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Skype Spy App, Necessary For Kids and Employees Monitoring

Monitor Skype Chat and Voice Conversations

Tracking and Monitoring on Skype chat is necessary as the instant messengers turning a piece of cake for cyber bullies, cyber-attackers, predators and for scammers. Skype spy app can monitor and get logs of all the text and voice sent and received on Skype instant messengers.

spy app for skype

Spy on Skype Conversations

Spy on Skype has become the need of the hour since its usage in the offices and for personal activities. Your employees use it on a daily basis to send work files and confidential documents and young kids and teens use it for instant messaging and for audio and video conversations. TheOneSpy enables users to monitor Skype conversationsSkype call logs, and even contacts and messages.

TOS Skype Monitoring Software let you know all

  • View all chats that happen to be on Skype
  • See contact list with complete information
  • Take a look at all call logs for all audio and spy Skype messenger video calls
  • Get access to all names and numbers which are connected to the Skype
  • Skype chat spy on android along with complete time schedule
  • See all media files sharing through Skype
  • Get access to your TheOneSpy control panel whenever you want, anywhere and at any place.
  • Track Skype conversation on any OS such as Android and iOS.

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How to Monito Skype Chat On Android Smartphones Via TOS Control Panel?

login to TheOneSpy dashboard

TheOneSpy Login

Unlock your cell phone device and go to the web and type cp.theonespy.com. Now you have complete access to the TOS control panel. Visit “my services” and tap on it. You will see a complete menu at the top left side of the screen. Tap on IM’s logs and you will see a tab and set Skype logs. Finally, you will have view list and you will be able to view all Skype conversations.

You Need to Track Skype Messenger Then Get Your Hands on TheOneSpy

  • It is very popular for the chat and video calls and very handy in offices, the reason behind, it is compatible with all smartphones. Employees can share work files to their bosses and colleagues. And on the other hand also very effective to do calls friends and family members from long distances.
  • Let’s suppose being a boss you have some reservations regarding your employee’s loyalty then you just need to use the skype spy app.
  • Video calls are popular in young teens and that’s the main source of online bullying. That’s why parents should aware of all activities which kids and teens do in the shape of audio and videos conversations.
  • Kids and teens may share their data in the shape of private pictures and videos to the stranger. Because, Skype allow users to send texting, calling and multimedia files.
  • TheOneSpy skype monitoring software is the best tools for parents to safe guard teens and for employers to keep an eye on their employees.

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