10 Facts Make Android Spy a Complete Solution?

Facts Make Android spy a complete solution

At TheOneSpy, we love to inform our customers where to utilize their money when buying an android spy app. Our spy solution for android phones did not come into existence within few days. We have tested many phone spy apps time-to-time we have tried our best to meet our customer needs.

We know our customer’s needs and how we can fulfill their requirement within the boundaries of cyber laws.  Rather than spending your hard-earned money on scam spy apps for android, you need to know about the most competitive mobile spy app for android. We know that when a customer enters tangled to fake android monitoring software, the entire industry looks like a scam.

Today, we discuss an android spy solution of the industry that has served you over the last decade with the utmost care and honesty. So, today we discuss what makes android spying software a complete solution and how it is better than its competitors.

Top 10 Facts that Makes Android Spy a No.1 Solution

You will not get robbed, scammed, and trapped anymore. Most android monitoring apps use cheesy lines and marketing stunts to trap customers, but most spy brats provide nothing but hopes. Don’t bother anymore loud mouth fake spy solutions for android. Here are the following facts you need to know that make TheOneSpy Android spy software a complete application for android phones.

Fact No.1: The First Hidden Spy App on Latest Android Devices.

Our spy software is one of the few applications in the industry that can successfully hide the app icon on android OS versions 10 and 11. Many spy applications in the market have made false claims that they can hide the app icon on target devices but cannot do that. The well-known spy brat like MSpy, Xnspy, spyFone, Highster Mobile, Web Watcher, and many others have lost the authority to be a spy solution.

They cannot hide the app icon on cellphones and easily get detected on the target devices. However, phone monitoring apps like TheOneSpy, OgyMogy, and Flexispy are the only ones that have been successful in the business. TheOneSpy offers a hide app icon process in its installation process and provides its users the facility to hide or unveil the icon on non-rooted phones.

Fact No.2: The Phone Spy App Works On Rooted & Non-Rooted Devices

Android spy phone works on both rooted and non-rooted cell phone devices. The application has multiple sets of features compatible with the android device, and you don’t need to root the target device. We have a bundle of VoIP call recording features that you can use without root on the target cellphone.

Top 8 Non-Rooted VoIP Call Recording Features:

Android spy application has these Voice call recording features that work on IM’s VoIP calls, and you don’t need to root the target device. Moreover, you can use call recording, surround recording, call logs, spy360, social media spy, text messages monitoring, browsing history, and many more without rooting the target mobile device.

Factor No.3: It is a Temper Proof Monitoring App

Our mobile spy for android provides discreet and tamper-proof surveillance on cell phones and tablet devices. The application is tamper-proof, and none of the anti-spy solutions can detect or intercept its presence on the target device.

The spy software for phones works in complete secrecy. It remains hidden all the time and leaves no clue for the target person. The application is also remains hidden for anti-spy applications. Only the factory reset option can remove any android monitoring software from the target cellphone. However, it will be hidden and impossible to get detected.

Most spy applications got detected on the target phone because they do not hide the application, and the poor griming skills would not let the monitoring app remain hidden on the target mobile devices.

Parents and employers should take kids and employees into confidence that you are watching them. Install our tamper-proof spy software directly on the compatible smartphone. If you require more discretion, you can root the target device and remotely remove the android spy from the target phone.

Fact No. 4: It Takes 3 Minutes to Complete Configuration

Our Android spying software is contrary to the other application that takes few minutes to complete its configuration process. You have to subscribe for it first, and you will receive an email with your user name and ID.

It is easy to install by having physical access to the target device and takes 3 minutes to get installed on the target device. The application has a separate online dashboard for every user that continuously syncs data from the target device and sends you notifications about every activity performed on the target device.

  • Get subscription
  • Get Physical access on android
  • Use Online dashboard or Free TOSDesk App
  • Get started with android spying…!

Fact No.5: Phone Spy For Android Has Bundle Of IM Screen Recording Features

You may have seen and tested multiple android spy products, but TheOneSpy is the best in the business. It is the only application that has dozens of live screen recording solutions. It provides you live streaming of android phone screen when targeting device the user is using social messaging apps, and other possible activities. It offers the following features for record live Android phone screens.

It offers bundles of screen recording for messaging apps and social networks like WhatsApp, IMO Screen Snapchat, Telegram, YouTube, and live screen recording for Facebook. Users can also use its live screen recording feature for reading messages and emails.  It can also read call logs and for viewing browsing history.

Fact NO.6: Hidden Android Spy App Has Best GPS Location Tracking Features

TheOneSpy is the most advanced and complete phone monitoring solution for android devices. It has numerous features and provides the best location tracking features far better than its well-known customers like Flexispy, Mspy, Mobistealth, and many more. You can install android spy software on your target device and activate the following features to track your kid’s and employee’s locations.

No other spy solution for phones has come up with such a variety of GPS tracking features to date. It empowers you to monitor instant GPS location of the target cellphone, hidden whereabouts, location history, daily route maps, Geo-fencing, and location tracking without using GPS of the target cellphone. You can also send an SMS on the target device to track location within no time.

Fact No.7: Spy App has Spy360 Streaming & Live Surrounds Listening

Spy360 live surround listening and spy360 live camera streaming are the best features for surveillance on android in real-time. It is a kind of feature that has no other competitor has introduced yet. Users can broadcast live camera activities of the target mobile phone with the user’s online dashboard. Users can watch live activities of cell phone cameras and get to know what the target device user is doing in real-time. Moreover, you can also connect the android’s microphone to the dashboard to record and listen to the live surround voice chats, sounds, voices via the web control panel.

Fact No.8: Get 24/7 Live Customer Support Facility With Mobile Spying Software

We need to tell you that most spy apps that claim as the best mobile phone tracking solutions don’t provide a customer support center. The user cannot ask queries about the usage and issues, but the best cell phone spy has live customer care services. You can ask any question related to the application, and our dedicated and committed support center will solve all the issues. Fake android spy solutions are willingly preventing customer care service. Do you know why, because they are offering scam spy software to the customers?

Fact No.9: Android Spy has Protection Shield for Digital Well-Being of Children

The spy software has four different attributes that have made it the complete cell phone spy software. You can record, watch, listen, and save with our best android spyware. The application has surround recording, view360, an online dashboard, and real-time screen recording features. These four attributes of monitoring software provide parents an extra security shield around the kids online. Parents will remain updated about what kids are talking about, listening, watching, and saving on their cell phone devices connected to cyberspace.

  • Record live phone calls & VoIP calls with strangers
  • Listen to whom they are planning for a blind date
  • Use an online dashboard to save kid’s phone data
  • Watch kid’s cell phone activities in real-time

Fact No.10: Phone Monitoring App Does Not Offer Scams Like Remote Installation

Phone spy application has made its way to the next level by offering the best and trustworthy cell phone monitoring solutions. It does not believe in fake marketing stunts like its competitors offer remote installation, free android spy apps, free parental control solutions for phones, and many more.

TheOneSpy has evolved and introduces a traditional and exclusive set of features that perform 100% on the target device. You have to get physical access to the target device to complete the installation process. None of the spy applications has introduced remote spy solutions, but scams and false marketing tactics rob parents, employers, and individuals.


TheOneSpy is one of the few complete android spy apps that provide genuine information and result-oriented solutions. It is worth buying a cell phone monitoring solution and is compatible with any android phone to the fullest.

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