Depression! Obsession! Is This Social Media Spreading in Youth

depression obsession is this social media spreading in youth

The social media is the most charismatic phenomena in the contemporary world. Technology over the years has so much offered to the mankind. Having all the attributes attached to the technology, when it comes to the invention of the cell phone, internet, and social media these have spread plenty of things that have not heard commonly among the people of the world. Today we all know that people are behaving like zombies and samombies when using cell phone connected to the internet and finally use online media.

A simple cell phone may not that much vulnerable for users, but when connected to the internet, it may cause serious issues for the users. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Viber, Snapchat and plenty of others are causing serious depression issues. On another hand, the obsession with the modern technology such as mobile phones, internet and social media making people addicted to it and they have such an obsession using these things no time ever before.

Why teens & kids are obsessed with social media

The obsession is just s single world, but if go deep into the terminology of social media obsession, we need hours to explain this charismatic phenomenon. People use this social media for so many reasons and today we will discuss all of the reasons that make a social media user by using internet and cell phone obsessed with it. There are following factors that create an obsession among the users to use digital media.

Free text messages

People use social media for free text messaging on different social networking apps. They can use the text messages service totally free of cost without paying any single penny. They can send and receive the messages on the social messaging apps instantly. So, texting is on another side an addiction or obsession. The young kids and teenagers are the ones that use this service most frequently. They send messages to their friends which they have made online. When there is nothing to do, text messages on social messaging apps are teen’s first priority.

Chat conversations

The rain of social media apps enable user to do one on one chat conversations and the youngsters do chat online with the friends and with the strangers whom they don’t know in the real life. So, there will be possible chances for kids and teens to encounter with the stalkers and finally got into the trap of these evils.

Shared media files

This is the most favorite stuff for young kids and teens; they capture photos in the shape of selfies and videos and then shared it with the social media apps. They do that stuff for so many reasons such as to get people attention and to get likes from the fellow online media friends and often got into trouble. Cyberbullies bullied them online by using their shared pictures and videos. The in-short obsession of taking selfies and videos are rising in the youngsters and they are obsessed with the activity no time ever before.


Similarly, cyberbullies also take the advantage of technology in the shape of cell phones, internet, and online media platforms. Cyber bullies could be adult, teenagers and even the mature ones. They are the people that are frustrated by nature and always want to humiliate young and innocent fellow teenagers on the social media. Cyberbullies make the victims of young kids and teens lacking with privacy settings on the messenger and they put their social media profiles openly having complete information. So, the cyber bullies for the sake of fun bullied young kids and teens online safely and soundly.

Sexual encounters

Sexual encounters on social media platforms are also on the rise due to the presence of dating apps such as tinder, line, Facebook, Instagram and others alike. They meet with the people have the same age and then start chatting and texting and after having a little understanding they meet in the real life for sexual activities. Young kids and teens are indulging in pre-mature sexual relationships due to the modern social media platforms. This is also the major factor of the obsession with using online media.

Audio and video calling

People also use audio and video calling with their friends and family members. Young kids and teens do video chat with their friends by using the social messaging apps free of cost. These free social media tools continuously grasping the young minds in all these activities which we have discussed earlier. Spending too much time on social media platforms make them obsessed with the cell phone, internet, and online media platforms. When they don’t have the internet connectivity on their smartphone devices, there is the emptiness in their personalities that also lead them towards deep depression and anxiety.  Social media is pushing young generation in a complete sense of isolation.

Note: All the upper mention activities when becoming the priority of young kids and teens, then they got obsession of social media. So we can say that social media is spreading obsession in the youngsters.

Finally, the depression is imminent

When young kids and teens spend all the time in the digital world, they got a deep depression due to many reasons and they finally got plenty of health issues. They usually got ill sleeping patterns and sleeping disorders, they also got psychological issues and permanently got swear mode changes in their personalities. The young kids and teens that are suffering from depression often got low grades, lack of paying attention to something and plenty of other health issues.

What should parents do?

Parents cannot stop suddenly kids and teens to use the social media. But they can monitor their activities which they perform 24/7 on social messaging apps by using the cell phone device when connected to the internet. They just need to use the cell phone monitoring software in order to keep an eye on their screen time and as well as the activities which have made them obsessed with the social media and got depr
ession ultimately.

Once the parents have installed the smartphone spy app on kids and teens cell phone then they can completely monitor them remotely and get to know the reasons behind using cell phone devices for such a long time. The cell phone spyware allows parents to track all the trendy social media apps by using the IM’s social media of the cell phone surveillance software. It empowers parents to view IM’s logs, IM’s text messages, text conversations, video and VOIP calls and shared media files on the messenger in the shape of photos and videos.

Parents can also get the real-time view of screen activities of target cell phone by using the live screen recording of the mobile phone tracking app. The user will be able to get screen recording of all the trendy social messaging apps running on the target cell phone screen. On another hand, if a user wants to know all the hidden rabbit wholes of kids and teens on social networking apps, parents should use keylogger. It will enable parents to get all the applied keystrokes on the mobile phone such as password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. Having the kind of information, a user will be able to get complete access to the kids and teens cell phone and get to know the social media secrets.


It does not make a difference what sort of things social media is spreading among the youth, its parent’s responsibility to protect them from all social media obsessions and depressions.

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