Android Lollipop: The Beginning of A New Period of Enterprise Security

the beginning of a new period of

Android has come up with a good offer for a number of its fans; the Version 5.0 this version is called the Lollipop and people are all going crazy for the features it has to offer, particularly in terms of the security it offers. A number of businesses make use of Android devices due to the amazing features it has to offer however security is something no business can compromise on. Will this version live up to its expectations?

The addition to the Android family has been altered so that it can cater to the business sector as well. This meant for Android to make the version more secure due to which a number of improvements can be seen in the version. It is important to know however that not every Android device will be getting this update so it is best that you do not begin to get too excited just yet. First, make sure that your Android device is actually compatible and will get the updated version known as the Lollipop.

Android Work: the Lollipop is being advertised as the Android for Work, its change in architecture and being aimed towards API security. IT staff can make use of a framework which is mutually shared and can use this to keep tabs on devices which may be logged in to the business; this includes any BYOD devices. Furthermore, with the implementation of uniform policies for every device, a number of security problems can be eliminated.

Application deployment: administration in the IT department will also have a certain degree of control over the kind of applications which can be installed through the work profile of each user. The applications would have to come through the Google Play Store. This could lead to a number of discounts and cost cuts on applications for any business and would help in keeping everything more secure by allowing the installation process to be one which is more controlled. An application cannot be installed until and unless it has not gotten a sign of approval.

The Android Smart Lock: users can remotely monitor & lock their own devices by making use of the device manager for Android. Other devices which are trusted can also be introduced as part of the system which can help in controlling their device in terms of locking and unlocking.

Factory Reset Protection: if someone is able to get a hold on your device and steals it from you, the best part is that they cannot do anything to your device because this feature allows users to restrict their devices from being reset and brought back to their original factory settings. A remote lock can be activated with ease which makes the device useless for anyone who has gotten their hands on it.

Encryption: it is stated that the FBI does not like the new Android very much. Why might this be the case? This is because it brings encryption to the forefront. The user does not need to activate this feature because the devices come with the feature activated on it by default. All users need to make sure of is that the PIN code is stored in a safe place and is not lost because losing it could mean losing access to a number of other features as well. The enterprise version can easily store information for the user without their being much trouble.

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