Digital Parenting Tips for Parents on Tech-battle Field (Rise of Teen’s Screen Time)

Digital Parenting Tips for Parents on Tech-battle Field (Rise of Teen's Screen Time)

The ongoing battle over teens and screen Time parents should master in the technology battlefield. Parents these days often go into their children’s room and get shocked when they are not sleepy and would rather using cell phones play video games and doing plenty of other activities.

Most of the parents do believe that screens are not bad at all, but yet the feeling comes about something fishy when they are sticking on the screen hours and hours. Young teens these days seem to furiously scroll through social media apps, doing chats and multiple hidden activities on their android, iPhone and even on computer machines connected to the internet. Things went hilariously wrong when they seem so pleased with their ingenuity when you confiscated their activities on screen. But remember battle is not over yet at all. You have to do something to off-screen your tweens and teens and you need to come harder sometime to retired them from a Wi-Fi Zone.

"We Parents actually have grown up in mobile phones free Zones but in books, magazines and real-life chats in home"

The drug abuse likewise alcohol, homework, part life, and other freaky activities do not matter anymore. The root of all parenting challenges is contemporary mobile phones and the internet of things. Teens spend most of the time online and everyday new study comes up along with the consequences; an immense sense of isolation to cyberbullying, stalking and last but not the least teen’s exposure to adult content.

This week, it was announced that children as young as 12-years old will be eligible for gaming addiction treatment on the NHS. And earlier this year, a report by Anne Longfield, the Children’s Commissioner, called Life in Likes, stated that children become increasingly anxious about their online image as they head into their teens. Longfield said social media is exposing children to “significant risks emotionally”, with a particular “cliff edge” as they transition from junior into secondary school – and warned that social media firms must take more responsibility for helping children through the challenges of life online, as children are at risk of “growing up chasing likes”.

This week it’s been announced that even 12 years old children will be eligible for video gaming addiction Treatment on National Honor Society stated that.

In this year, a report by Anne Longfield published in Telegraph named as Life in likes; she stated that “children are very anxious about online image as they head into their teens.” Social Media websites and apps exposing teens towards “significant risks emotionally”, she added. “Social Media firms should take responsibility to help children against the risk of growing up chasing likes, she further stated that.

Today supper –connected teens and children are growing up less Rebellious, quite Tolerant, lacking with happiness, this is the generation that was born in between 1995 -2012.

Today, young teens are inheriting smartphones, internet and growing up with modern technology. Therefore, children fewer than 18 are potential lovers of the modern devices and the peer pressure force them to do things online.

Parents should realize that they did not grow up in mobile and internet of things era, so they have to understand kids are not interested in chats in the home, books, magazines but social media have made teens unsocial.

Now questions arise how we should tell teens and children to get off the screen and social messaging apps even we themselves are posting news feeds all the time on the digital world. Today, our own use of digital devices makes it harder to police teens. However, whatever the case is you have to limit your teen’s screen time. Let’s deal with the parent’s digital parenting issues and answer their queries.

How Much Time Parent’s Should Allow Children to Spend Online

How much is simply too much, there is no official guidelines, screen –time is not bad at all completely, but parents should know what kids and teens are looking at. Teens don’t realize when civility is online a duty, and when is it a trap.

Tips for parents:

  • Snoop into the browsing history of teen’s cell phone to get to know what they are doing online in terms of visited apps and websites
  • You need to know the apps they have installed on their smartphones devices
  • Keep the screen in terms laptop and desktop devices at public place
  • Keep an eye on children well-being in-case they are emotionally withdrawn bullying online could be the reason
  • Make some ground roles to gradually pull your teens from the screen addiction
  • If teens are spending 6 hours screen, then make sure to decrease it in 3 hours
  • Don’t let teens to encounter with the in appropriate content
  • Protect teen’s online privacy in terms Multimedia sharing as photos, videos
  • Do something to sneak into teens social media apps activities
  • Use parental control apps for cell phones and computers

"Make sure to stop teens using cellphones online likewise no screen time before school, mealtimes and at bed time"

How Parents can Avoid Huge Rows While Limiting Screen?

Digital Parenting tips for parents:

  • If kids and teens start making faces or shouts “None of my friend’s parents do that”, simply don’t bother for a while
  • Don’t lose your temper against your kids huge rows, just explain why you are doing this
  • If the row is hotting up, take a little break and discuss with teens about cyber predators such as stalkers, sexual predators, cyber bullies and the consequences
  • Give warning to children at regular basis and start decreasing screen time gradually
  • Allow teens screen time after they finish the school work
  • Guide your teen they will discuss if a stranger is approaching them online

Try to create the ability of critical thinking about sharing photos, videos, self –obscenity and lacking with the privacy and sticking all the time on screens

"If huge rows are getting worse, then simply you just need to use hidden phone tracker in order to monitor teen’s all the activities secretly"

How I can Stop Teens Chat Online, Calls & not To Use Dating Apps?

Tips for parents:

  • Curfew on the screen of cellphone, gadgets and computer is necessary to stop chatting online
  • Keep an eye on teens sneaky codes they use while texting friends online
  • Disrupt sleep is an issue excessive use of mobile phone and social media and guide teens about dementia disease
  • Curfew on screen becomes possible with live screen recording app
  • Get social media apps logs with in terms of text messages, text conversations, audio video calls and multimedia shared using social media messenger spy software
  • Record and listen to the incoming and outgoing calls of teens with secret call recorder

"Technology had made possible even to remotely control teen’s cell phones, block text messages, incoming calls and block internet with mobile phone parental control software"

How to Get to Know Teen is Being Trapped Online and Get Involved in Nasty Things?

Tips for parents:

  • If teens screen time is excessive and she seems busy in chatting, phone calls, making selfies then chat could go nasty
  • Your teens could be potential bully online or victim, notice your teens behavior
  • Monitor your teens surrounds, impose surround monitoring with phone spy app and record and listen to the surround sounds
  • Track your teens GPS location at school with GPS location tracker, because school bunker teens usually get involved in drug abuse such as smoking habits and others
  • Blind dating is common among teens, in-case teens getting late from school then snooped into the social media apps logs by using mobile phone surveillance software

"Use TheOneSpy parental control app to monitor screen time and to become the master of technology battlefield"

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