SMS Tracking – Necessary or Not?


Ab-initio telephony has been a wonder for mankind. Speaking to somebody via wires or air-waves was particularly a genie stock initially but with the imminent wisdom, humans became aware of this science.

SMS (short message system), a telephony package, just two decades old had imbrued the world with the passage of quick – telephony. The present-day SMS centers are highly advanced and are better equipped with the methodologies of multimedia messaging.

The trend of SMS:

Some old – school fellas prefer the ordinary calling systems to converse anywhere in the locals or the world. Adults do prefer SMS over calls but when it comes to the teens, the term “Texting” is specially designated to elaborate the corridors of the SMS.

Pew Research Center created a report about teen texting comparing the reports with their own research of 2009. According to the study till July 2009 the Center found 30 – 34% of children aging between 12 – 18 years of age sending text messages, while at the beginning of the present year, the report suggests that the entitlement rose to 75%.

Though another comparison created to satisfy the rising trend of the SMS suggests that in 2009 almost 40% of teens preferred to make a call to their friends while today almost “15%” of teens prefer to make calls, rather they like to send a text.

It is all because of the swift and prompt service of the SMS Centers that they are preferred over the call.

The Wise Angel:

The worst of the miseries is the blasphemous effect of the dark side of the societies. Communal forces do try to curb the criminal and heinous happenings but at times they fail to do so. Although technology is meant for the betterment of mankind but the criminal minded use it for the harm to mankind. Similarly, SMS services are even used for criminal solicitation.

“Text – a – Tip”:

Across the developed and developing countries in the world, where smartphones and the ordinary cell phones are highly populated, one would find the chapters of “Text – a – Tip”. It generally happens with children, that they receive a text message from an anonymous number, providing them with a criminal tip.

Examples of it can be seen from the incidents that happened in the past couple of years:

  • Ø A mother from Boston was suspecting a home invasion which leads her child to death while the police investigations showed that the child had a criminal solicitation SMS which leads to his death, as he and his cousin while playing with a loaded gun, fired a deadly round
  • Ø Police in Colorado acted promptly in saving a school massacre as students were about to shoot each other in a Columbian Movie style after one of them had a criminal solicitation SMS

Random Behavior:

Apart from the heinous criminal logs, at times the SMS play as a bridge, between numerous behavioral disarrays. The concepts of:

  • Ø Sexting
  • Ø Cyber-bullying
  • Ø Cyber-stalking
  • Ø Inactive blindness

Sexting: The majority of the societies of the world consider sexting as to be a crime, even though the US does, but in the States, there’s even an approach that connects it to healthy puberty development. Unfortunately, it is a base for healthy puberty development but the early development in children means early matureness of hormones and it leads to sexual crimes such the rape cases.

CyberBullying: The worst parameters of rage and humility are just nowhere else then bullying. SMS has provided cyberbullying a base to target more victims than oral.

Cyber Stalking: Offensive credentials of the society include stalking, which became a bigger offense when it got the grounds of SMS. Girls being the major victim of this all provide a major percentage of, lying between 76 – 78% of the victims. The outcomes are horrible which leads to psychic drawls.

Inactive Blindness: It won’t be much wrong to say that teens are addicted to their smartphones and the consequences are pretty much elucidative as a number of road accidents happen when the teens were busy texting and they smashed into a forth-coming “Thing”.

Linking it to the parental approaches, 30 – 34% of the parents are surveyed to be heavily distressed because of the lethargic behavior of their children and absent-mindedness.

SMS Tracking:

Under such circumstances, parents prefer to investigate their children and guide them according to the culminating scenarios. Unfortunately, this narration procedure even holds a negative impact on the children and it leads to unscrambled outcomes.

The best way to be in touch with the children and to keep them safe in terms of the telephony, especially SMS, is through the SMS Tracking. Something for an instance can be taken like TheOneSpy a parental control and monitoring app for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry which could help them in tracking the SMS of their children and save them as per the needs and requirements.

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