Get Info About Target Device Carrier Name, Device Model, & IMEI Number

TheOneSpy delivers you information about the Carrier Name, Device Model, and IMEI number. Users can get information related to the target device user name, cell phone model, and even the IMEI number remotely using the TOS web control panel. It becomes possible for you only if you have already installed the mobile phone surveillance software on the target device. It’s the cell phone surveillance software that delivers you such valuable information regarding the device you are going to spy on and the name and IMEI number of the device instantly.

What TheOneSpy Delivers You About the Device?

Here are the following things cell phone spy software can deliver via its online dashboard after you activate it on the target device:

  • Carrier Name
  • Cell phone device Model
  • IMEI number of your target phone

How to Get Carrier Name, Model, IMEI Number of Target Device?

If you want to get the information regarding someone in terms of their name and stuff like that you can install cell phone monitoring software on their mobile phone device. When you have done with the installation then you will be able to get the web control panel of the cell phone spy software. It will bring you to the multiple features and you need to choose the carrier name, device model and IMEI number of the cellphone. Once you have made a tap on this feature you will get instant information regarding this particular info related tool.

Is TheOneSpy Feature About the Device Helpful for Users?

Yes. It is helpful for parents and enables them to monitor everything about the device, like carrier name, model of the device, and IMEI number. Parents will get to know secretly about the information of the device. Employers can also use TheOneSpy on business devices provided to employees. They can monitor Employees’ devices owned by the company during working hours by tracking device information.

Is A Rooted Phone Necessary to Use About Device Feature?

No. TheOneSpy is the best phone monitoring solution that works on rooted and non-rooted phones. It does not require rooting the target phone to get information like IMEI number, phone model, and carrier name.

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TheOneSpy Discovers That No Other Spy Solution Imagine

TheOneSpy can unveil many things on the target phone that no other phone spy solutions can even imagine. Here is the stuff that has made this software ultimate monitoring software for cellphones.

Discover carrier name

Users can unveil the carrier name of the target device.

Monitor device model

You can track the model of the target cell phone device.

Get an IMEI number instantly

Users can see the IMEI number of the target mobile phone.

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Get info via the dashboard

You can access the web portal & get the carrier name, IMEI & model.

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Choose subscription plan

Users can subscribe to TheOneSpy plans. You can visit TOS’s official webpage and receive an email with credentials.

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Get access to the target phone

Users can access the target device to start the configuration process and complete it successfully on the target phone.

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Activate TOS dashboard

Users can use passwords and IDs to access the web control panel. Further, get access to features, like “about device to get valuable information.

Install TheOneSpy to know about the device

Here are the installation steps that take a few minutes to install cellphone spy software on the target device.

User's Review

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Tracy Alford

You can monitor anything on the phone, like IMEI number, carrier name, and model of the target device.

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Randy Anthony

Cell phone monitoring discovers everything on the phone and lets you know what device the target person is using at the moment.

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Michelle Morgan

You can monitor and track your loved one phone and secretly spy device information.

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Lavinia Ruby

TheOneSpy is the best cell phone parental control and business monitoring software that allows you to monitor cell phone info and activities.