How Parents can Make Sure Kid’s Online Safety – Infographic

parenting make sure kids safety infographic

Gone are the days when kids used to face random creepy person on the streets. Now they have cyberspace access on their cell phones. Now parents come to know his/her son or daughter nearest friend, classmate and online friends have created groups on social media dedicated for particularly to humiliate, spread rumors about your kid, embarrass your kid and many other things alike. In addition, your child may be building trust with someone online, get involved in an emotional relationship –want to meet someone other than the web. Moreover, we will discuss the most common threats to kids online as cyber bullying, adult’s content online behavior and much other real scale of potential threats. The information we are going to share you through this infographic is been accumulated from reputable sources, comparative studies, parental control reports and through child protective services.

However, we have also included some sort of tips to make sure kid’s online safety on the internet using digital devices. In addition, we have come up with the tools and resources that give you the ultimate results to track the child’s phone activities online. We want to help parents to make sure most of the internet safest rather than falling as a victim of plenty of pitfalls.

Kid’s Internet access on Digital devices

  • Almost 85% of kids worldwide are using internet age 8 -17
  • 55% of the Facebook users are under age of 13 & 25% under 10
  • Since 2015 internet usage among 6 -9 years old has been doubled 19% to 39%
  • 31% of the kids ages 12 -17 lied about age to access social media website

What kids really do online?

  • 83% of kids used to play videos games on cell phone using internet
  • 73% of kids use internet for various reasons
  • 70% of kids do chat online
  • 85% of kid’s user internet to use social mediaii) Demographics
  • 95% of parents do believe they know everything what kids do online
  • 17% of kids say their parents have no idea about their online activities
  • 70% of children have negative experience online, 45% parents realize only

Online behavior of kids

  • 51% of kids say their parents allow them to download video games without presence
  • 1 out 10 children says they used of pocket porn
  • 4 out 10 children says they stop their activities within the presence of parents
  • Kid’s don’t share negative experience of internet because parents over reaction

How kid’s feel without having cell phone?

  • 35% Boys feel anxious
  • 49% Girls feel anxious
  • 16% Boys feel relived
  • 18% Girls feel relived
  • 20% Boys feel lonely without cell phone
  • 32% Girls feel lonely
  • 16% Boys feel happy without phone
  • 18% Teens feel happy without phone
  • 20% Boys feel upset without phone
  • 28% Girls feel upset without phone

Common Online Threats for kids

  1. Cyber Predators threats
  • 65% of kids between the age of 8 -14 get involved in cyber bullying
  • 17% of boys and girls have experiences bullying online last 30 days
  • 31% of boys and 36% girls bullied online

Only 15% parents aware of the fact that social media leading kid’s to cyber bullying 

16% of high school boys think about suicide due to cyber bullying

2. Adult content

  • 70% of kids encounter with sexual content online
  • 17% of teens receive adult content through online messages between the age of 8 -12

Basics of kid’s online Safety

  • Kid’s Use of internet on laptop desktop devices
  • 28% pre-school going kid’s use computer devices
  • 52% elementary school going kids use laptops desktops
  • 67% middle school going kids use computer machines
  • 68% of high school going kids uses computer devices at home

Tips to make sure kid’s online safety

  • Check your kid’s phone frequently
  • Make kid to use safe search engines
  • Talk to kids about online safety
  • Add kid’s on social media
  • Set TheOneSpy Parental control
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