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An organization with a successful global business reach, will achieve its desired goals in a short time. However sending your employees on a business tour abroad to find potential business deals or make a deal is not as simple as finding and securing local business clients. Finalizing a foreign business deal requires research and knowledge of the given country, “consumers” perspectives about the products or services your offer; and if you consider that finalizing a global business deal is as easy as it is to negotiate and close a local business deal, you will definitely be in loss. When you send your employees on a tour abroad to make a business deal, you should take care of three important points to ensure they create a good impression of your organization, your product, and service, and make the deal beneficial for your company. To ensure that you can monitor your employee’s activities while they are abroad, the use of TheOneSpy monitoring app will enable you to keep track of your employee remotely.

1. Remember First Impression is the Last Impression

Generally, timeliness is important for any business deal, especially in some cultures where time is important. Your employees should not be late for business meetings. This becomes crucial if they have to present the company portfolio to the foreign clients which will require time to setup or lay out before the meeting. For this even if you as the company owner or manager are not a part of the business delegation, you can use TheOneSpy app to check your teams GPS location and travel route, which tells you of their travel schedules, routes etc., and ensure the team reaches designated locations on time.

2. Team should be Well-Dressed and Well-Rehearsed

Your delegation should behave professionally when they are on duty. Potential clients always take note of your team’s professionalism, presentation skills, and performance level before agreeing to a business deal. Professionalism demands that your employees should not convert a business tour to business cum excursion tour. TheOneSpy app helps you view team task logs, appointment schedule, IMs activities and live surrounding to track their activities. This allows employers to ensure that employees are not engaged in an activity other than that required professionally.

3. Remember any Illegal Activity is Detrimental to Business Prospects

It is your responsibility to make sure that your team does not indulge in any activities seen as illegal in a foreign land like drinking, breaching local laws and such. Mobile/Cell phone spy apps like Geo-Fencing monitoring feature of TheOneSpy lets employers create safe and danger fences – a reason to track employees remotely. This alerts the employers when any of the team members enter restricted areas and allow the employer to take appropriate action. An example could be making the hotel your team is staying at as ‘safe zone’ whereas making the nearby pubs as ‘restricted zones.’ Many company directors or managers have been on tours abroad. You should share your experience with your employees, and tell them how TheOneSpy helps you manage their movements easily.


All organizations want to expand their business to new markets and in a globally competitive business environment, trips by employees to foreign countries makes it important for the tour team to present the best in terms of behavior and product display. Cell phone spy apps make it easy for employers to remotely monitor their team’s activities and ensure professional performance.

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