hike call recorder app

Hike VOIP Call Recording App to Spy on Hike Messenger Calls

Hike Call Recording App -Best Call Recorder tool to Record Hike VOIP Calls Remotely on any Non-Rooted Cell Phone.

Cell phone spy software is the first application that launches the voice call recording feature. TOS is the only one of its kind that has introduced IM’s call recording for android phones and tablet devices. It is capable of recording VoIP calls of instant messaging apps running on the target cell phone device without rooting. It is one of the most exciting breakthroughs TheOneSpy has given to the masses who were struggling to record and listen to the IM’s Voice conversations. Therefore, users can get access to the android phone remotely active with the instant messaging apps and record one-sided voice conversations no time ever before.

TheOneSpy has Broken all the Barriers & Come Up with the First Non-Rooted Call Recording Feature for Hike Social App.

Hike Call Recorder Enables to Record & Listen to the Live One-Sided Voice Calls on Android without Rooting.

The First Non–Rooted Hike VoIP Call Recording App to Record & Listen to IM’s Voice Calls

It is an instant messaging app that empowers you to send free text messages, voice video calls, media sharing with end to end encryption. Therefore, people are not able to spy on Hike social messaging app.  TheOneSpy cellphone monitoring software has changed the scenario and come up with the tools that enabled you to see the logs of social messaging apps.

Now it has introduced IM’s call recording feature that empowers you to record and listen to the one-sided Voice calls of Hike social messaging apps without rooting. You can listen to the live VoIP calls of instant messenger and save the call data on the dashboard. TOS has made the impossible possible by introducing non-rooted IM’s call recorder, and it is one of the achievements of the last decade.

How does Hike Call Recording App Work on a Non-Rooted Android Phone?

Nowadays, users can get access to the target android phone using the TheOneSpy phone tracking app. In addition to that, activate the new feature Hike call recorder. It starts working on the target cellphone device active with instant messaging apps and record voice conversations (one-sided) and save the data on the dashboard. You can use the credentials and get access to the online dashboard of IM’s call recorder, where you can listen to the live Hike VoIP calls. You can use this particular feature on the latest Android OS version 10 and above devices and remain hidden while doing that activity.

    • Visit TheOneSpy official page
    • Subscribe for Android spying software
  • Activate the online dashboard
  • Get access to the online dashboard
  • Activate Hike VoIP call recording
  • Record & listen to live instant messenger calls

Note: IM’s call recording software support non-rooted android phones up to OS version 10 and above.

Do You Know What Happens Behind Lock Doors? Now, You Do.

Who want to Record & Listen to Hike Voice Calls on Android Phone?

The parental concerns are on the rise since the teens are obsessed with social messaging apps. Employers on the hand these days want to know what employees are doing on business owned installed social apps, and many individuals are trying to get the logs of social networking apps but also looking to record Hike social app voice conversations.

Finally, the wait has been over, and TOS has introduced its new and exclusive feature, and possibly it has never been introduced anyone of its competitors to date. Its Feature Hike call recording is capable of recording and makes you listen to the social media app voice calls (one-sided) on non –rooted android device. I am wondering this feature will help the following mention communities out of the box.


Gone are the days when parents have to make heated arguments with the children when they used to spend all day long on social networking apps like hike and make live calls, messages, conversations, and share media. Now parents can get to know what teens are up to on the social messaging app, but also record and listen to the instant messaging app voice calls using IM’s call recording software. It empowers you not only to get the logs, but record live VoIP calls on android in real-time.


Business firms have allowed their employees to install or download social messaging apps like Hike on business owned phones and tablets for free communication in working hours. However, employees get used to wasting time on it and getting involved in privacy breaching activities on social messaging apps via text messages and voice calls. Therefore, there is no better tool then TheOneSpy to keep an eye on their activities.


There are plenty of people out there who are looking forward to track, monitor, and record Voice calls of Hike instant messenger. They want to know about activities like chat, messages, voice and video calls, and media sharing for a variety of reasons. Therefore, they can use the Hike call recorder on the target android device without root to record and listen to the VoIP conversations and activity logs of the social media app to the fullest. TOS has come up with IM’s social media and VoIP call recording tools to get the job done.

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