Now do surveillance at your target cell phone 360 degrees! Listen to live surroundings, live screen sharing and view live visuals by using the spy 360.

  1. TheOneSpy 360 Live surrounds Listening
  2. TheOneSpy 360 Live Camera Streaming
  3. TheOneSpy 360 Live Screen Sharing Coming Soon

The user can listen to surrounding sounds, view the activities of surroundings of the target device and do screen sharing with the help of TOS 360 live surrounds listening, TOS 360 Live camera streaming and TOS 360 Live screen sharing respectively. It enables a user to listen to the voices by using the MIC of the device and user can stream live with the help of rear and front camera of the device and get live screen activities by connecting the device screen activities with TOS online control panel.

What Spy 360 Capable of ?

  • Users don’t need to deliver back to back command on the target phone.
  • Connect it to your cell phone device MIC and camera, rapidly, accurately and precisely
  • Live surveillance with the help of your cell phone’s rear and front camera
  • User can listen to the voices in real-time within 0.00 delays
  • User will be able to listen to target device GCM calls between the both of the parties when user is in streaming knots
  • User can get real-time streaming statistics
  • There is no need to root the device
  • Robust view-able player

Forget the old tricky shitty methods, just log in the dashboard and get real-time results with spy 360

How does Spy 360 Work?

Subscribe at TheOneSpy and you will receive the email with given credentials. Now put the credentials at TOS online web and get access to the dashboard. You will see your subscription key to the particular subscription plan, use it and get through the TOS spy 360. Just tap on it and you will have all the three powerful features such as 360 live surround listening, live camera streaming and live screen sharing. If you want to listen to live surround sounds and voices then tap on the TOS 360 live surround listening from the online control panel, it will connect with the target device MIC instantly and you will get the real-time surround listening.

On another hand, if a user wants to view the live activities of target phone surroundings then tap on the spy 360 live camera streaming. The dashboard automatically gets connected to the target cell phone rear and front camera within no time and you will have real-time live streaming. Similarly, the user can also get to know what a user is up to on the device through spy 360 live screen sharing. Just tap on the screen sharing and target phone will get connected to the dashboard and user will have real-time screen activities of a target phone.

Spy 360 Best for Parenting

Young kids and teens are obsessed with the use of the cellphone and they often got into to trap of stalkers these days by using the social media platforms. They usually have their hidden whereabouts for partying and for substance abuse. Now parents can use TOS spy 360 to listen to the surrounds and view the activities and conversations.

Parents can use spy 360 live surround listening and hear the voices and conversations. On another hand, parents can also view the activities and whereabouts by using the spy 360 live streaming and get to know what sort activities they are doing outside the home with peers and with strangers.

Spy 360 to monitor employees

Employers usually got worried about the business and the suspicious activities and conversations of employees on company’s owned devices such as cell phones, pads, and tabs within the working hours.

Employers can use TOS spy 360 live surrounds listening to hear the surrounds voices of conversations of the device, they can view the activities on the devices through TOS 360 live camera streaming and can share the target device screen on the TOS dashboard instantly by using the TOS spy 360 live screen sharing.

Spy 360 for relationships

Suspicious activities of spouses in a relationship with the partner often make them insecure. They can come to know the reality rather than just making worthless hypothesis own their own.

They can use TOS spy 360 and get know the hidden conversations and voices in the surroundings of partner’s cell phone, can view the live and real-time activities in the surroundings of partners phone by using the spy 360 live streaming and even can share the cell phone’s screen activities on TOS dashboard with 0.00 delay with spy 360 live screen sharing.