Make a Pledge on World Children’s Day Better Internet for Kids

world childrens day

It’s been thirty years now, nations of the world came together and have made the pledge with the little souls of the world for their rights no matter girl or boy. It was the global commitment to provide the inherent rights of the children and also pledge to provide children, food, education, health, and protection. Now the entire world has to come again together to make another pledge to provide them better internet for kids. Sooner after a decade when countries all across the world have made a promise to provide children their basic rights, technology comes in and today after two decades new rights have to revise for children.

Today the internet world is vulnerable for children no matter how many rights they have already got. We have to make sure every child has better internet safety whatsoever. Today millions of children are suffering due to online dangers where they got trapped online, and after that abused in real–life by the predators online.

Almost 50% of kids ages 6 to 9 have internet access on their digital devices such as phones, tablets and computer devices. The Internet has become a digital playground for children where they do mistakes and there is no teacher to watch over them, according to the Kaspersky statistics report.

Why to Provide Better Internet for Kids?

Cyber Bullying statistics 2019

  • Almost 34% of children have experienced cyber bullying
  • 210 victims out 1000 are school going girls with different skin color
  • More than 80% of children owning cellphone, internet and social media accounts
  • 66% of young girls remain helpless against the cyber bullying
  • 42% of youth LGBT have to face cyber bullying

Porn addiction in kids: According to crime against children Research Center

  • Average age of kids encounter with porn online is 11 years old
  • 1 out 7 kids used to of receiving X-rated solicitation & there is 100k child porn websites on web
  • Only 25% of kids who encounter sexual approach discuss with the parents
  • Almost 79% of children have to face unwanted exposure towards adult content
  • 60% of children receive messages on social media or email from strangers on the web

Kid’s social media addiction: New York Times report

  • 50% of children feel addiction to the smartphones
  • 78% of children check digital devices number of times in an hour
  • 72% feel pressure to respond to social media texts and notifications
  • 24% of kids remain online on digital devices constantly

Today we mark the 30th anniversary of the #WorldChildrensDay; we have to make a pledge with them to put our children first by making sure safe internet for kids. Most of the parents I must say wondering how we can get to know what children are doing on the web using digital devices, all we can do set parental monitoring on kid’s digital devices connected with the internet. Additionally, help us to in an awareness world children’s day safe internet for kids.

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