How Can I Track My Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

track childs phone without them knowing

Tracking child’s phones without them knowing has become a challenge for parents. They are unsure about kids’ location, activities, and the route they follow to go back into their homes. Parents believe that children have learned to tell a lie about the places they visit. They ramble with the wrong company in secret. Don’t worry! It is normal to think and feel like that. You want to ensure the safety of your kids 24/7. It is necessary to track your Childs’s whereabouts, but it is hard to monitor a child’s phone. However, several methods and high-tech tools increase the chances of monitoring kids’ phones.

The Exact Meaning Of Tracking Kids’ Cellphone Without Them Knowing

Tracking kids without them knowing may be definitive in finding out the current, exact, and pinpoint the location of cell phones that parents have provided to kids. However, it is not narrow to cell phone locations only.

It includes cell phone location, social media activities, cellular network messages, chats on instant messaging apps, browsing activity, and VoIP calls on phones and IM networks.

Moreover, accessing the front and back phone camera to view surroundings and taking over the target device microphone to listen to surroundings are also included in cellphone tracking.

Cellphones with updated versions have restricted the cameras and microphone access for applications, but there several ways to track a cellphone without them knowing.

So, monitoring, spying, and tracking phones without their knowledge are debatable. So, we need to understand why before we know how and apps to track our child’s phone.

Why Should Parents Track Their Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

When it comes to your children or other loved ones, peace of mind isn’t always easy to get it. You may find yourself worrying about where they are and what they are doing.

Parents may turn to track their child’s phones without them knowing for their safety. Because nearly everyone, including young children, has a smartphone these days, it’s a viable option.

Peace of mind is not always easy to come for parents. When it comes to the day-long activities of kids on smartphones tracking the kid’s location is an option.

Parents want to know why they have not come home at a given time, read text messages they have sent or received, listen to the calls, and social media activities on the phone when connected to cyberspace.

Top Reasons For Parents To Monitor & Track Child’s Phone Without Their Knowledge

Cyber Bullying

According to the experts, almost one-third of the teens are the victims of online bullying, and 90% of teens are witnesses of cyberbullying, but they ignore the fact. However, the young children bullied online don’t talk to their parents and often go into a deep depression and those effects badly. So, cyberbullying occurs when kids and teens use social messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Yahoo, Line, Vine, Whatsapp, Snapchat, and others. Abusive language and racist sentences are the best weapons for bullies online to humiliate a child for fun.


The stalkers trap children online by making them friends and behaving like gentlemen initially. Young kids exchange their contact and meet stalkers in real life. Immature teens often commit to meeting them in real life. So, parents have to monitor kid’s phone without them knowing to prevent real-life encounters with online predators.

Sexual Predators

The sexual predators operate in groups and trap young teens most of the time; they are mentally frustrated people that always want to hunt teens to rape them alongside their friends. Over the years, several cases happened where teens are raped and murdered by unknown sexual predators.

Health Issues

The use of smartphones all day long in text messages, incoming and outgoing calls, instant messaging apps, and VOICE messages often put teens on cell phones and online media obsession. They always want to connect their smartphone devices to the internet to spend the whole day in cell phone activities. So, teens could face health problems like depression, anxiety, and behavior issues.

Sexual Encounters And Hookups Through Dating Apps

Young children also use dating apps such as Tinder and Snapchat for sexual hooks and blind dating without realizing their supposed boyfriend’s real-life profile and cheat on and lose self-respect and dignity. In addition, parents can track their child’s location to stop teens from having sexual encounters using dating apps on cell phones.


Texting with online opposite-gender boyfriends often turns into sexting, and they mostly use “F Terms” while conversing. This kind of activity mostly turns teens obsessed with artificial sexual behaviors that can damage children mentally and not convinced to have a natural sexual relationship in real–life.

Social Media Obsession

Children who spend all day long on smartphones and do activities such as texting, sexting, making calls, sharing media on instant messaging apps, and doing Voice calls often become obsessed with social media. Finally, they don’t want to have a social life and always want to remain online on their cell phones.

Best Ways To Track Your Child’s Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Do you want to monitor or track your kid’s phone location without their knowledge? Here are the ways you can trace your child’s phone secretly. 

Use Android Device Manager To Track Juvenile’s Phones Without Their Knowledge

Do you want to track your kid’s cell phone running with the Android operating system? We suggest you do it using the built-in tool by Google “Android device Manager” that empowers tracking someone’s phone location.

AMD tool by Google can make it possible for you to trace the target cellphone, locks-unlock remotely, remove data, and put a lock screen password remotely.

Here are steps to monitor a kid’s Android phones using the android device manager:

Step1: Login to your Google account that you have activated on your android device.

Step2: You have to swipe to the bottom of your cellphone screen to watch the connected phones.

Step3: Select the target phone you want to track without their knowledge.

Step4: View the location of the target person or lock the phone of your child; if it is necessary.

Kids' iPhone Location Tracking Without Them Knowing Using iCloud

Are you looking forward to tracking child’s iPhone without them knowing? In a dire need to track your kid’s location, you can opt for the iCloud option.

iPhone devices have a built-in system of iCloud to get the job done unless you have the credentials of the target iOS device provided to your children.

iCloud has monitoring tools that empower parents to find out the location of their iPhones. You can play sound, remove data, and put the target iPhone on lost mode.

Here are the steps to perform to track an iPhone without their knowledge:

Step1: Login to your target iCloud credentials

Step2: Tap on finding my device

Step3: Visit the interactive MAP and select the device connected to iCloud.

Step4: Find out your lost, snatched, and iPhone in your kids’ hands.

Use Free Cell Phone Tracking Apps To Monitor Any Mobile Device

Do you want to track a phone without the target device? You can use apps that claim to trace a cell phone location using a number.

Several apps are floating on the web that enables users to monitor the phone’s location, and the google play store app “Phone tracker by number” is one of them.

It is one of the robust GPS trackers that empower you to locate your phones and children. Parents can use it to find out locations using phone numbers.

The phone tracking software can use GPS location tracking between kids and parents using a network. You can use plenty of numbers in the add list to track the cell phone of your kids.

It is a free application that users can download from the Google play store and use their cell phone numbers to track kids’ location without them knowing.

Precautions For Parents Before Tracking Child’s Phone

Let me tell you that several single feature location tracking apps are floating on the web that claims to monitor and track a child’s phone.

  • Please not use these apps unless you have paid versions.
  • Several free location trackers misguiding parents to use apps for free.
  • They could steal the entire data on your phone and leave you with nothing at the end.
  • Apps that track without a target phone cannot provide detailed information about your target device and restrict you to the region of the device and the city only.

So, choose a legitimate app that does not invade your privacy. Commercial apps allow you to remove your target device data after tracking your child’s phone without them knowing. So, use the easiest, most convenient, and legitimate way to monitor your phone without the target person’s knowledge.

What Is A Convenient Way To Monitor & Track A Child’s Phone Without Them Knowing?

Several parental control apps, easy ways, and methods are available on the web to track a child’s phone without them knowing. However, TheOneSpy is one of the few legitimate spy apps for monitoring kids’ location, tracking cellphone activities, listening to the phone surroundings, and recording the live phone screen.

TheOneSpy is a phone monitoring app that enables users to keep tabs on children in secret. Parents can remotely access the child’s phone at the time and space of their choosing.

You can track GPS location, check call logs, read messages and chats, and capture SMS keystrokes from your cellphone.

Choose our premier subscription plan to get your hands on the arsenal of features to monitor, spy, and Track child’s phone without them knowing, CEO TheOneSpy said.

TheOneSpy Features To Monitor Minors’ Phone Without Their Knowledge:
TheOneSpy New & Advanced Set Of Features

View 360

  • Live video using both cameras with audio
  • Live audio to listen to surroundings
  • Watch live phone screen without audio
Perform Live Screen & Voip Call Recording On Following IM’s:
Other Features You Need To Know About:

Cell phones are a wild beast for kids. It is not easy to raise children under the influence of cellphone technology. Young kids love to use phones and want to spend time online. Parents have no other way but to track child’s digital footprints without them knowing. However, monitoring kids online and offline is necessary to track hidden whereabouts. TheOneSpy is the most successful, suggested and endorsed application by parents to track kids’ cellphone.

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