Are Phone Spy Apps Stalkerware?

are phone spy apps stalkerware

The bombardment of apps that can spy, monitor, and track cell phones has made it tough to decide what they are using. Most people think that phone spy apps are stalkerware, but that’s not true. So, how do we know that an app we are using is a nasty stalkerware or legit spy software for cell phones? Phone tracking apps like a parental control app for monitoring a child’s phone provide the same features and services as stalkerware.

Do Stalkerware & Spy Apps Have Similar Functionality?

Both phone spy apps and stalkerware have many tools for listening to surroundings, tracking, and restricting. It depends on the marketer how they label their product to the general public. Legit spy software or parental control app these days are helping out parents to keep tabs on their kid’s online activity. Moreover, Parents can use spy apps to keep their teens on the straight and close path to home from college. So, spy apps can monitor your teen’s social interaction online to know what they are doing on calls, text messages, IMs, and many more. Stalkerware is not the legitimate solution because they encourage people to breach privacy to harm them one way or the other.

How to Determine an App is a Legit Monitoring App or Stalkerware?

Phone tracking apps as parental controls, spy apps, and stalkerware seemingly are the same pieces of software. They are more likely to contain the same spying and monitoring tools like location tracker, VoIP call recording, screen recording, keystrokes logging, and many more. So, it is hard to differentiate between phone spying apps and stalkerware. The technical makeup of both solutions is the same, but a few variations can clear your concept about cell phone monitoring software and stalkerware.

Primary Difference B/W Phone Tracking Apps & Stalkerware

Here are the following key points that enable you to know about legitimate mobile spy software and apps that can stalk, be invasively, and intrusive.

  • How they are used?
  • Intention of installer

Legitimate Phone Tracking Software:

Apps like parental controls, spy solutions, and phone tacking apps are gentler types that encourage parents and employers to use them. Parents are more likely to use legit monitoring apps to protect kids’ online safety. Employers face internal and external threats and often lose business trade secrets, and they use employee monitoring apps to protect business safety. So, parents and employers record live calls, capture keystrokes, track GPS locations, and spy on social media.

  • Used for parental control on kid’s phone
  • Used for kids location tracking coming from school
  • Used for the monitoring of kid’s online activity
  • Legitimate for spying on kid’s online dating
  • Used for employees monitoring during working hours
  • Installed on phone belongs to you
  • Used for tracking employee’s GPS location

Illegal Stalkerware Apps & Solutions:

  • Used by cybercriminals & law enforcers
  • Users more likely to install it on someone’s phone without consent
  • Stalkware could have more spying and tracking tools
  • Don’t care about the privacy of a user
  • Free spy apps & free parental controls are the examples

We have brought light on signs and variations between legit phone tracker and stalkerware. They help you determine that you are using a legitimate phone spy app or stalkerware.

Are Spy Apps Legal?

Yes! Phone monitoring apps are legal, and you can use them for legitimate tracking activities on cellphones and tablet devices. Seemingly, spy apps have overlapped functions and features of non-legitimate spy solutions, but the purpose of usage decides the legality of mobile spy apps. So, legitimate monitoring software is handy for both legal and stalking activity. Spy apps that encourage users to have consent and allow users to monitor kids and business safety are legal phone spy solutions. You can spy on the phones belonging to you, and you can track any phone if you have the consent of the target person.

Best Legitimate Spy App For Phones

Hundreds of spy apps are on cyberspace, but you should choose a legit phone tracking app, like TheOneSpy. It is the best legitimate cell phone spy software in the business. It is very keen to encourage users to monitor phones for legitimate spying activity. It will terminate the license of those users using it as stalkerware and help law enforcers against the violations. It is one of the best parental control and employee monitoring solutions that protect kids and business safety.

Top 3 Phone Spy Apps That are Legal for Spying, Monitoring & Tracking

Legitimate monitoring apps do not allow users to breach someone’s privacy without consent, and they encourage users to get target person consent. Today, we guide you about legal spying solutions that empower you to track, and monitor cell phones convincingly for parental controls, and business monitoring.


theonespy mobile computer monitoring

It is the most legal tracking software that has no match. Always encourage users to take care of target person privacy and strictly discourage stalking and intrusive surveillance on someone’s phone without them knowing. TheOneSpy is best for setting parental controls on kids’ phones to monitor online activities. Business professionals can use it to protect their business trade secrets and safeguard intellectual property.

Top Spying & Parenting Features:

  • Call recording
  • Social media monitoring
  • Live surround listening
  • Live camera streaming
  • Keystrokes spy
  • Browsing history
  • GPS tracking
  • VoIP call recording


ogymogy phone pc spy app

OgyMogy is the leading cell phone spy solution useful for legitimate spying and tracking purposes. The application requires physical access on the target device to configure, and the user has to get the consent of the target person. It is best for parental controls and business safety by tracking employees’ business devices. It is legal monitoring software that users cannot use as stalkerware.

Top Phone Monitoring & Tracking Features:

  • Listen surroundings
  • Video camera
  • Screen Recording
  • Geo-Location
  • SMS Logs
  • Appointments
  • Recorded calls
  • Key Logs
  • Installed app list


securekin phone parental control app

Securekin is the typical parental control software. It is legal and certified by Google play protect. Users can install it on a kid’s cell phone device and monitor every activity on the phone. It is best for watching mobile screens and browsing history. Parents don’t need to have consent. The parental control application has many features that work for the digital well-being of children. It keeps parents updated about social media activity and track GPS location.


Usage of stalkerware is a crime. We are responsible for parental controls and employee monitoring services, providers. TheOneSpy discourages users from our spying solutions for illegal activity. We encourage parents and business professionals to keep tabs on kids and employees for the digital-wellbeing and business safety. TheOneSpy is legitimate spying and monitoring solution. It has the aim to protect every child online. So, spy apps are not stalkeware, and their legit usage is legal.

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