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Carrier Name, Device Model, IMEI number

TheOneSpy delivers you information about Carrier Name, Device Model, and IMEI number

User can get the information related to the target device user name, cell phone model and even about the IMEI number remotely using TOS web control panel. It becomes possible for you only if you have already install the mobile phone surveillance software on the target device. It’s the cell phone surveillance software which delivers you such valuable information regarding the device you are going to spy and name and IMEI number of the device instantly.

TheOneSpy delivers you info of target phone:

  • Carrier Name
  • Cell phone device Model
  • IMEI number of your target phone

How to get Carrier Name, Device Model, IMEI number of target device?

If you want to get the information regarding someone in terms of their name and stuff like that you can install cell phone monitoring software on their mobile phone device. When you have done with the installation then you will be able to get the web control panel of the cell phone spy software. It will bring you to the multiple features and you need to choose the carrier name, device model and IMEI number of the cellphone. Once you have made a tap on this feature you will get instant information regarding this particular info related tool.

Install TOS app to get phone carrier name, and device information?

If you are looking forward to know the name of the target cell phone user, mobile phone device IMEI number and model of the device you are looking forward to do surveillance on. You just need to get your hands on the best phone monitoring software and once you have got it then install it on the target cell phone device. When you have ended up with the installation then you need to set it up on the targeted device. Furthermore, you will have to have the access to the web control panel using credentials and you need to visit the features. Now you can need to tap on carrier name, IMEI number of cell phone and well as on device Model information.

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Benefits for parents

Now, apart from digital parenting, parents can remotely get access to the teens and children devices and get to know the situation of the target devices in terms of battery consumed, IMEI number of the device and last but not the least name of the carrier as well. Obviously, parents would get to know how much time children have spent on their cell phones that have consumed the battery of the device. In-case, teens have lost the device then parents already got the information that they can submit to the law enforcement to trace the loss or theft cell phone device.

Benefits for Individuals

An individual can monitor someone’s cell phone device and get to know about how much battery target mobile phone user have consumed. In addition, they can get to know either the device belongs to the target person or not by having information of the carrier name and IMEI number of the device. Beside, all that activities, you can spy on all the activities happen on the target devices with complete time stamp. An individual can use it for various other reasons such as for keeping the record of personal activities using cell phone monitoring app.

Benefits for Employers

Employers can monitor employee’s activities on companies owned and as well as personal mobile phone devices at workplace within the working hours. Now employers can spy on battery consumed of their employee’s personal devices to know whether they are using mobile phones within the working hours or not for wasting time. Moreover, they can track IMEI number and last but not the least and cell phone device model.

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