View Saved Videos on Your Targeted Cell Phone Remotely

TheOneSpy Remote Video Logging Monitoring App

Have you ever wondered about the kind of videos that your child views and downloads from the internet? Do you ever think about the videos which your employee may be viewing and downloading onto his phone? If so then the newest feature by TheOneSpy called remote video logging is what you need to use. With the help of this feature, you can now monitor videos which are saved onto the targeted mobile device. Whether they have been downloaded from the internet, whether they have been taken with the camera of the phone or whether they have been transferred from another phone, the video logging feature of TheOneSpy will be able to monitor their content.

How TOS Remote Video Spy Logger Works for Teens?

The data will be downloaded onto your online control panel from where you can easily view the videos and check whether or not the content is appropriate for your child or your employee to be looking at. All kinds of content can be found online and children need to be protected and prevented from viewing such videos. If you feel that the content that your child is viewing is inappropriate, you can take action accordingly, perhaps have a discussion with your child about acceptable behavior online, block inappropriate websites and even take away their cell phone privileges if need be.

How to use TheOneSpy video logging spy app on target phone?

If you want to know that either video are stored on target mobile phone no matter it’s been recorded through cell phone camera, downloaded or received from social media apps like WhatsApp. You can simply install phone monitoring app on the target device. From the time you have completed the process of installation and to the time you visit web control panel to activate view saved photos tools it works smoothly and empowers you to get all the stored videos on the targeted device. You will be able to see the all videos within no time and take evasive action.

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Benefits for parents

Parents can remotely spy on kids and teens activities in terms of downloading of the in appropriate videos, recorded through cell phone camera or received from social messaging apps. Parents can use video monitoring app on the target device and get to know about the videos that have been stored on the children mobile phone whatsoever. TOS web control panel empowers you to see the videos stored on the target cell phone device.

Benefits for Individuals

Thus using TheOneSpy video logging spy feature, once videos have been downloaded onto your control panel, you can sort them by date and time and view them accordingly. Even if there are some videos which get deleted from the personal cell phone, they will still be available to you on your control panel. The security system operating in TheOneSpy will ensure that the data is protected and that you are the only person viewing the content.

Benefits for Employers

Employees at business firm, there is a time and place for everything and the office is not a place where inappropriate videos should be viewed or downloaded onto the phone. If such information comes to your knowledge by making use of the video logging feature, as an employer you should take action to ensure that such behavior doesn’t occur in the future again by using TOS spy software to view saved videos on company’s owned devices.

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