Web Filtering on android supported browsers is now available

Internets surfing on mobile phone browsers are common these days. Mostly, teens are second to none in this activity. So, if you are concerned parents to stop your child to visit adult websites, being employers you don’t let your employees to visit websites that ultimately waste time within the working hours, you can use android spy app to block all the websites you want to on the target device.

We are exciting to tell you that TheOneSpy Android spy app has come up with its exclusive feature web filtering/blocking that enable user to block website on target phone supported browsers by using URLs and keywords of the websites. Read More

Retrieve WhatsApp deleted messages now available on TheOneSpy

Over the years WhatsApp is known to be the finest instant messenger and it’s reportedly stated that 1.5 billion people have sent and received WhatsApp messages to friends, family and other people. So, if you are interested in monitoring of the deleted messages on your personal cell phone of WhatsApp or to spy on someone else phone you can do it.

That’s why we are glad to inform you that TheOneSpy spy app for android now fully retrieve all of WhatsApp messages on any android phone – no matter what the device has been rooted or not.

Social media apps monitoring on un-rooted devices available

Instant messaging apps and social media apps are immensely popular among everyone. Billions of people use trendy social messaging apps on their mobile phones for text messaging, chats conversations, sharing of media files and for audio video conversations alongside Voice messages as well. Now you can monitor the instant messengers on any android device and get the logs of the social messaging activities with time stamp.

Previously, you people need to root the android devices to get the social media app logs. Now TheOneSpy has introduced its newly developed feature that allows you to social media apps spying on un-rooted android devices.

Remote UN–installation of any app now at your fingertips

Mobile phone applications most of the time are helpful for the users for variety of reasons. However, people that don’t want to see particular applications on their devices such as parents and employers. In terms of digital parenting point of you parents want to un-install applications from their wards and teens cell phone and on the hand employers want to remove apps from the company’s owned android devices.

Now you can remotely UN–installation of any app on the target android device is possible with TheOneSpy Android spy software. You can remotely UN–install app from the target device through online dashboard.

Now TheOneSpy is compatible to Android 9.0

TheOneSpy android monitoring software has been achieved another mile stone and now it is compatible with Android 9.0 cell phones. You can monitor latest Android mobile phone for the sake of digital parenting and as well as for employee monitoring purposes.

TheOneSpy cell phone spy app for android has updated its version and now it you can use it on Android 9.0


We are exciting to inform you MAC surround recording available

MAC laptop and desktop computer devices has been considered over the years as the elite tech –devices worldwide. Millions of people are using these devices in terms of youth and professionals as well at their business entities. Now you can monitor the surroundings of the MAC PCs instantly by controlling the MAC microphone.

We are here to inform you that you can record and listen to the MAC surrounds in real–time and this particular exclusive tool is only available on TheOneSpy MAC monitoring software.


Do Real –time screen sharing & MIC Big on windows (Beta)

Since last couple of year’s real –time screen sharing and recording of the surround recording were in demand. Therefore, TheOneSpy did their best to achieve this aim and finally, we have gladly and proudly informed you that we have come up with live screen sharing and MIC bug tool.

We hope you will find it better having best results through TOS web control panel. Now you can remotely share their screen of windows laptops and desktop devices in real –time to stay updated about real –time activities happen on your target window devices. Furthermore, you can record surround voices and conversations using MIC bug app for windows