Best iPhone Spy App To Track iPhone, iPad & iPod Devices

TheOneSpy iPhone spy app Protects your business’s critical Assets and prevents kids’ iPhones from being an iPorn. It is undetectable on all contemporary iOS devices. It will enable you to monitor SMS, iMessages, voice calls, browsing history, voice notes etc. With it, the user will track iPhone GPS location, and all the other multimedia on the targeted device. It is a discreet and tamper-proof iPhone monitoring solution.

Monitor Your Kids and Employee’s Device Activities with iPhone Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is one of the few iPhone Monitoring apps that help parents and employees with daily challenges. You can monitor jailbreak iPhones to set restrictions to snoop into kids’ inappropriate activities for their online safety. It also prevents employees from time-wasting activities. The TheOneSpy app for iPhone can protect your business’s mission-critical assets from hackers and scammers and form external-internal threats.

Features that Securely Transmit Target Device Monitored Data in the Spy App for iPhone Dashboard

The following features monitor all the information in the targeted jailbreak iPhone. It helps you protect your kids from online risks and businesses from disgruntled employees.

Call logs

iPhone monitoring software enables you to monitor an iPhone's incoming and outgoing call logs with schedule using the TheOneSpy dashboard. It provides you with complete data about the call, including its date, time, and duration. It can help maintain the kids' and businesses' security.

Track on iPhone SMS

iPhone monitoring app track the iPhone sent and received SMS chats and conversations. It will enable you to see iPhone SMS with date and time. After that, it sends the logs to the online dashboard from where you can track all iPhone SMS.

Track on iMessages

iPhone tracking software is the best tool that enables users to track iMessage on another jail-broken iOS device. You can monitor your kids and employees' iMessages secretly without them knowing. This provides you with complete information about what your targeted person is communicating in the chat.

iPhone Cell Phone info

This feature assists you in knowing all the iPhone cell phone information. You can monitor the device information remotely using the dashboard and know about IMEI numbers, Wi-Fi, and battery consumption. You can keep a close eye on everything related to your targeted person.

WhatsApp Messenger Logs

This feature enables the users to Monitor WhatsApp Messenger on another iPhone remotely. This way, they can read messages and monitor chat logs using iPhone monitoring software. It will enable the user to see all the information about the person who is sending messages, including his profile picture and number.

View Installed Applications

With the iPhone spy app, users can even view all the installed apps on the targeted person's iPhone. They can even block or unblock any app which they think the targeted person should not use. The TheOneSpy iPhone monitoring solution can access the target iPhone, iPod, and iPad to monitor installed applications.


It will also enable you to monitor the appointments of the targeted person. By monitoring targeted device calendars, you can have complete knowledge about their appointment and important events. It will also provide you with information about the time zone and the location.

Monitor Contacts

By using this, users can access the contact book of an iPhone device and monitor contacts stored on it. Users will be able to see the saved contact information, including name and number. This helps in knowing if your targeted person is in contact with any suspicious person.

Call logs
SMS Logs
Device info
Installed apps

Why is iPhone Spy Necessary to Neutralize Parental
& Business Safety Concerns?

Here are the following concerns that have made parents, and employers to install
TheOneSpy on jailbreak iOS devices.

Interaction with
Sexting Via Texting
Sharing of Nudes
Adult WhatsApp Links
Dating Via Social Networks
Share Business Secrets
Data Breaching
Time-Wasting in Working Hours

What Makes TheOneSpy an Ultimate Tracker
App for iPhone?

Hidden Monitoring App
Undetectable on iPhone
Works on Jailbreak iPhones
Support All iOS Versions
iPhone Parental Controls
Prevent Cyber Attacks
Data Backup Facility
User-Friendly Dashboard

How Spy App for iPhone Works on iOS Devices?

Here are the following concerns that have made parents, and employers to install TheOneSpy on jailbreak iOS devices.

Subscription Process

Jailbreak iPhone

Install iPhone Spy App with Physical Access

iPhone Monitoring on the Go

Frequently Asked Question

TOS provides a straightforward process for users to install the iPhone spy app into a targeted iPhone. You need to follow these steps to install the app in minutes
  • Purchase the plan
  • Download & configure the app on the targeted iPhone
  • Use your credentials to log into your online dashboard
  • Start Monitoring
You can easily install the iphone Spy app on your iPhone. Moreover, TOS also provides you with on-screen instructions when you install the app.

Users will get the refund only within 14 days of purchase unless they have not violated the terms of conditions. The customer care service will deal with and sort out all your logical issues unless you are satisfied with our product and services.

After successfully installing the TheOneSpy Jailbreak solution, users can use the activation key to get started with the iPhone monitoring app. The application will remain hidden on the target device and work at the back end of the target device. Once you have activated the application on someone’s iOS device, you can only use it for legal purposes, such as digital parenting and employee monitoring activities. You can use it on the device that belongs to you or have to have the consent of the target device user.

The subscription to TheOneSpy jailbreak solution appears in your credit card statement records as follows.
  • “TOS App*Paddle”
  • “OneShop*Nexway”
  • “Oxi*Cybersource”
Product services are based on the payment processor.

If you want to monitor iPhone activities without them knowing, then you should use an undetectable iPhone monitoring solution. When you install the TOS app, it provides you the option of hiding its icon. When you hide the icon, your targeted person will remain unaware that any iPhone spy app is working on their device.

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