Secret Lives of Teens on Instagram (“Rinsta” and “Finsta”)

Secret Lives of Teens on Instagram (“Rinsta” & “Finsta”)

It is easy for teens to leave their parents wondering. Because teens make their parents unseen what they have discovered on their digital devices in terms of cell phones and gadgets connected to the internet. Most of the teen girls these days have the real Instagram account (“Rinsta”) to have a huge audience and also keep “(finsta”) for friends –only or “fake” Instagram for their close friends.

Teen’s use their shortest version of their names on “finsta” accounts to have an opportunity to share a less filtered or edited version of the shared multimedia of their lives. When it comes to “rinsta” teens captures perfect Instagram photos that can reach to the wider audience. However, “finsta is something where they share their innermost thoughts. In fact fake instagram account or “finsta” primarily being used among teens to make their scandalous and sexual explicit activities, fertilize an alter ego, and do activities in a state of anonymity in order to troll peers. Let’s discuss secret lives of teens on “rintsa” and “finsta” and the hidden facts.

Secret Lives of Teens on “Rinsta” and “Finsta”: The Hidden Facts

Generally, the phenomenon of Rinsta into finsta get started when the parents have started to keep an eye on teens Facebook and ultimately on Instagram. Since the technology in terms of smartphones connected to cyberspace usurped by the teens and they just adopt the social media channels. However, young teens get involved in capturing photos in sexy outfits, the best dinner ever, hookups, breakups, trips, parties and other things alike.

Teens start documenting openly and posting on digital media without feeling shame sexual explicit pictures and videos. When parents have become tech-savvy and get started “friending”, “following” and “posting”, so the social messaging apps became risky for teens secret digital lives activities.

So, when the social media platforms those were once synonyms with freedom for teens, at the end of the day became prohibited in terms of their hidden activities. Therefore, teens have no choice, but to quit from social media or evolve. Finally, teens have chosen evolution in terms of “instant” into “fintsa”.

Researchers at Common Sense Media says

Almost 86% of teens say they get general advice about the use of social media from their parents. Common sense media researchers have found that 30% of teens believe that their parents know a little or nothing about their online social media apps or sites usage. On the other hand, teens still say parents look after them for what is appropriate and what is inappropriate online.

Parents Should Aware of Secret Lives of Teens on “Rinsta” and “Finsta and Their Impact

The development of “finsta” is traceable, the particular time period generational hijacking of Facebook and Instagram and generational selection of SnapChat. However, “finsta” is not a new one to teens, these phenomena get started to wreak destruction of teen’s lives and also cause problems beyond the school gates. Apart from the fact, those teens don’t seem to quake the Finsta. On the other hand, teens love to carve out a space free from their curious parents; Finsta has provided teens to have a technique to stay sneaky to perform sexually explicit activities without having clue to parents.

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The Facts and impacts

  • Finsta world largely based on female teens, though boys also use it
  • Rinsta into Finsta allow teens to be sexually explicit or capture stuff based on self –Obscenity without having fear in mind to get caught by parents
  • Finsta empowers teens somehow weave in the creator’s real name and further make teens elusive enough to prevent from detection of searches by parents but known by friends
  • Finsta creators can be traced with the use of parental control software by parents installed on their personal cell phone or desktop devices and allow parents to see their messages, shared multimedia, likes, comments in terms of logs
  • Finsta usually cross paths with Rinsta in order to launch social media cyber assaults
  • Finsta provide teen’s anonymity, so this suits a lot to teens in order to humiliate, ostracize and to bull online the peers.
  • Finsta users could be witness of cyber bullying or they could be bullies online

Secret Lives of Teens on “Rinsta” and “finsta” and Reality Behind the Scene

  • Most of the teens that have fake Instagram accounts “finsta get involved in sexting and boys have “finsta” accounts. Moreover, teens remain private and parents remain clueless of teen’s hidden activities on “finsta”
  • Blind dating is one of the major factors that is been driven through “finsta” and as well as “rinsta” accounts. However, fake accounts and short names provide teens anonymity to prevent being caught by the parents.
  • It is quite common to have Finsta than not to have Finsta account of teens. Teens don’t have to use sneaky texting codes in the presence of their parents while planning for sexual hookups with the stranger online.
  • Finsta accounts create emotional, social and mental trauma in teens and today cyber bullies are not used of bullying their fellows at schools. They rather use social media platforms and teenage boys do evil activities such as slut-shaming to target teens having finsta.
  • In case if teens get caught by the parents using “finsta” they suddenly change their argument to fool the parents by claiming that “finsta” is nothing but a joke.

Secret Lives of Teens on “Rinsta” and “Finsta”: Ultimate Dangers

  • Usually, teens online are more likely to experience the wrath of a Finsta bully or bullies. The secrecy of these kinds of cyber-attacks on teens is very difficult to handle. But their effects are insidious and their public arrival on Instagram is unbelievably humiliating and abusing.
  • The deadly thing about finsta is the teen that is socially responsible gets attracted to the activities they have not done in the entire life. Because teens knew that being anonymous their reputation would not be compromised. So, they turned into bully online, stalker, and indulge in blind dates or uncommitted sexual activities having contact with stalkers and sexual predators on “finsta”. At the same time, same teens seems modest on “rinsta”.
  • Teens d
    on’t realize that being so sext, slut, within sexy outfit and other sexually explicit photos cannot be deleted no matter if the account is been deleted or closed.
  • Teens on rinsta were not safe, now “Finsta” exposing teen into the flood of inappropriate activities. Even Finsta encourages teens for all the compromising things that can put teens into trouble and peer pressure further oil the wheels to be whatever they want to on fake social media Instagram account.

The ready access of social media tools in terms of “Finsta” is problematic because it is leading teens to overshare nudity in terms of images, videos, and remain hidden; The New York Times reportedly stated that.

How Parents Should Know Secret Lives of Teens on “Rinsta” and “Finsta”?

Parents that are tech savvy don’t remain curious and believes in diamond cuts diamond. So, they don’t get confused and use technology against technology in terms of social media spy apps.  Because spy apps for cell phone empower parents to monitor all the trendy social messaging apps accounts whether real or fake. Parents can easily get to know about incoming and outgoing cell phone calls, text messages, and social media apps logs; multimedia shared and the GPS location.

On the other hand apart from the use of mobile phone monitoring app, parents can help young social media user to know about the dangers online and as well as about the real-life excitement. Parents can update teens about the news and an incident that is been happened to the teens online because of inappropriate use of internet and social media websites. However, parents can encourage teens to point out their own values and standards about good online activities.

Furthermore, parents need to guide teens to behave in different scenarios online and tell them the outcomes of positive or negative behavior of teens online.  They should realize teens nothing remain secret on the digital world and if they have done something odd on social media in terms of “finsta” then there will be consequences that may haunt them in their entire lifespan.

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