How To Track Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

track childs phone without them knowing

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Tracking children’s phones without them knowing has become a challenge for parents. They are unsure about the kids’ location, activities, and the route they follow to return to their homes. Parents believe that children have learned to tell a lie about the places they visit. They ramble with the wrong company in secret. Don’t worry! It is expected to think and feel like that. You want to ensure the safety of your kids 24/7. It is necessary to track your child’s whereabouts, but track child’s phone is hard. However, several methods and high-tech tools increase the chances of monitoring kids’ phones.

What is Tracking Kids’ Cell Phones Without Them Knowing

Cell phone tracking is a comprehensive process. It encompasses more than just tracking the phone’s location. It also includes monitoring social media activities, cellular network messages, chats on instant messaging apps, browsing activity, and even VoIP calls on phones.

Moreover, cell phone tracker includes accessing the front and back phone cameras to view surroundings and taking over the target device’s microphone to listen to surroundings.

Cellphones with updated versions have restricted the cameras and microphone access for applications, but there are several legal ways to track a cellphone without them knowing. It’s important to understand the legal implications of such actions in your jurisdiction.

Best Ways To Track Child’s Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Do you want to monitor or track your kid’s phone location without their knowledge? Here are the ways you can trace your child’s phone secretly. 

Use Android Device Manager To Track Son’s Phones Without Their Knowledge

Do you want to track your kid’s cell phone running with the Android operating system? We suggest you do it using the built-in tool by Google “Android device Manager” that empowers tracking someone’s phone location.

AMD tool by Google can make it possible for you to trace the target cellphone, locks-unlock remotely, remove data, and put a lock screen password remotely.

Here are steps to monitor a kid’s Android phones using the android device manager:

Step1: Login to your Google account that you have activated on your android device.

Step2: You have to swipe to the bottom of your cellphone screen to watch the connected phones.

Step3: Select the target phone you want to track without their knowledge.

Step4: View the location of the target person or lock the phone of your child; if it is necessary.

Kids’ iPhone Location Tracking Without Them Knowing Using iCloud

Are you looking forward to tracking child’s iPhone without them knowing? In a dire need to track your kid’s location, you can opt for the iCloud option.

iPhone devices have a built-in system of iCloud to get the job done unless you have the credentials of the target iOS device provided to your children.

iCloud has monitoring tools that empower parents to find out the location of their iPhones. You can play sound, remove data, and put the target iPhone on lost mode.

Here are the steps to perform to track an iPhone without their knowledge:

Step1: Login to your target iCloud credentials

Step2: Tap on finding my device

Step3: Visit the interactive MAP and select the device connected to iCloud.

Step4: Find out your lost, snatched, and iPhone in your kids’ hands.

Track Child Device with Google Map

Google Maps can be used to find out the locations of kids’ Android and iPhone devices. 

Google Maps on Android

Step1: Go to Android settings and click on Select Location >app permission> Maps

Step2: choose the Location Access for Google Maps >Allow all the time

Step3: Now start tracking your kid’s phone location from their Android mobile

Moreover, you can share locations from a Google account.

Google Maps on an iPhone

Step1: Go to iPhone setting and click on Google Maps> allow the Location access

Step2: Click your child phone Always> share their location

Step3: Open the Google map on your phone and check their location.

So you can check and share your child’s location on Android and iPhone.

A Convenient Way To Monitor & Track Child's Phone Without Them Knowing?

TheOneSpy parental control app stands out as a comprehensive solution. It is one of the few legitimate spy apps that not only tracks a child’s location but also monitors cellphone activities, listens to the phone’s surroundings, and even records the live phone screen, providing parents with a complete picture of their child’s digital life.

TheOneSpy is not just a phone monitoring app, it’s a tool that empowers parents to monitor their children in secret. With its remote access feature, parents can monitor their child’s phone at any time and from any location they choose.

With TheOneSpy, you can do more than just track GPS location and check call logs. You can also read messages and chats and even capture SMS keystrokes from your child’s cellphone, giving you a comprehensive view of their digital activities.

The Quick Way to Use TheOneSpy App

Let’s get started with TheOneSpy app.

Step1: First, visit the official visit the official website of the TheOneSpy app to subscribe to the app. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to go!

Step 2: Wait to receive the credential email

Step 3: Take your child’s Android/iPhone to install the TheOneSpy app

Step 4: Use the credentials to log in to the web control panel

Step 5: Then, you can view your kid’s live location without knowing them


Cell phones are a wild beast for kids. It is not easy to raise children under the influence of cellphone technology. Young kids love to use phones and want to spend time online. Parents have no other way but to track their children’s digital footprints without their knowledge. However, monitoring kids online and offline is necessary to track hidden whereabouts. TheOneSpy is parents’ most successful, suggested, and endorsed application to track kids’ cellphones.


Parents must monitor their kids from digital dangers and support them in case of any emergency and trouble. 

You can track son or daughter’s phone by installing the TheOneSpy parental monitoring app. It allows users to see kids’ live location or GPS location history without knowing them.

Yes, with the help of TheOneSpy app and its unique features, you can access your child’s phone activities remotely. 

With the best parental control app, TheOneSpy. You can see everything on your child’s device, including text messages, calls, live location, screen and social media activities.

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