A Big Hello to you from TOS Network !

It’s all about you

TheOneSpy was designed while keeping the end user in mind. There is a plethora of stealth apps in the market right now, but we strived to create something better. Our main aim was to give you an app that could solve all your problems in one go. Our list of features is the most comprehensive that you’ll find, and we’ve kept things budget friendly so you can get the best of the best, but not at the expense of your budget.

Your family is important

We know just how important one’s family is. Protecting your teen is one of the most important things you will ever do as a parent. TheOneSpy is here to lend a hand where you fall short on time and energy. Since it works 24/7 and keeps a check even when you can’t directly meddle, it’s the perfect help for parents. Constantly running in the background of your child’s phone, it works day and night to get you the most accurate results immediately. If you know what they’re up to you can act at super speed. Never miss a moment with TheOneSpy.

A boost for your employees

Firms – be it a small venture or a large one – often have to worry about their employees. Managing a workforce can be a difficult job. Controlling information and data leaks, ensuring employees’ are working and not wasting time, handling company resources efficiently – these are all problems that employers have to tackle on a daily basis. This is where TheOneSpy comes in. it gives you all the information you need to figure out what your staff is up to.

A trusted name

WithTheOneSpy you never have to worry about the quality of the information that you’re getting. All data is delivered to you instantly and you can remotely access all of it. The app functions in completely secrecy so you don’t have to worry about being found out. But that’s not all, TheOneSpy has ensured that data is handled in a way that only you have access to it, you don’t have to worry about confidentially. The payments are handled via trusted gateways, and there’s a 100% money back guarantee for users!

A short tour

Our design team came up with the quick tour so you can easily navigate through the TheOneSpy control panel and get an idea about every feature we’ve got and how that information will find its way to you. Have a look to see TheOneSpy in action!

Live Demo Help

If the tour wasn’t enough and you need some hands-on action then give our demo a go. It’ll help you get a real taste of the TheOneSpy apps and online dashboard before you make a purchase.