Yahoo Monitoring Software – Track all Chats & Conversations on Yahoo Messenger

Spying on Yahoo nowadays is requisite in order to shield young kids and teens from the alarmingly increasing number of online bullies, stalkers and child abusers. Employers need to have a hidden eye on employees.

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Spy on Yahoo Messenger Chat

Parents have to think about the security of their kids while using the instant messaging apps like Yahoo. Young kids and teens have their accounts on the social messaging app and they do messages, chats, and conversations, images, group chatting and audio and video calling. They may interact with online bullies and get bullied and trapped by child abusers. On the other hand, employees need to be monitored by their employers within working hours. TOS Yahoo spy app can really make a clear difference to monitor kids and employees.

Get Your Hands on Chat with TheOneSpy Yahoo Spy

How to Monitor Yahoo Messages On Android & iPhone Via TOS Dashboard?

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TheOneSpy Login

First, you need to register and install the TheOneSpy yahoo monitoring software on the target device that must be rooted or Jail-broken. After the installation, the app will start uploading Yahoo messages and media files on your online account from where you can access them anytime and from anywhere with an internet connection

Yahoo Messages
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Yahoo Messages

After the loggin from the user control panel click on dashboard button to view the complete dashboard page. Then click to Spy on IM logs from left side menu and select the Yahoo Messenger logs from the top right side dropdown menu. It will show you all the conversations done on targeted Yahoo Messenger.

What Other Spying Features We Offer with Yahoo Spy Software?

Monitor Voice Calls

  • Call Recordings
  • Call History
  • Calling Location

Logging Multimedia

  • Snapped by the devices camera
  • Capture Screenshots
  • Get access to photos

Internet Activities

  • View web
    browser history
  • View bookmarks
  • Filter Internet

Access Remotely

  • View/Block Installed Apps
  • Remote Update
  • Restrict Callers

Read Emails

  • Read sent/receive emails
  • Read Gmail
  • View email contacts list

Monitor Text Messages

  • View send and receive SMS
  • iMessages
  • Pin Messages


  • VidCamSpy
  • Mic Bugging
  • Photo Bugging

Calendar Activities

  • Look at meeting scheduler
  • View address book
  • View calendar entries


  • Unlimited Device Switch
  • Unlimited OS Switch
  • Multiple Platform Support


  • Cellphone Lock/Unlock
  • App Lock/Unlock
  • Facebook Lock/Unlock


  • WhatsApp keystroke
  • Messaging Keystroke
  • Password Keystroke

Social Media

  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • SnapChat & more


  • Alerts on SIM change
  • Prohibited Location Entry Alert
  • Geo Fence Alert


  • Set Preferences For Uploading Data
  • Pause Or Start Application
  • De Activate Application

Track Their Location

  • Current GPS location
  • Look at location history
  • Find out travel routes
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Why is Yahoo Spy App the Ultimate Tool?

  • Because young kids and teens have their multiple accounts on different instant messaging platforms and employees also use a different kind of messengers on their company’s owned devices. Yahoo is one of the most popular and classical messengers. Billions of people do messages, chats and conversations, audio and video and even do audio and video conferences.
  • Young kids and teens got bullied online on yahoo messenger while chatting and they may get black mailed while sending their private photos to their online friends.
  • Employers waste their times at work place by using company’s devices and use instant messaging apps such as Yahoo. Ultimately the productivity of the company starts falling.
  • With TheOneSpy yahoo monitoring app, you can protect your kids and teens and improve the productivity of a company no time ever before.

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