Spy360 Snoop Around Feature For Live Camera Streaming & Surround Listening Along with Live Screen Sharing (3 in 1)

Now, does surveillance at your target cell phone 360 degrees? Listen to live surroundings, live screen sharing, and view live visuals by switching to the front and back camera with audio. You can use the spy360 snoop around feature on another phone and become a fly on the wall to see and listen to real-time activities by taking over the cameras and microphone on another phone without the target person’s knowledge.

What is The TheOneSpy Live Spy360 Snoop Around Feature?

It is a combo of live streaming tools that can initiate surveillance on another cellphone in real-time. Users can get live audio and video streaming and share the live phone screen with the TheOneSpy dashboard. It offers features like live camera streaming, live screen-sharing, live surround listening, and switches to the front camera with the audio and back camera with audio to stream the target phone’s surroundings.  Spy360 can stream the real-time circumstances that happened in the surroundings of android phones.

Is It Possible To Listen & View Phone Surroundings In Real-Time?

Yes. the Live Spy 360 is one of the best features of TheOneSpy that you can use on another phone to listen to and view the phone’s surroundings in actual time. It enables users to perform several activities to watch and listen to the target device’s surroundings using cameras and a microphone. Users can switch between the front and back cameras with an audio combination. You can also share live phone screens using an online dashboard.

Live Spy360 Snoop Around Ensures Kids' Safety & Business Productivity

Young teens are phone addicts, and they love to use phone cameras to record videos to share with the masses and breach their privacy. Young teens are more likely to share their nudes in real-time on live broadcasting apps and social networks using their phone cameras. Users can stop teens from sharing their explicit videos unless they take control of their target phones or monitor what they are doing on phone cameras. Business professionals can use the TheOneSpy spy360 feature to get live streaming using front/back cameras, share screens, and listen to the surroundings of business phones.  Spy 360 tool helps users watch and listen to activities during working hours.

Get Live Camera Streaming & Surround Listening On Android Without Root

TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps for android that enable users to take over the target phone’s cameras and microphones and screen with a no-root option. Users can watch and listen to the phone surroundings and live to stream with audio and video combinations.

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Why Make TheOneSpy Your Ears & Eyes 24/7?

Here are the following things which make TheOneSpy your eyes and ears to keep tabs on the target cell phone device:

Get live camera streaming

Use spy360 live camera streaming viewing surroundings

Share target phone screen

Secretly share the target device screen in real-time

Switch to the front camera

View phone surroundings by switching the front camera with audio

Switch to the back camera

Turn the back camera and listen to the surroundings of the target phone.

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TheOneSpy subscription process

Visit the TheOneSpy webpage to subscribe TheOneSpy and receive a password and ID through an email.

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One-time physical access on the phone

Get physical access to the phone to initiate the installation process and configure the spy app successfully on the target phone.

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Usage of Online control panel

You can use the password and ID that you have received via email and access the web control panel to activate features that get live camera streaming, screen sharing, and surround listening.

Way to install TheOneSpy

Here are the steps you perform to install the best cell phone spy software on another phone:

User's Review

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Daniel Ethan

TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps that provide live camera streaming on another phone and keeps you updated all the time.

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Emma Gianni

Parents can share live target phone screens with the TheOneSpy dashboard to watch live activities of kids on phones.

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Jack Mateo

Employers can take control of business phone cameras front and back to view the live surroundings of an employer’s phone.

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Sofia Abigail

Parents can watch teens’ surroundings using the front/back camera of their phone and get live streaming of the surroundings with the TheOneSpy app.

Frequently asked Queries by users

General Questions

You can stream another android phone unless you have installed the best spy app for your cell phone. Users can successfully install the spy solution on the target phone and use the spy360 feature to use live camera streaming with the front and back cameras of the target cell phone device. It will connect the target device cameras to the web control panel of the spy software for the cellphone.

TheOneSpy is the only phone spy application that empowers you to connect the target cell phone screen to the web control panel of the best spy app for android phones. Users can share the screen to the dashboard to see what the target person is doing at the moment on their smartphones connected to cyberspace.

Technical Questions

Yes. You can spy on any cell phone device without them knowing unless you have used the spy360 feature of the android spy app. Users can spy on cameras and Microphones and connect them with the dashboard. It enables users to listen to and watch surroundings in real-time by switching front and back cameras with audio and video facility on another phone.

Yes. It has become possible to listen to the phone surroundings with the spy360 feature of the TheOneSpy phone monitoring app. Users can hack or take over the target phone surroundings and connect it with the web control panel to listen to the live surroundings. Users can listen to the conversations, sounds, and discussions in phone surroundings in real-time.