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As we all know that the isolation Olympics has started over the last couple of weeks all over the world due to the COVID-19 outbreak. So, every business organization has allowed its employees to debuting new sports likewise, freestyle panic, synchronization of worries and comb your hairs for no reason whether you have hairs or not.

I mean companies have to allow their employees to work from home similarly they did in their offices. Now they can log in to their digital devices from home and complete their assigned tasks. Isolation Olympics have proved very tough for the business community worldwide and they have to allow their sportsman to perform from home using business owned computer devices.

Why are Employers Scratching their Heads?

Business owners have become sensitive because they have to generate revenue somehow, and one way or the other, but employees who are sitting at homes and enjoying isolation Olympics are less serious about their work. Employers are facing plenty of issues from the employee working from home such as spending too much time on social media websites in working hours. Even some employees are found searching for things like how to say no to your boss.
Moreover, employees only work in the first half of the day and then again start fooling around on cyberspace and see “Are Tom Hanks & Tina Wilson Gonna Be OK? “ and further start talking to himself when the last time I shook hands with someone.

Moreover, employees these days not just wasting time on business-owned devices like laptop and desktop computers. They are also having started outsourcing other companies in working hours.

Employees Tend to Outsource others in Working Hours

Employees nowadays are taking advantage of isolation Olympics (COVID-19) and they have started outsourcing other businesses alongside their assigned from their bosses. It means they are trying to make employers fool being busy on business owned laptop and desktop devices. However, employees forget to know that bosses already have made their plans while allowing employees to work from home in isolation Olympics.

So, when an employee outsources by some other company, he/she is not their employee but works for a couple of hours for them on their parole. If you being an employer do believe that your employees are outsourcing in working hours and half of your time has been dedicated to any third party then there would be serious consequences to your business.

What Happen when Credible Employees Involved in Outsourcing?

It is not a tolerable act by an employee of a business organization. You cannot outsource someone else by skipping or dodging your current employer’s working hours. I know some employees outsource their job to someone else and get their hands on another job for a particular time of period. The danger of outsourcing is been on the rise especially since the people are restricted to stay at their homes due to the Coronavirus pandemic. When credible and loyal employees of your business organization start outsourcing it comes up with serious consequences.

A business organization can lose intellectual property and all other secret and confidential information that none of the employers would like to share with the competitors. The loyalty and credibility of employees are valuable for employers. When employers allow their employees to take business owned devices at homes and work remotely it means they trust their employees blindly. Rather than facing heavy losses due to employees working from home and outsourcing third parties in working hours, use spy app features to prevent outsourcing.

What Employers Can Do?

As technology has evolved over the years to the next level, employers can remotely watch their employees working from home. Employers can perform remote monitoring which is also known as telematics. Over the years, it has become legal and you can perform surveillance on your business-owned devices provided to your employees. So, you can track your employee’s electronic communication in terms of text messages, emails, screen activities and another sort of activities on business-owned devices. Employers can monitor employee’s activities when they are working remotely from home with the computer spy app.

TheOneSpy Top 5 Spying Features for Computer: Prevent Employees from Outsourcing

  • Screen recording

Gone are the days when business owners have to face big losses because of their disgruntled employees. In the current time when the COVID-19 outbreak is creating issues, employers have to allow their employees to work from home. However, they can install a computer spy app on business-owned devices. Furthermore, a business owner can remotely perform screen recording and record short videos of the screen and send it to the web portal. An employer can record and watch the videos regularly and stay updated about employee’s activities to know whether they are working for the company or someone else. So, business owners can make several checks with a single tap on the online dashboard of a computer tracking app.

  • Keystrokes Logging

Every keystroke to each password digit employee has used on a business-owned device computer spying app record and capture and send it to the web portal. Employers can record and track all the keystrokes applied to a remote employee working from home on business-owned devices. Employers can read their text messages and conversations on instant messaging apps downloaded on business-owned devices. If your employee is doing outsource on your business-owned device in working hours you can catch the disgruntled one red-handedly. You can catch password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, messages, and email keystrokes.

  • Website Blocking

In this isolation period, every private organization or government has become a sportsman of isolation Olympics. Moreover, employers working remotely from home suddenly tend towards websites to see their celebrity crush whether he/she is alright or become the victim of COVID-19. Employers can block all the time-wasting, entertaining and inappropriate websites on the business owned devices to prevent employees’ goldbricking activities.

  • MIC Bug

Employers can remotely bug the MIC of the target laptop computer device MIC and record and listen to the surrounds especially these days when every employee is in self –prison. Employers can listen to all hidden conversations and surround sounds with computer monitoring software. in-case your employees are talking to someone online about outsourcing you have a clear chance to have all the conversation that keeps onboard what you should think next about the particular employee.

  • Screenshots

Remote working or employees these days who are working from home are easily manageable because employers can remotely get their hands on their activities particularly in working hours. You can schedule multiple screenshots on employees’ computer device screen. When an employee starts making activities on a business owned computer screen it will start capturing screenshots in a sequence and send it to the web portal with a complete time stamp.

How do Computer Tracking App Features Work?

Install spy software for mac laptop and desktop devices before you handover to employees to whom you are going to allow work from home. After the completion of the process of installation activate it and further activate your online dashboard account. Now use the web portal and get access to all the above-mentioned features. Use these features to start inspecting the activities of your remote employees working from the house.


The latest pandemic COVID-19 has led the entire world into self-isolation to break the chain or mitigate the prevalence. Business organizations have no chance but to allow their employees to work from home. However, not all of the employees work properly and honestly from home. Rather than doing work assigned by the company, employees start to outsource to make more money. Now employers can monitor all the working activities of employees in a working hour and make any of the employees accountable when needed the most. Our spy app top five features are best in the business so far.

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