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TheOneSpy Protect Your Business Mission Critical Assets & Prevent Kid’s iPhone to be an iPorn

  • Undetectable on all the contemporary iOS devices
  • Monitor on SMS iMessages on jailbreak iPhones devices
  • Monitor iPhone, iPad, & iPod call logs with the time stamp
  • Track on Safari browser history installed on iPhone device
  • Track live GPS location of target jailbreak iPhone
  • Monitor iPhone device information remotely
  • Track on iPhone multimedia, like photos, videos
  • Easy to install iPhone Monitoring software on Jailbreak devices
  • Hidden and tamper-proof iPhone monitoring solution

What makes TheOneSpy jailbreak solution to Track on iPhone decisively?

Operate Smoothly
Easy To Configure
Monitor Secretly

Hawk Eye on iPhone

Real-Time Operations
Online Support 24/7

Parental challenges starts when you buy a first iPhone to your child


Of Generation Z in U.S has iPhones

Generation Z teens expect that iPhone to be their next phone


TheOneSpy is one of the few iPhone Monitoring apps that help out parents in their parental challenges. It has developed to serve parents to deal with their teen’s physical, emotional, and psychological challenges. You can monitor jailbreak iPhones to set parental controls to snoop into kids' inappropriate activities for their online safety. You can track on an iPhone to protect minors from cyber bullying through cellular calls, text messages, online dating apps, social networking apps, and by tracking the hidden whereabouts of your tweens. iPhone spy app can monitor contacts, appointments, WhatsApp logs, installed apps, iMessages, notes, SMS, and device info with the TheOneSpy dashboard. iPhone monitoring solution has a priority to monitor teens’ online activities, and you can track on following activities on jailbreak iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Prevent teen’s body-shaming & slut-shaming
Blind Dating
Track on dating apps & prevent blind dating.
Sexual Predators
Protects kids from stalkers, and child abusers.
Explicit Online Apps
Monitors sugar daddy apps, dating apps, porn
Interaction with strangers
Read messaging app chat logs with strangers.
Safeguard Teen
Safeguard teens from sexting and sextortion
Sharing Of Nudes
Prevent teens from sharing nudes with strangers.



Anti-iPhone security campaigns are doing efforts to breach user’s data. So, iPhone security has become need of the hour, and TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app is the best tool to prevent malicious activity on iPhones.

iPhone Critical Assets Are Not Safer Anymore

iPhones could provide virtually impeded access to data stored on your iOS devices. Online attacks can access the crown jewels of your iPhone and you could lose the intellectual property of your business that you have access to or stored on your iOS devices. The TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring application can protect your business mission-critical assets from hackers, and scammers, and form external-internal threats.

Monitor iPhone Call Logs

Track on iPhone call logs incoming/outgoing calls

Read Chat Conversation

Monitor your employee's SMS chat conversations secretly

Track on WhatsApp Logs

Monitor WhatsApp chats & messages logs on iPhones.

View Malicious Apps Installed

See every malicious app installed on the target iPhone device remotely

Safeguard Data

Get data backup on business iPhones to safeguard valuable info.

Monitor Workforce Appointments

Secretly monitors employees made on business iPhone devices

TheOneSpy iPhone Monitoring Software Fundamental Aspects

Monitoring Activities That Occur On An iPhone Device As They Happen Refers To The iPhone Tracking App Concisely.

The TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring software develops to protect and examine kids’ online activity on iPhones. Moreover, it can monitor on business iPhones to secure business data and keep your private affair safe. You have to jailbreak an iPhone to keep tracking on it. You can make a tap here to know what the jailbreak process to monitor on an iPhone is.

You can go through the webpage of TheOneSpy, and choose the iPhone monitoring solution and relevant subscription plans. Choose what suit your wallet the most and receive credentials via email. It takes 3 minutes to configure an iPhone monitoring app on your target iOS device and activation process.

You should complete the configuration process and activate it on another iPhone device. Now, use a passcode and ID to access the online dashboard to activate iPhone monitoring tools. iPhone monitoring solutions bring insight into the web control panel and keep getting updates about what is happening on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Get TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app subscription
  • Install the app on jailbreak iPhone successfully
  • One-time physical access on target iPhone
  • Use the TOS iPhone monitoring dashboard to get results
Monitor call logs

Incoming & Outgoing Calls

iPhone monitoring software enables you to monitor on iPhone’s incoming and outgoing call logs with schedule using the TheOneSpy dashboard.

Device information

iPhone Cell Phone info

You can monitor on the device information remotely using the dashboard and know about IMEI numbers, Wi-Fi, and battery consumption.



You can access other iPhone appointments by monitoring on the calendar and know about the time zone and the location.

Monitor SMS

Track on iPhone SMS

iPhone monitoring app access the iPhone sent and received SMS chats and conversations and sends the logs to the online dashboard.


WhatsApp Messenger Logs

Users can Monitor on WhatsApp messenger on another iPhone remotely to read messages and monitor chat logs using iPhone monitoring software.


Monitor Contacts

Users can access the contact book of an iPhone device and monitor contacts stored on it with names and emails.

Monitor iMessage

Track on iMessages

iPhone tracking software is the best tool enables users to track on iMessages on another jail-broken iOS device.

Installed Apps

View Installed Applications

The TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring solution can access the target iPhone, iPod and iPad to monitor installed applications.


Saved Notes

Users can monitor every activity on the phone using iPhone Notes app, and you can get to know about the information, like web links checklists and documents.

Why Is TheOneSpy One Of The Most Formidable Monitoring Apps For iPhone?

Digital parenting, employee monitoring & backup features have made TheOneSpy app an epic among iPhone monitoring apps

What Is The Objective Of The TheOneSpy iPhone Monitoring App?

iPhone monitoring is one of the best monitoring software. It has an ultimate objective to monitor on jailbreak iPhones by taking control of them effectively. Users can use the tracking app to protect kids 24/7 online. Digital vulnerabilities are on the rise for young children. Businesses worldwide are under cyber-attacks and losing business data. TheOneSpy has the solutions to mitigate the parental and business safety challenges. Parents can subscribe to the iPhone monitoring solution. It protects teens from inappropriate activities and online predators. Business professionals can deal with disgruntled employees and safeguard sensitive information stored on iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

TheOneSpy iPhone Monitoring Software Features In A Nutshell?

The iPhone monitoring app has traditional and powerful features. None of the iPhone surveillance solutions has come into being that can convincingly track on iPhones. TheOneSpy has powerful and sneaky features such as call logs, view installed apps, iMessages, Appointments, Geo-location, WhatsApp logs, Notes, device info, and SMS logs.

You can put all the iPhone monitoring features on another phone. And operate them on jail-broken iPhones to monitor and track SMS sent and received. Users can monitor on iPhone call logs, incoming and outgoing.

iPhone monitoring software is a tool that empowers you to trace out your lost and theft iOS devices without using find my iPhone. It is an app that accesses the browsing history of target iPhone-installed Safari browsers. So, parents, and employers can view web browsing activity on another iPhone.

Employers can deal with the fraudulent employees that want to steal intellectual property on business iPhones, and iPads. So, parents, and business professionals can opt for iPhone surveillance software to prevent parental, and business issues.

What TheOneSpy iPhone Monitoring App Do?

It is packed with exciting and exclusive features that empower you to get access to iOS devices –the iPhone tracking app monitors plenty of activities performed on your target iOS device.

When it comes to surveillance on iOs devices TOS iPhone application lets you track on Messages logs of sent and received messages on the target device. TheOneSpy monitors the call logs of incoming and outgoing calls on an iOS phone and you can share this information with the web control panel.

In addition to that, you can track multimedia in terms of photos, videos and lets you track on the safari browser history. Users can get the Geo-location of the target iPhone device and monitor other data stored on the device using iPhone monitoring software.

Being parents, business owner, and an individual those who are struggling for the safety of children, business activities, and the data of the device TOS iPhone tracking software is the best solution for you. Simply activate it on your target device and keep tracking activities of your desire.

How Tracking Application for iPhone helps the users?

Benefits for Parents

Parents are concerned about kid’s iPhone addiction and they do a planet of activities on such as SMs, browsing activities, lost or theft of the device, call logs, and many other activities. Parents can monitor iOS device of the children and get to know all the activities kids have performed on their device. Parents can use an online dashboard and upload the information remotely. So, parents can secretly and remotely discover all the activities of children on Apple mobile devices.

Benefits for Employers

Business organizations these days are looking forward to track employee’s iOS devices to keep an eye on their activities in working hours. Employers can do surveillance on personal activities of employees on business owned iPhone to prevent data breaching, goldbricking activities, and stealing of intellectual property on iPad.

Benefits for Individuals

There are plenty of individuals who are iOS lovers and they want to create a backup for the contacts, SMS, call logs, browsing activities, photos, and other information that is close to heath. TOS iPhone monitoring software empowers them to create back for the data stored on their devices. Moreover, they also use it for setting parental control on iOS devices to make sure data safety and to find out lost or theft devices.

How TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring app works in 4 Steps?

how to start theonespy app.
how theonespy works?

1- Choose subscription plan & get the activation key

First and foremost, you need to subscribe with the most suitable (Jailbreak solution) to track on the iOS device, and you will receive an email alongside the activation credentials.

download and install theonespy step 3

2- Get TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring software?

The process of payment would be a user –friendly, and you will have a hassle-free and secure payment mechanism. Users can make secure transactions while subscribing to TheOneSpy solutions.

download and install theonespy step 3

3- Download & Install iPhone tracker solution

After you have the subscription and activation key, you need to go to the where you can see the download application. Now visit the download folder and make a tap to open it. The app will remain hidden unless you tap more than 10 to 12 times on the status bar. In addition to that, a pop appears sudden, and you have to use the credentials and tap on activation.

start monitoring secret surveillance step 4

4- Start Monitoring on iOs Devices

Once you have activated the iPhone tracker app (jailbreak solution), you need to restart your iPhone device and get started with TheOneSpy.


  • Now Read iPhone WhatsApp messages logs
  • Track on iphone device call logs
  • Geo-location feature is available
  • Safari browser history available on iOS devices

Supported OS

It is compatible with iOs devices start from ios 11 up to ios 14.1. In addition to that, it supports iOS devices like iPads, and many more.

Common Questions

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