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For children in the age of today, Internet is no longer a privilege: It’s something they are born with and have complete freedom to access. Moreover, with the expansion of technology and the availability of Wi-Fi’s and portable internet devices right at your doorstep, reaching out the World Wide Web no longer remains bound within spatial limits.

Gone are the days when people used to struggle with a meshwork of wires and remain glued to their desktops and modems in order to use the Internet. With the advent of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, the world of information can be accessed from anywhere and at any time, whether on the drive or from a school, college, restaurant; even a thousand feet above the ground.

Where this technological landmark adds to our comfort and convenience, it has a dark side to it as well. What once was considered a family experience has turned individualistic. Modern gadgets have cornered people enabling them to breathe and operate within their own personal territories, without any outside interference.

Greater exploration of modern tools combined with isolation might have spurred a boost in brain work and human productivity, but it has simultaneously led to a spike on the graph of cyber crimes. The desire to interact with our own kind may have declined in real space but has been observed to have a parallel rise in cyberspace. The only difference is that we don’t really know who’s on that screen. We only see what they want us to see; believe what we see. There’s no way to run a background check on people we interact with in the virtual world. That does not necessarily imply that everyone out there is evil but yes, there are predators, pedophiles, and mafias fishing around in the same waters that you and I are swimming in and one has to be mindful of that.

As parents become busier and electronic gadgets become more rampant, children see themselves getting detached from their families and spending more and more time online. They are watching their favorite programs and movies, surfing the web for their school assignments and competing on popular games with their friends. In addition, they are expanding their connections on Facebook, Twitter, and multiple other social networking platforms. A high level of curiosity and unanswered questions compels them to view inappropriate content including pornography and explicit graphic content. This often misleads them, causing harm in the longer run.

In the same manner, people in offices and other workplaces have been seen killing their working hours doing futile online activities including Facebooking, shopping, watching videos, listening to songs and passing on explicit material to their colleagues. They continue to do the same even when at home, resulting in a loss of precious family time and mounting frustrations. Such are the reasons behind spousal arguments and conflicts, eventually forcing the kids to find a safe haven in their sheltered online bubbles all the more. And so the vicious cycle goes on and on, disintegrating family structure and destroying the peace of minds, on the go.

If you are a rational person, this idea might have crossed your mind many times as to how these kinds of situations can be rectified; how can people, things, and relationships be kept in their proper places, how can online boundaries be maintained and any violations come to sight and are timely dealt with. If so, TheOneSpy web browser monitoring feature can truly work as your magic wand. It lets you discreetly monitor the surfing habits of your loved ones. You can easily scan the web browsing history and spy on their Internet activities. Not only does it let you spy on the visited web pages, it also displays the frequency of visit along with the time and date for each attempt. To cap it all, you can also view the downloads and bookmarked pages to personally assess the inclinations of the user’s mind.

TheOneSpy provides a quickly downloadable application and an easy-to-use web interface that ranks it above all others when it comes to monitoring the web browsing on the mobiles and tablets of your near and dear ones.

All that is between you and your ultimate monitoring experience is a little want of agility. For once, show the dexterity to get hold of the target phone and insert your license information to download TheOneSpy on it. Once installed, the application automatically rolls back and hides in the background, without leaving a trace. It extracts all the activity logs from the user’s device shifting it your online control panel that is at your disposal at all times. You only need to access your account using your confidential credentials, click on the Activities button in the Menu and choose the Browsing History feature to let the magic happen. Wish you all the luck!

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