How To Spy on Someone’s Phone or PC Browsing History?

how to spy on someone phone or pc browsing history

The Internet is no longer a privilege today. It’s something today people are born with and have complete freedom to access. We have an expansion of technology and the availability of Wi-Fi. Besides, everyone has access to portable internet devices right at our doorstep. People can reach out to the World Wide Web no longer remains within spatial limits. Gone are when people did meshwork of wires and stayed glued to their desktops.

With the advent of phones, laptops, and PCs, information is accessible. People can access the Internet on the drive, in school and college, in restaurants, and even a thousand feet above the ground. Where this technological landmark adds to our comfort and convenience, it has a dark side to it as well. So, people want to spy on someone’s browsing history on their phones and computers.

Why Spy on Browsing History on Other Phones & Computers?

The internet and browsers could become wild beasts if the user is not using a cell phone or PC with responsibility. So, we have to discuss reasons that push to watch browsing history on mobile or laptop PC. Here are the following reasons that you need to know to track internet history:

Monitor Browsing History Of Protecting Your Kids’ Online

For many people in the world, it is normal to use cell phones and PCs to browse the internet. However, it could be dangerous without supervision on phones and desktop devices. Many bad things are happening on the internet. Young kids get involved in many explicit, and dangerous activities that are as follows.

Online explicit Multiplayer games

Do you know today, young teens are online gaming addicts? They browse explicit online games. Also, teach young kids about unnatural ways of sexual activity. Online games groom young teens to have sexual activity. Apart from sexual games online, many multiplayer games also recruit young teenagers. They trap them in terrorist activities. They talk with the teens online using online games and with audio chats. Further, push them to play violent games to groom their mind for criminal activity. So, parents have no choice but to do surveillance on web browsers and history on phones and computers.

Adult browsing activities of kids

More than 70% of male teens and 33% of female teens are porn addicts. They are more likely to browse adult mobile websites and use them as X-rated theaters. Pocket porn is on the rise these days. Further, teens also visit websites and bookmark porn on their laptops and desktop PCs. Your kids could become porn addicts in no time ever before. The adult sites damage their mental and physical health. Teens’ aggression and laziness are excessive just because of their exposure to sexual content. So, parents should spy on the browsing history of teens on smartphones and computers.

Usage of online dating sites and apps

The hookup culture among teens is rising. So, they love downloading online dating apps on their phones and computers. Young teens interact with people online whom they never met in person. So, they meet people in person and often become victims of sextortion and sexual assaults. Date rape is also become standard due to online dating platforms. Kids download dating apps, like Tinder, on their phones. It offers the feature of having a blind date with someone. Parents need to protect teens online from sex offenders. But you have to track their internet history.

  Cyberbullying and Body Shaming

Online bullying and body shaming could work as a slow poison for teens. Teens will likely become victims of cyberbullying on social media platforms. Online bullies also can body shame your teen. They can comment on their photos and videos and use abusive language. It could lead a young kid towards suicidal thoughts. Parents should spy on their computers and smartphones to see browsing activities. You have to watch Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

Interaction with the sex-offenders in chat rooms

Teens have an addiction to text messaging and chatting on random chat rooms’ websites. They do it to spend time with strangers and often share their privacy without knowing the people. So, child abduction and child trafficking incidents could happen to teens online. You have to keep tabs on kids’ browsing activity without them knowing.

Track Internet History to Spy on Your Employees Secretly

Business professional often remain helpless when their employees become irresponsible and browse anything on internet browsers. Here are the following reasons that you need to know that force employers to keep tabs on their browsing history.

Waste time on shopping websites

Do you know business workforce can take any business to the next level and the ground? So, employers must understand what employees do on online shopping websites. They spend time on online shopping websites on business computers. They also waste time visiting online games and YouTube on business phones and tablets. It will decrease business productivity, and employees will get paid for nothing.

Breach of business data via social media

Employees have the habit of using social media on business phones and desktops. So, they could make a chance to sell business data to third parties. So, you have to take care of disgruntled employees. So, it would be the best way to spy on web browsing history on business devices. You have to use monitoring software that allows you to monitor business devices. Business privacy protection has become necessary for employers to deal with rouge employees. Social media websites and others enable users to chat and send and receive documents. Further, employees can send and receive emails to someone via computer web browsers. It would help if you kept tabs on their internet browsers connected to cyberspace.

Download malware from unprotected websites

Business devices are more likely to mess with malware and viruses. Employees can download malware by visiting unprotected websites. So, cyber-attacks can breach your business data and leave your devices empty. So, keeps an eye on your employee’s browsing activities. Use a hidden spy app to monitor the browsing activities of your employees on phones and PCs.

How To Spy on Browsing History on Cellphones & Desktop Devices?

Are you struggling to track your kids, and workforce business devices internet history? Gone are the days when you are unable to do surveillance on kids visited and bookmarked websites. Employers can also supervise the browsing history of employees on business devices. You need to find out the best web browsing history monitoring software.

What Things To Consider Finding Out The Internet History Spy App

Here are the following things you should keep in mind before you opt for monitoring software for cellphones and PCs:

  • Find out hidden spy software that can track visited websites and webpages
  • Must opt for hidden tracking software to access someone’s browsing history
  • Subscribe for a user-friendly surveillance app that works on phones and desktops
  • Install an app that remains invisible while accessing web browsers on the target device
  • Use undetectable spy solutions for cell phones and computer laptop devices
  • Opt for a secret app that offers result-oriented monitoring features

Use TheOneSpy App To Track Someone’s Browsing History Without Them Knowing

TheOneSpy is one of the best spy apps for cell phones and PCs. It offers several products, like android, iPhone, PCs, and MAC desktop devices. Every product of our spy solution can spy on target device browsing activities. Users can access someone’s visited websites and bookmarked webpages on chrome, safari, Firefox, and other built-in internet browsers.

TheOneSpy Features To Track Internet Browser & History Logs

Browsing History Tracker

It is a feature that lets users spy on cellphones and PCs. Employers and parents can supervise every visited website and bookmarked webpages. Users can also watch the URLs and timestamps of the visited websites.

Block Websites

It is a feature that lets users spy on cellphones and PCs. Employers and parents can supervise every visited website and bookmarked webpages. Users can also watch the URLs and timestamps of the visited websites.

Live Screen Recorder

TheOneSpy offer lives screen recording on cell phones and computers. Users can use an online dashboard and unleash the screen records. It will start recording short videos on smartphones and computer screens. Further, send the data to the web control panel. Parents or employers can download the videos and examine what kids or employees have visited on web browsers.

Schedule Screenshots

Employers can also schedule many screenshots using different time intervals to capture screenshots. Users can see the captured snapshots of phones or computer screens by accessing the dashboard. They can see all the sites and bookmark them with timestamps.

Keystrokes Logging

TheOneSpy offers a feature that is a keylogger. Use it to capture applied keystrokes on web browsers. Parents and employers can see the captured keystrokes when the target person visits Facebook, online games, and porn.

Screen Time

Employers can also use screen time features on business phones to prevent time-wasting of employees. It enables users to block every app installed on the phone, including web browsers. So, young kids and employees cannot browse apps on cell phones.


TheOneSpy is one of the best hidden monitoring apps. It remains invisible on another device and monitors browsing history. Users can use it on their cell phones and computer devices. But you have to have separate subscription plans for smartphones and computers.

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