; successfully on the target phone and use the passcode and ID to access the TOS dashboard. You need to activate the monitoring features for android phones. It will bring all the information from the target phone to your online web control panel.

Users can download the message logs, chat logs, IM logs, call logs, text messages logs, keystrokes logs, and location history logs. Further, monitor, record, listen and save data in real-time with the TheOneSpy app.

You can use an app that can monitor android phones for legitimate reasons, like digital parenting, and to monitor business phones. Usage of the android monitoring app is illegal for breaching someone’s privacy. However, you can use it on the target cellphones that belong to you, or you have the consent of the target person.

Once you successfully configure the app for Android and activate it, it starts working at the back end of the phone. TheOneSpy appears once only as a pop-up on the screen that gives you two options: either you hide it or want to use it as it is. Users can hide the app icon or use it as it is on the target Android phone. You can hide it unless you want to monitor an Android phone to track the target phone secretly for legal purposes. Users should not use it secretly unless they own the phone or have the target person’s consent.

You can see the TOS app subscription on your bank statement:

“TOS App*Paddle”



Product services are dependent to the payment procedure.

You can get refund form TheOneSpy unless you have claimed for the refund within the 14 days of purchase. Moreover, you did not have violated the terms and conditions, you would consider eligible for a refund. Our dedicated and committed customer care representatives will solve your logical issues unless you become satisfied.

See our Customer's Point of View, Passages from Origin Reviews.

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