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WhatsApp Chat Spy App

Spy on WhatsApp Chat, Call Logs & Media Files

WhatsApp is free, secure and easy to use. It is therefore quickly making its way up the popularity chart. You pick up any smartphone and you are sure to find WhatsApp app on it, may it be your child, spouse or employee.

How WhatsApp Spy Software Helpful?

Are you looking for a way to monitor WhatsApp chat conversations and shared media Such as voice messages and sound files? Can’t figure out how to get past the barrier of WhatsApp credentials? With TheOneSpy WhatsApp spy software, you don’t have to! Just plant the application on the target device and enjoy the magical entrance into the WhatsApp App world for yourself.

With TheOneSpy WhatsApp Spy Software, You can:

  • Check out all written texts and completly spy WhatsApp messenger.
  • Listen to all audio-video conversations.
  • Spy WhatsApp media files exchanged over WhatsApp including photos, videos, and audio files as well as saved on the target phone.
  • Trace the number and contact details for the recipients of the media files and chats.
  • Find out the date and time for each activity on WhatsApp including messaging, conversations and shared content.

Get access to WhatsApp chat/conversations and other relevant information directly from your TheOneSpy online control panel or TOS Dashboard app. All you need is a device that can plug you into the web and a running internet connection.

Why Only TheOneSpy WhatsApp Chat Spy Software?

WhatsApp instant messenger is immensely popular for its cross-platform built, security of use and a handful of some awesome features but at the same time it is quite revealing and can land some people in trouble due to their reckless usage and careless throwing of information.

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Benefits for parents

Are you a parent trying to monitor WhatsApp chats that your beloved children share? Do you fear they might over-expose themselves or share too many personal details that can harm them in the long run? Don’t worry! TheOneSpy – WhatsApp chat spy app has a comprehensive solution that can not only bring forward WhatsApp moves but also unveil other popular Instant Messaging activities as well.

Benefits for Individuals

WhatsApp is kind of instant messaging app that you will find on everyone’s mobile phone and as well as on any digital device you just name it. Having such a popularity of the WhatsApp there plenty of individuals who want to create a backup for its WhatsApp activities. People used to share sensitive files and documents for multiple reasons and mostly user delete their sent messages on WhatsApp. However, sometime it becomes a real issue for the WhatsApp because they sometime want to recall their whatsApp activities for the variety of the reasons. So, individuals can create back of the whatsApp activities using WhatsApp monitoring software. It enable user to monitor all the activities you have perform on the instant messenger and alongside create a back up to the web control panel from where you can see the logs of your activities as reminder.

Benefits for Employers

Do you run a business and fear that your employees may be misusing their mobile phones, chatting away their times with family and strangers alike? Are they wasting precious company time in chatting and calling on WhatsApp? If you want to keep a log of their leisure time spent at their workplace, just install the TheOneSpy premier app on each company phone and tablet and activate to use TOS WhatsApp spy feature. Then handle YOUR work and THEIR Android WhatsApp chat spying simultaneously over the internet. Isn’t that amazing and so much convenient?

You’ve got nothing to lose and only the truth to gain. So why not Start Today?