Steps to Take Before Purchasing TOS Cell Phone Monitoring Software


Occasionally you regret purchasing a cell phone monitoring app, since they do not possess the features you actually desired from the app.

We are presenting some crucial steps that you should take before purchasing a cell phone monitoring software or application.

1. Why You Need It? The answer is crucial. What is your personal requirement? Do you need the software for keeping an eye on your employees or to limit your children’s overwhelming online presence? Furthermore, you need to ask yourself if purchasing the software would reduce your stress or would it be otherwise.

2. Product Selection After being convinced of the need one needs to be aware of one’s smartphone’s operating system – whether it is Android, iPhone or BlackBerry. And then opt for your application. For instance, TheOneSpy supports BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone. Furthermore, one can see the compatible phone list to figure out whether one’s targeted smartphone is listed.

3. Package Selection After you’ve finalized the application for your smartphone, you must opt for the package that suits your needs the best. This would ensure that is cost-effective and has optimum usefulness. As things stand, TheOneSpy offers three packages for Android monitoring app. Please ensure that you have read all the details before opting for the one that you believe suits your needs the best.

4. Payment Modes Check if you have multiple payment options since this would aid you in switching payment mode depending on payment option that is available in your region. TheOneSpy accepts all renowned credit cards, PayPal and Wire Transfers. This makes it simple to pay and keep an eye on your expenses.

5. Customer Support When you install any software, customer support becomes pivotal to aid you in getting through the preliminary issues. Even though TheOneSpy does not demand any technical expertise for installation we still ensure that you are able to contact customer support and get the answers to your queries. Even so, for the answers to the most frequently asked question “How it works?” you would have to complete these steps.

I. Installation In step-I, you have to install TheOneSpy in your target’s cell phone through the instructions provided with the package.

II. TheOneSpy Servers Retrieving the Existing Data Following the installation, TheOneSpy begins to retrieve existing data on the phone that is being targeted.

III. Displaying data on TheOneSpy Control Panel After the application is installed and ready, you would be able to check out the target’s activities on the control panel on TheOneSpy’s website. Call recordings, SMS logs, Geo-Fencing, location tracking and other features are available in other tabs.

Now that you have these guidelines, you can begin to see the features are available with TheOneSpy and the compatible application. This would help you make a qualified decision.

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