How to Root Samsung Galaxy S8 with KingoRoot?

how to root samsung galaxy s8

Samsung Galaxy S8 device has been released on April 21st this year. The Android smartphone device has the non-removable battery and running with the 7.0 nougat along with the plenty of robust functions which are fascinating for Android lovers.  The cell phone device has gained the huge popularity among the users because it has huge internal storage space of 64 GB which can be further extended up to 256GB via a micro SD card. This is not all about the modern Samsung device, there is no doubt about that every Android user wants to have this in their hands. Having all the attributes of Samsung Galaxy S8, there are plenty of users out there that want more and more from a single cell phone device. They cannot uninstall the already installed bloatware which is been installed by default and carriers for the sake of interest.

The user even doesn’t block ads, because we all know that ads are very necessary for service providers and this type of stuff kept them in the business. Sometimes for most of the users these type of ads and restrictions made by the manufacturers irritable for users.  However, root the Android device which can break all the barriers which you are facing while using a cell phone. Furthermore, it enables users to block all ads, install or delete applications which were not possible before rooting the Android device. KingoRoot enables the user to root the Android device such as Samsung Galaxy S8 in very easiest, safer and in an effective way. Let’s try KingoRoot!

Root Samsung Galaxy S8 with KingoRoot PC version

Necessary Things to Root Android device!

  • Cell phone devices should power on
  • The minimum battery power should be 50%
  • The connection to the internet is compulsory
  • The USB cable of a device should be original

8 Simple Steps Guide to Root Samsung Galaxy S8

Start Rooting Method


Install the KingoRoot Android PC version

Downloading will start rapidly and the application would be installed on your personal computer within no time.


Now it is time to make double click on the icon of the KingoRoot and then activate it, you will see an interface very soon below.

Step 3:

Now, it is a time to plug-in your Android Samsung Galaxy S8 device with your computer through USB.

Plug in your Android device into your computer via USB cable!  In-case your USB cable is not installed on your particular computer, KingoRoot itself installed it automatically. The internet connection should be activated in order to successfully download the driver on your device. If you are facing some problem to connect the device, then you need to refer the device as not connected. On another hand, if you have window 8 installed on your personal computer, then you have made some changes in settings. Because while installation a user most likely to face driver installation looping.

Step 4                  

Make your USB on debugging mode on your Samsung Galaxy S8 device. It is one of the most important steps while rooting the Android cell phone device via KingoRoot.

Point to be noted!

You need to stay focus on your device screen for a prompt window. Click on “Always allow for this computer”. In-case you don’t, and then there will be high chances getting yourself an OFFLINE DEVICE.

Step 5:

Keep an eye on all the notification received on your Android device before rooting it. Rooting doesn’t contain a hard and fast rule; it provides plenty of benefits, but risks as well. It is actually a process to modify the manufactured operating system by the company and then resulting into altering or replace the system applications and settings, it allows you to use specialized apps and facilitates you the removal and replacement of the Android device system having the custom one. Once you have rooted your device, the warranty of your device cannot be claimed after that. Then make a click to “know more about Android rooting”. One thing should always keep in mind that in order to monitor Galaxy s8 with TheOneSpy,  you need to complete the rooting process.

Step 6:

Now press the button to root your device. KingoRoot applies multiple methods on your android device, which may take a little time. In the procedure of rooting, your Android Samsung Galaxy S8 may be rebooted plenty of times. Don’t take it on your nerves, it is normal! Once it gets started, don’t touch, move, unplug or do anything to apply any function on the Android device.

Step 7:

Rooting is completed

Your device, if supported fully, you will be able to successfully rooted by KingoRoot app. Till the time you are rooting the Android Samsung Galaxy S8 to the time device reboot itself, don’t make any interference.

Step 8:

Status of Android Samsung Galaxy S8

Once, you have completed the rooting, your device will get an application “SuperUser” installed on your device.

In the last tutorial video, you will get know, how to root Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus, this root method ONLY works for international Exynos models. The bootloader is locked on U.S. models, sell it and get an international model if you want to root. Once you root, you will NEVER be able to use Samsung Pay.

However, Android Pay still can be used fine with Magisk root. If this is your first time rooting a phone, please watch the video at least 2-3 times and also the written tutorial 2-3 times before trying so you will know exactly what to do and don’t miss a step.

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