Selfie Culture Damaging Teens (Selfie or Self-obscenity)


Selfies have become quite common within the generation of today however it has its own psychological issues associated with it. It is also seen to be having a link with cyberbullying thus in order to keep the self-confidence of your child high and to prevent cyberbullying at the same time, the magnitude of the problem needs to be understood.

The trend of the selfie culture is mostly associated with their need and desire to seek the approval and appreciation of their friends and peers. Posting selfies on social media and waiting for the response of their peers towards them is like hanging out one’s self-worth on the basis of comments and likes received. If someone doesn’t get the kind of response he hoped for, they could get embarrassed and perhaps even have their self-confidence affected which could have the potential of driving them to become depressed.

Selfies are not only considered as toxic to teens’ self-esteems but it is also bad for their online safety. Wanting to seek the approval and appreciation of others, they may make themselves susceptible to cyberbullying. The ability to say whatever they wish online and with the case of some social media sites, doing so while remaining anonymous has caused a number of children to post hateful remarks and abuses towards others without even considering the impact and consequences it may have. When such negative comments are heard, teens tend to post sexualized pictures of them online which have great risks associated with it. It makes them vulnerable to cyber bullies and gets them the attention of online predators.

This is again where the task of the parents comes in they need to take into consideration the implications of taking selfies and need to sit down with their child and talk and explain it to them. They should know that while taking selfies is not wrong, becoming obsessed with it can be a problem. They should help their children realize that the approval of others is not needed for them to assess their looks and parents can help their children become more confident about how they look and about their bodies so that they wouldn’t feel the need to be judged by others. Teens should also be made to realize that by posting selfies on social media, not only positive but negative comments are also likely to be attracted due to the internet being a free and open place for people to communicate. Parents should also remind their children that the pictures they upload on the internet can be seen by anyone who includes people they may not know, like and even people who may be dangerous.

Thus while taking selfies isn’t a bad thing, one must be conscious and aware of the amount of time he engages in this. Teens and parents need to make sure obsessions don’t occur with regard to selfies and children should also be taught that how they are on the inside is what matters the most.

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