Parents, Children and the Month of December

parents children and the month of december

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Let’s face it, December is the best month of the year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, what more could anyone ask for. All the preparations may break you down but at the end of the day, there’s nothing better you might be doing than having a nice Thanksgiving dinner, or opening the Christmas Presents in the morning or having a party on New Year’s Eve. It’s all very fun. However, there’s more to it than what meets the eye. December is probably the busiest time of the year. You can’t possibly do what we just said about above, but what about your children? There’s no way a child would go through December without attending at least 4-5 parties.

Now, your child would like to spend some, if not all, of these parties with their friends, if not with their parents. Now, however, innocent this seems, you shouldn’t let your children spend time alone with their parents on such occasions. You’re probably thinking why. How can, a few people who your child meets every day, harm them? Well, we have a list of things that will change your perception.

Teen Parties

Teen Parties aren’t all that innocent as one might think. If your teen goes to someone’s house for a party, it’s not necessary that there’s an adult in that house. There could be a bunch of teens that can do whatever they want and no one would be able to stop them from doing so. A house full of the teen, who can do anything is almost always a recipe for disaster. Whenever your teen says that they’re going to a party, make sure that there is an adult in that house who will supervise the party and make sure things don’t get too wild.

Drug Abuse

Most of the time, unsupervised parties consist of only booze. These parties almost always contain alcohol and sometimes weed as well. You would never want your child to get involved in such things. Every time your child goes to someone else’s house, make sure that they have strict rules against alcohol and drugs, and also, ensure that the other parents share your concerns when it comes to alcohol. If you feel that the parents are the ones who brought booze into the house, then it’s probably best to call the cops before things get far.

Violence and Incidents

A bunch of young people under the safe roof can’t always be safe. So many egos in one room are quite dangerous. At parties, people get in fights and brawls at the pettiest things and when a fight starts in a small space, there’s always a chance that the whole room starts throwing fists. Other than that, several incidents could happen unintentionally. These involve short circuits, fires, etc. Someone could accidentally knock over a candle and it has the potential to burn down the house. You should make sure that your teen knows what to do in such situations. You should advise your teen to do a quick tour of the house when they walk in and remember all the ways they could leave the house if such an incident is to happen.

How Can You Play Your Part?

If the party is a sexual and one that will involve a ton of drugs, then it’s most likely that your teen won’t tell you and it’s up to you to find out. How can you do that? You can’t follow them to the house and stay there for the entire time the teen is there. The teen would easily notice a grown man amidst all the young peeps. So, what do you do? We know the best way to monitor your child without them finding out a thing about it, and the answer is a parental monitoring application.

This is the very reason TheOneSpy parental monitoring application exist. They were specially designed for concerned parents that are looking for a way to take care of their children. They can allow you to track the real-time location of your teen up to longitudes and latitudes. You could tap into their calls and messages and know exactly what they have planned for the evening. Not only that, you could use their own phone’s camera and mic to check their surroundings and make sure that the party is safe for them and there are no drugs involved. Also, you could check their Calendar entries and see if they have something suspicious planned for the night. Hence, make sure that you know what your teen is up to and you’re right there to help them if things go astray.

On The New Year Wishes

As the New Year Eve is close, you may have been running errands to gather the chores of New Year. But have you reviewed your parental plan?

Don’t worry we are here to help you out. TheOneSpy has offered amazing discounts in this month of December which have been started from Black Friday and it will remain till the New Year Holidays as a Happy New Year discount. The offers are available for everyone, whether the fresh user or the persisting one.

TheOneSpy is famous for its parental control system. To continue serving your parenting needs, we have started to offer 50% discounts on our every subscription plan. Whether you go for the premium or the Lite Plan, you can save up to 50% of the fee.

So be quick, before the offer runs out! Wish you all very Happy New Year! TheOneSpy Team.

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