How to Install Android Spy App on Phones and Tablets Devices?

Undetectable Android Tracker for Parental Control & Employee Scrutiny
Install TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App & Enjoy the Liberty to Track Android Devices.

  • Record all incoming and outgoing voice calls
  • Listen, Watch, and Monitor Surrounding & Whereabouts
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  • Mic Bugging & Camera Bugging with Spy360 Live Streaming
  • Browsing, Bookmarks, and Keylogging along with Stored and Shared Media

We Welcome our Valued Customers and Readers to the TheOneSpy Android Spy Installation Guide.

It’s our pleasure to guide you about the spy app for the android installation process with the help of user-friendly steps. We hope you have done with the basic requirements of getting email and credentials after the subscription process. For detailed information, you need to read the information carefully.

Do you have physical access to an android phone? Yes! You need to start the android spy configuration process given below:

Step by Steps Guide to Install TheOneSpy Android Spy

Please once again make sure that you have got welcome email and activation credentials. Feel free to perform the following steps to get the job done successfully.

If you have access to the target Android phone, you are now ready to install TOS App. To find out how just go through the installation process in a complete detailed process.

Note: The Android spy has multiple pre-installation and after installation dos and don’ts. Users may or may not consider few installation requirements by analyzing that whether the target device is active with the Anti-spy app or not. Moreover, Users have to install the spy app following the OS of the device.

Install Android Spyware Using Below Steps:

Here are the following steps that are mandatory to configure the android spy on your target device. Let’s get to know how these steps work.

Step1: Get a License of Android Spy by Visiting TheOneSpy

Go to TheOneSpy Webpage, and visit solutions and choose android spying software. You need the information carefully, and then tap on the “View Plan & Pricing” However; you can tap on the “Demo” to know how it works. You can select the monthly, quarterly, and yearly subscription plans and get a suitable package. It will provide you the credentials via your email inbox.

Step2: Physical Access on Android device

physical access to install android spy app

It is necessary to have physical access to the target android device and start the installation process keeping in mind the dos and don’ts and after the installation process. Your device should be anti-spyware-free and scan your device from security threats. Moreover, complete the configuration process successfully, and activate the android spy on the target device.

Step3: Get Access to TOS Online Dashboard

android monitoring dashboard

You can use the password and username to get access to the web control panel. Further, you can unleash the features of your choice using the sync setting button. The sync setting button enables you to “ON” and “OFF” the tools instantly. Every feature starts working on the target device and delivers the information into the web control panel.