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On Demand Screen Recording

What is TheOneSpy Secret Screen Recorder?

TOS On-demand secret screen recording software lets a user to send a command to a target device and can perform hidden recording of anything running on computer or cell phone screen. It means no matter what is happening on the target device screen on –demand screen recorder empowers you to record the screen in real –time in terms of short videos.

Now user can record the screen of a PC (Windows, Mac) or cell phone (Android, iOS) running anything on it. You just have to set timings of 15 sec, 30 sec and 60 seconds. After setting the timing to send a command to a target phone gadget, once it is been received, it will start screen recording app function of a target cell phone device. Then a user can view the activities performed by the target user. You can record the screen remotely, secretly following things.

  • Every single activity running on a target device (Android, Mac, Windows)

How Does TheOneSpy Screen Recorder Work?

First of all, a user needs to install the TOS cell phone monitoring software on the target device, once the installation process gets completed. Then you just need to activate the screen recording software. On-demand recording is by-default activated by the software and a user doesn’t need to activate it, a user just has to send the command to the target device. Once the demand is been received by the device, it will start recording of the screen and make short videos up to 15 sec, 30 sec and 1 minute. You will have complete information what is going on the target device.

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How is TOS Secret Recorder Useful for Parents and Employees?

Parents can get help out if it, on-demand secret recording allow parents to record MAC, Windows, Android or anything and anytime on a cell phone or PC screen. If parents are worried about the inappropriate usage of the cell phone by kids and teens, they can record any kind of internet activity, by sending the command to the kids and teens smartphone device. Parents can point for kids and teens what is bad and what is good for them. Employers also get their hands on the information of employees while using company’s owned devices. They can keep an eye on their employees by using the TheOneSpy on-demand recording and dig out all rabbit holes.

Benefits for parents

It is one of the best tools that TheOneSpy has come up for the parents to set parental control on kids and teens cell phone devices. it does not makes a difference for parents what their kids and teens are doing on their mobile phone screen at any time having on –demand screen recording app. it certainly record everything running on the target phone or gadgets instantly and remotely in terms of short videos that later user can visit using TOS dashboard.

Benefits for Individuals

Simply you just need to get access to the target mobile phone or gadgets remotely and further you can record someone’s cell phone screen in real –time for any reason. However, don’t perform screen recording for the sake breaching someone’s privacy without consent. An individual can use on demand screen recording software to make short videos of the target device screen to stay updated regarding activities happen on the targeted device.

Benefits for Employers

Business owners always want to know what their employees are doing on the company’s owned devices in real –time. They want to make their employees accountable for wasting time, fishy activities; stealing data from company’s owned phones and tablets. So, TOS on-demand screen recoding app is the best tool to do that job that allow you to record screen activities in real –time in terms of short videos that user can see live using cell phone monitoring software online control panel.

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