How to Make the Best of our Microphone (Hidden Voice Recorder App)


The microphone feature is just one of the many monitoring features offered by TheOneSpy, but it can be the most vital if used well. The microphone feature, as most TheOneSpy followers would know, allows you to operate your target smartphone or tablet’s microphone from any given distance. You can be anywhere in the world and you can operate your target phone’s microphone just like you operate your own cell phone. All you have to do is install TheOneSpy hidden voice recorder app into your target iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry, Android tablet or iPad and our software would provide you a dashboard from which you can access your target phone at any time. This is where you can operate their microphone from, too. Once you gain access to their microphone, you know you can operate it anytime you want, given the target device is on.

Now, there are innumerable ways in which you can use the hidden voice recorder app effectively. The best way is to use it in combination with our tracker feature. The tracker allows you to track your target device’s location and the microphone allows you to listen to whatever is going on in their surroundings.   If you are a concerned employer whose employee is taking too long to a particular task for which you had sent them away, you can start tracking their location and find out where they are. If they are where you sent them or on their way from there, you don’t have to worry. But if they are elsewhere, you can switch on their device’s microphone and listen phone surroundings and find out what they are doing. This way, you can know for sure what kept your employee away for so long.   Similarly, if you are a suspecting spouse, you can track your partner’s location whenever they are staying back at work or going out with friends. If they really are where they told you they are, they are clean. However, if they are elsewhere, you know they’ve misled you. But, it could be that they had to take a detour out of necessity. This is where the microphone feature comes into play. You can simply switch their device’s microphone on and listen to their surroundings to know exactly what they are up to – and with whom. For parents, too, this feature is a blessing. If your child hasn’t returned from school at their usual time, there is the reason for you to worry. You can try tracking Android location to find out where they are and operate their device’s microphone to find out what’s going on over there.

So, while the tracker lets you know where your loved ones or employees are, the microphone adds to it by letting you find out why they are there. It could be that your employee was stuck in traffic or that your husband couldn’t find a table at the pub he said he was headed to. It’s good to be sure what took them where they are, and the microphone feature helps you do just that.

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