VOIP Call Recording App to Record IM’s Voice Calls without Root on Android

Listen and Record VoIP Calls Remotely on Non-Rooted Android Devices

Non-Rooted Android VoIP Call Recorder is Fully Packed with:

  • FB Messenger VoIP calls & short voice message recording
  • WhatsApp Messenger’s voice messages & voice call recording.
  • Google Hangout voice calls recording.
  • Voice calls back up for any Instant messenger.
  • QQ messenger VoIP calls recording
  • IMO, Messenger voice calls and voice message recording
  • Skype Messenger voice calls and voice messages recording
  • TelegramMessenger calls and voice messages recording.
  • Line Messenger voice calls and short message recording.
  • Remotely record and listen to IM’s Voice Calls.

First Non-Rooted VoiP Calls Recording Software

Why TheOneSpy VoiP Call Recorder is the most demanding surveillance app in the industry?

Facebook VoiP Calls
WhatsApp VoiP Calls
Hangout VoiP Calls
IMO VoiP Calls
Line VoiP Calls
Skype VoiP Calls

Record & Listen to IM’s Calls using TheOneSpy VOIP Call Recorder App

TheOneSpy VoiP Call Recorder is the First Non-Rooted Voice Call Recording Software for Android Mobile Phones and Tablet Devices.

TheOneSpy IM’s VOIP call recorder is the world’s first application that empowers you to record voice calls from social networking apps. You can record voice calls on Facebook, Hangout, Line, Skype, Telegram, and WhatsApp on Android without root and in real-time.

VOIP call recording is the best tool for monitoring Android devices installed instant messaging apps’ voice calls without rooting the device. Apart from IM logs, you can record and listen to the live activity of VoIP calls on major social media apps on Android mobile devices without root. It is the only cellphone monitoring application that empowers you to record social media app calls on Android phones. Social media apps installed on Android are common and empower you to make incoming and outgoing audio calls. In addition, no one could record social app calls of instant messengers. Still, TOS has developed exclusive VoIP call recording software to record the IMs’ audio conversations in real-time. The following are the social media apps whose voice calls you can record quickly.

TheOenSpy VoiP Call Recording Software Features

whatsapp call recording

WhatsApp VOIP Call Recording

WhatsApp VoiP call recording feature lets you record all incoming and outgoing voice over internet protocol calls remotely and secretly. Read More

viber call recording

Telegram Call Recording

Telegram call recording feature lets the user record all inbound and outbound voice calls on Telegram messenger installed on the targeted Android phone without root. Read More
facebook call recording

Facebook VOIP Call Recording

Facebook VoiP call recording feature lets the user to record and listen all the incoming and outgoing voice calls on FB messenger installed on a non-rooted Android mobile. Read More

skype call recording

Skype VOIP Call Recording

Install TheOneSpy to record Skype messenger voice call. Skype VoiP call recording app is an easy way to record all official voice calls on Android phones. Read More

hangout call recording

Google Hangout VOIP Call Recording

TheOneSpy app user can easily record and listen all the VOIP call on Google Hangout by using Hangout call recording feature. Read More

line call recording

Line VOIP Call Recording

Line VoiP call recording let the user record and listen the voice call done by the line messenger installed on non-rooted android phone. Read More

How to use TheOneSpy VOIP Call recording app on android?

If you want to turn the table over and you want to record incoming and outgoing calls on instant messengers then install IM’s call recording on Android. Moreover, you don’t need to root the cellphone device. When you have done with the installation process then you can use IM’s Voice call recorder software via its online web control panel. It empowers you to record the voice calls of major social messaging apps running on the target Android device. It enables users to get logs of instant messaging apps alongside the VOIP calls recording.

  • Install Android monitoring software
  • Get physical access on the target device without root
  • Track live Voice calls of instant messaging apps
  • Gets access to recorded calls data using the web portal
  • voip call history tracker app for android empowers you:

Why you need VOIP call recording software for Android?

Over the years, the need of recording IM’s voice calls is in demand, but no one has got access to do that job. However, cellphone tracking software is the only application in the history of the business that has introduced this particular exclusive and high –tech solution for many long-awaited people likewise, parents, employers, and for many individuals. All of them have few concerns about children, employees, and individuals to record and listen to voice conversations on social networking apps. IM’s voice recording app empowers you to get the job done on Android without root.

How TheOneSpy Protect your teens and business assets in 4 steps

how to start theonespy app
how theonespy works

1- Select Your Plan

select your package and the period you wish to purchase TOS for, select your package and the period you wish to purchase TOS for

download and install theonespy step 3

2- Get TheOneSpy Monitoring App

Through a secure payment method, you get an efficient, reasonable and trustworthy online payment process and our customer experience a smooth and protective transaction while shopping with TheOneSpy.

download and install theonespy step 3

3- Download & Install within 30 Seconds

TheOnespy apps installation process and Activation key are user-friendly. Activation key and installation guide steps are available on user control panel. Just hit the downloading link provided in an email after subscribing TheOneSpy monitoring app for Android and follow the installation instructions. The installation procedure will start automatically.

start monitoring secret surveillance step 4

4- Get Started with TheOneSpy

It empowers you to spy on Android device remotely & monitor all data logs of your particular device by just logging-in through a secure control panel.

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