Can You Install Spy Software on a Cell Phone Remotely? (Updated)

Install Spy Software on a Cell Phone Remotely

The web is full of myths, scams, and lies. Surveillance technology reaches the next level, and people are using it on the commercial level. However, there are plenty of ambiguous and sensational statements we used to listen to now and then. People these days want to get a spy app for cell phones.

People spy on mobile devices to monitor and track activities for legitimate reasons. Everyone knows that spying on a cell phone requires the installation of a spy app. However, it could be hard enough for you to get physical access to your phone. So, you may wonder about to know: can you install spy software on cell phone remotely? People also search on the web, ‘How to install spy software on cell phone remotely?

How a Remote Cell Phone Spy Software is a Scam?

I have searched the term several times on my PC browser how to spy on cell phones remotely. You may have done the same like I did. Finally, you have seen dozens of results on Google that you can install Android spy app remotely on the target phone. The owners of these sites are playing with the customers emotions who want to spy on kids for parental control and to protect them from online dangers.

They also play psychology with those employers that want to safeguard the business from disgruntled employees. Remote installation claims are attractive for worried parents and employers. So, people download the application without knowing the truth. So, you need to be careful, and don’t fall for scams.

There are following scams and lies about the installation of a spy app on a cellphone remotely that you need to avoid. You need to read these scams and marketing tactics carefully, and later we will discuss what methods you can adopt that compensates for the remote installation on cell phones.

Remote Installation of Spy App via Hacking

Installation of spy app through remote hacking is one of the frequent scams that people got trap in. You may interact with hundreds of hackers out there on the web that makes claims to install the application without physical access to the target device. People pay advance money for the job and get nothing in return. The well-trained and skilled hackers may access a target phone remotely but cannot install an application. The hacker’s job is not legal, and you could face legal consequences in return for privacy breaching.

Remote Installation of Spying App Through Bluetooth

There is another spy app remote installation scam that introduced over recent years. It says you can install spy software on the target phone via Bluetooth connection. People that don’t know about Bluetooth technology need to know that Bluetooth remote installation is a scam.

  • One thing you know that your cell phone and the target device should have a Bluetooth connection. You and your target device user need to accept the pairing. It is a big mess and an impossible way for remote installation via Bluetooth.
  • The second point is you and the target device user needs to be less than one roof at the same time to get the job done. The Bluetooth needs an appropriate distance between the devices.
  • Suppose you have successfully paired the two devices you have to stay under one roof.

Remote Installation of Spy Software Through Email

People also make claims to install spying software via email. They will make you to perform following things:

  • You need to send the email alongside the image on the target phone. Let the target phone user log- into the email & open the image.
  • The image will upload to the phone once the user opens it.
  • Seemingly, it is interesting, but it is one of the scams that do not do a miracle.

You can avoid hacking, Bluetooth, and email scams to install spy applications remotely on the target phone. We will tell you about those applications that make false claims and provide fake spying services to users.

Is it Possible to Install Spy App on Android, & iPhone Remotely?

The answer is a big no. You cannot install any spying software on a mobile device remotely. When it comes to Android there is no chance to spy on cell phones without a target device. There are some fake spy apps on the web that offers a non-jailbreak solution for iPhone devices.

It does not need to install the iPhone spy on the target device, and you don’t need physical access on iPhone. Users need iCloud credentials of your target iPhone and then use them to your spy software dashboard and get results.

Therefore, applications that offer remote installation of cell phone spyware are lying to you. You need to get your hands on the reliable phone spyware that offer true service rather than juts confusing you with myths, and false claims.

Final Verdict: It is impossible to perform a remote installation of spyware on iPhone and Android. Physical access on the target device is necessary, and if you are going to subscribe to such an application that offers remote spy app installation is fake and a scam.

How to Identify Fake Spy Apps that offer Install Spy App Remotely?

We know that cell phone spying application needs physical access on the target device, and it is impossible to configure a spy solution on a cellphone remotely. However, the following are few tips that empower you to identify apps that offer fake services like install spy software on a cell phone remotely and many others.

Fake spy apps offer cheapest rates or one-time subscription to enjoy advanced mobile monitoring features for a lifetime. On the other hand, authentic spyware provides the users with monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription with suitable basic, premium, and ultimate feature plans. You can choose the subscription package as per your budget and requirements.

Scam mobile spyware companies fill their website with easy details; such as remote installation, free advanced features, seamed payment methods, etc. While reliable mobile monitoring software tells the truth to their customers. Authentic spy app companies share their contact details on their website and deliver genuine and informational content so that the customers can trust the source.

Spouse monitoring is the talk of the town in the online spying world. Note that a legitimate spyware company would never offer spouse tracking solution. It is legally as well as ethically wrong to spy on spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend. If any mobile monitoring app offers such spying solutions, then the app is not reliable.

Top Signs to Identify Fake & Scam Spy Applications

  • Fake spy applications offer cheap subscription plans and provide one-time subscriptions for a lifetime. Trustworthy apps provide reasonable subscription plans for monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
  • Scams spyware apps offer remote installation, free non-traditional features, and one or two payment methods. The reliable and trustworthy apps believe in marketing and provide accurate information to the users.
  • Reliable and worth buying phone spying apps don’t offer installation of a spyware app remotely. Fake spying tools make false claims for marketing stunts and robe users for nothing.
  • Applications that claim to spy on iPhone without jailbreak
  • Spyware that offers call recording without the installation
  • Monitoring application that offers WhatsApp calls other than android 10, and 11
  • iPhone spy app that offers live call recording feature
  • The application that offers GPS location tracking of a phone without target phone

How to Spy on Cell Phones Remotely with TheOneSpy?

Earlier, we have discussed spy apps remote installation is not possible on any cell phone device. Therefore, you need to use a legitimate, trustworthy, and worth buying spy solution that empowers you to monitor cell phone devices remotely. However, you need to get one-time physical access on the target device to install TheOneSpy, and then you can perform remote spying on the target device.

Initiate TheOneSpy on Cell Phone to Track without Them Knowing

You need to perform the following steps to monitor a mobile phone without access to the target phone after a successful installation process.

Get TheOneSpy Subscription

Users can subscribe to the TheOneSpy phone spy app and receive credentials via email.

Get Physical Access to the Target Device

You need to get physical access to start and complete the installation process on the target device.

Use the Online Web Control Panel

Users need to use a password and ID and access a web-based control panel.

Activate Features & Get Remote Results

You need to visit the features setting page under the web based control panel and activate them on the target device, and you will get remote results without having physical access to the target device.

TheOneSpy Top Features for Non-Rooted Android Phone

Here are the features you can use on the target mobile remotely and get to know the activities on the target device without physical access.

  • Live screen recording
  • Call recording
  • Screenshots
  • Social media spy
  • Surround recorder
  • GPS location tracking
  • Browsing history
  • Password chaser
  • View installed apps

TheOneSpy Top Features for Spying on Jailbreak iPhone

You can use following features to spy on iPhones using jailbreak solution for iPhone.

  • SMS
  • iMessages
  • Contacts
  • View installed apps
  • WhatsApp
  • Appointments
  • Device Info


TheOneSpy is one of the trustworthy and reliable spying applications. It believes in genuine marketing tactics and doesn’t market things without the tail. Users can install spy software having physical access on the target device and perform remote spying activities via an online dashboard.

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