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Do you know TheOneSpy is the only Application so far that hide its App icon? Many well-known spy apps have failed to do that on the latest OS versions of Android phones. Since the Android operating system has released their updates of OS version 10, and 11 many so-called spy solutions got exposed.

Do you know why these spying solutions got exposed and why they have nothing to do with the word “spy” anymore? Most applications that have claimed themselves as the best spy applications cannot hide their App icon on the latest OS version of Android devices.

Fortunately, we have come up with the solution, and finally, we have taken a successful initiative to put the app icon hidden process in our installation. First, we discuss cell phone monitoring products that can successfully in hiding app icons on the target device.

How Can TheOneSpy App Hide App Icon During Installation Process?

As we said that we have got the solution against hiding App icon on target android cell phone, and we have put the step in our application installation process. Let’s discuss the installation process, and how to hide spy app icon on the target device.

Step1: Subscribe to Phone Spy App for Android

Tap on the browser on your cellphone device, and visit the TheOneSpy subscription webpage. You can go to the solutions at the first steps and chose the android spy app. You will go through the webpage and read the information carefully. Go on the right upper corner of the webpage, and tap on the buy now page. You will have all the solutions need to choose your desired one. Finally, you have a pricing page and get a subscription. You will receive an email shortly and get the password and ID.

Step2: Grab The Target Phone in Your Hands (Physical Access of the Target Device)

Physical access is necessary on the target device to start the configuration process. When you are about to complete the setup, a pop-up appears on the screen that asks to hide App icon. You can choose to hide, and it will get done. You need to activate the monitoring app on the target device.

Step3: Access Web Control Panel with Credentials

In the end-use, the credentials and activate the web control panel.  You can get access to the rooted and non-rooted features of a spy app.  You can activate the spying tools using the sync settings button and start syncing data from the target device into the control panel without them knowing.

Note: TheOneSpy android spy will remain hidden, and undetectable on the target device without root. You can perform monitoring activities for the sake of setting parental control, and to spy on workers without getting caught, because it is temper proof spy app.

Top Spy Apps That Can Hide Their App Icon On Target Cellphone

There are the three big guns of a spy apps business that can successfully get the job done. No other spy software has the ability to hide app icon on the latest OS versions of android 10, and 11, but the following ones.


It has multiple spy app products for android, iPhone, and mac and windows computers. It works at the back end and enables you to monitor target devices secretly. It is hidden and allows you to snoop on targeted phones and PCs without getting caught. Secretly spy on Android OS versions 10, 11 was a challenge for us. Our spy solution has got the job done. It is only spying software with a hidden app icon, and there is no way anyone can detect it on OS android versions.


Flexispy is the most popular and well-known brand following the TheOneSpy footsteps also has successfully hidden the app icon on the latest Android OS versions. The app icon remains hidden up to android OS 10, but when it comes to 11. The method of hiding the app icon is a complex matter for the users. Flexispy application has also been mentioned in their post.


It is one of the best mobile tracker for android these days. Dramatically, it is a new application in the market compared to other well-known competitors. Comparatively, the application has done a magnificent job by hiding app icons after the latest updates of android OS versions 10 and 11. So, it is one of the few spy products that has successfully come up with the solutions to snoop into android phones and remains hidden.

Top 5 Spy Apps That Are Unable To Hide App Icon On Target Phone

We have tested plenty of applications and our competitors and spy applications like TheOneSpy, OgyMogy and to some extent, Flexispy can hide app icons on their target devices. Look at the following spy products for cell phones that cannot hide the application’s icon on devices.


Mspy has answered the queries to their users that our team is still working on hiding the app icon, but still, there is no clue of that. The application does not remain hidden on the latest android OS version like 10 and 11. Parents may get caught while spying on kid’s phones. It is a frustrating moment for parents who want to set parental control on their kid’s phones without them knowing.


SpyFone is one of the spy applications that were known as spy software. Since Android has come up with the updates in their 10 and 11 OS versions spyFone app is at stake because it cannot hide the app icon on the target mobile. Its customer support team has confirmed that they cannot hide the application.

Highster Mobile

It is a cell phone monitoring application that has left the mark over the years in the phone spy industry, but currently, things are getting worse for them. It is one of those competitors of ours that cannot hide the app icon on android OS versions 10 and 11.


It is also a phone spy app that offers services to monitor android phones. However, following the latest updates, it cannot remain hidden and undetectable on the target phone.

Web Watcher

It is a phone monitoring app that offers spy services for android and other OS version phones. It is a well-known spy app brand but suffering from the same issue.  It cannot hide app icons anymore on android phones’ latest OS versions.


TheOneSpy always comes with surprises and testable solutions for their users. Don’t you believe that our spy software for android is hidden or not? Why don’t you see it yourself and use the best spy app for cellphones? Rather than breaking your kid’s emotional trust and making aware your employees you have eyes on them. Try TheOneSpy, an application that hides app icons.

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