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Skype Call Recording App - NO ROOT Android VoIP Call Recorder

TheOneSpy has come up with the scope & introducing Skype call recorder app feature

None of the world's cellphone monitoring software has introduced a high–tech tool that empowers you to secretly record and monitor live Skype voice calls on Android devices. TheOneSpy is the first mobile surveillance tool that empowers you to access a cellphone-installed social messaging app using a Skype messenger call recorder. You can further record incoming and outgoing voice calls of social networking app on non-rooted devices.

Skpye Voice Call Recorder App to Record VoIP Calls on Android Without Rooting

Skype call recorder is the best tool that makes you listen to the sneaky Voice conversations of your kids & your employees that you were never able to hear before. Skype call recorder no root can record VoIP incoming & outgoing calls for digital parenting and employee monitoring. Now hear suspicious business VoIP calls & listen to what your teens are talking in sneaky non-verbal conversations on messaging apps using Skype call recorder.

Now Record & Listen to Skype Voice/VoIP Calls on Target Cell Phone Remotely

It is one of the best instant messengers that are suitable for everyone over the years. It empowers users to send and receive free text messages, group chats, sharing media files, icons to jazz up conversations. All of these features of social messaging are easily traceable, but when it comes to Voice calls of instant messaging apps it was impossible to perform recording, but TheOneSpy. Now you can get access to IM’s VoIP calls and perform recoding using Skype call recording software for android.

Moreover, you don’t need to root the target cellphone device running with Android operating systems. Users can only perform Voice conversation recording of popular instant messaging apps on the latest Android OS version 10 and above.

How to Get & Use Skype Call Recording App on Android Phones

No matter what if you want to track Voice calls on Android installed instant messaging apps, then you need to get access to TheOneSpy official webpage. Moreover, you need to get the subscription after you have visited the official webpage of cellphone surveillance software. In addition to that, get the target device into your hands to start the installation process. Afterward, you need to complete the process of installation and use the credentials to activate the web control panel. Furthermore, you visit TOS features like Skype call recorder software for android to record VOIP calls and send the recording to the online dashboard.

  • Use TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring app
  • Get physical access on the android mobile device
  • Activate TOS online control panel
  • Use IM’s call recording Feature

Note: It is suitable for all the contemporary cellphone devices running with Android OS versions 10 and above.

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Who want to record Skype messenger VOIP calls on Android?

No matter whether someone is making calls on cellphones or IM’s people need to record voice calls. However, there are government law enforcers, the corporate sector, and many other individuals who are looking forward to recording live calls of bother sides on social messaging apps. Therefore, TheOneSpy has introduced IM’s call recording software high-tech tools to record incoming and outgoing calls on Android and further upload the recorded voice conversation to the online control panel. Moreover, there are plenty of communities wants to get the job done.


Parents have to perform digital parenting alongside traditional parental activities because teens and kids these days are social messaging apps addicts using their android mobile devices. On the other side, teens got trapped by the online predators and share their private things and then get involved voice and video VOIP calls on instant messengers like Skype. Therefore, parents were scared because they were only used to doing surveillance on instant messengers and get the logs only. None of the cell phone tracking software enabled parents to record VOIP calls, but TOS has got the breakthrough and has introduced Skype call recorder to record voice conversations of teens to know whom they are talking about all the time.


The social networking app is immensely popular at business organization and most of the business owners feel secure to make conversation, chat conversations, conference calls, and even to share important files via skype. However, employers always feel insecure when they see employees are using business owned android devices for personal activities. Employees have found stealing and sharing business secrets on the instant messenger. Moreover, they use it for dating, friends, and family by making voice calls on using the company’s devices. Remote working over the years has got immense support for this particular social messaging app. Therefore, Skype messenger VOIP calls recording app enables employers to record voice calls on Android.


Individuals have many other motives behind the surveillance on social media apps installed on Android mobile devices. Apart from breaching someone’s privacy for the target person safety with consent is allowed. So, individuals can use TheOneSpy IM’s call recording feature on someone’s cellphone and further record and listen to Voice calls, and further you can upload the recorded data to the online control panel.

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