How to Control Android Phone from PC Remotely?

how to control android phone from pc

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Are you trying to control your Android phone through your PC or laptop remotely? There are many reasons to do that, but you may need help keeping tabs on your target phone and tablet devices.

Either way, controlling the phone is technical but less hectic than you think. You can try multiple applications to get the job done, but before you plan, here are a few things you need to know to control any Android device from OS version 5.0 up to OS 14.0 via a PCs devices.

Best App to Control Android Phone from PC Remotely?

TheOneSpy is a comprehensive phone tracker application that consolidates all your tracking needs into one platform. It’s designed to make controlling and monitoring Android devices a breeze, all from the comfort of your desktop. Install TheOneSpy on your target device, and you can access its secure web control panel using the internet connection on your PC.

What sets TheOneSpy apart is its versatility. It’s not just a cell phone tracker, but a complete control center for your mobile devices. Packed with dozens of features, it’s the application you’ve always wanted to have for managing your cell phones.

With TheOneSpy, you’re not just tracking, you’re in control. You can record calls, log keystrokes, monitor emails, track social media activity, and even read messages. And that’s just the beginning. You can also track the device’s geo-location and remotely control phone calls, messages, and internet usage, all from the convenience of your web control panel on your computer.

best app to control android completely via any laptop desktop pc

TOSDesk - A Dashboard App Android & iPhone

TheOneSpy has provided a TOSDesk application that you can install on any cellphone to log in to its dashboard at all times to avoid back-and-forth sign-in to the web control panel. You can download this application via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and enjoy instant dashboard access to monitor and control your target mobile device at any point in time.

What Can Control Someone’s Android Phone from PC Computer ?

You can use Android tracker apps on your target device and the secure web control panel on your PC or computer to control Android, microphone, cameras, and GPS location. You can also keep tabs on your target device to the fullest.

Let’s look at the following phone tracking apps to hack, track, and control someone’s phone through your PC remotely.

Surround Recorder for Android:

It is a phone tracker that works on Android cell phones and tablets. It enables users to control the target mobile device via the web on their PC or computer and via a cellphone connected to the Internet.

You can install TheOneSpy app on your target phone to control the target device’s microphone in real time. Then, it records surrounding voice chats and sounds and sends the data to its online web portal.

You can visit any laptop or desktop device, access the dashboard using credentials, and download the recording to your PC.

  • It provides real-time surround voices on Android
  • It works secretly without the knowledge of mobile users

GPS Tracker for Android Devices:

Geo-location tracking is an application that works on phones and tablets and lets you control the target device location via a laptop or desktop PC. Do you know how? It is very logical to understand. You can track cell phone devices via the Android location tracker dashboard you wish to use on your computer devices. The first step is to install a cell phone tracking app on your target device and use its electronic control panel on your PC, which empowers you to track the target device’s location to the fullest.

 You can control any Android device from any computer using the location tracker app. It enables users to track the following things via their computer device.

  • Real-time location
  • View the location history of a phone
  • Tracking without GPS
  • Mobile location through SMS

Users can view and track the location of a target cellphone using a web control panel on a PC connected to the Internet. Alternatively, they can navigate the target phone’s location and mark safe and forbidden zones using a laptop device.

Remote Voice Call Recorder

The call recording application offers a convenient way to track incoming and outgoing mobile phone calls. You can do this secretly and remotely via your PC using a call recorder dashboard. It operates on your phone without the need for root access, and it even records live phone calls, sending the data directly to your web control panel.

With our application, you have full control over the recorded call data. You can visit and activate the electronic web portal on your computer device, and download the recorded call data at your convenience, even scheduling the downloads to suit your needs.

  • Record inbound calls
  • Record outbound calls
  • Download data on your computer device

Note: Users can remotely block incoming calls by controlling mobile devices via desktops using a PC.

Spy360 - Feature for Mic, Screen & Camera:

Our Spy360 tracking tool operates in real-time on cellphone devices. It allows you to connect and control the target device’s front and back cameras, streaming the live feed directly to your online dashboard. You can access this dashboard from your PC browser, ensuring you’re always up to date with the mobile device’s surroundings.

Spy360 is not just a smartphone tracker tool; it’s a comprehensive solution. We provide dedicated customer support to ensure you can effectively monitor your cellphone surroundings by streaming live activities of the target phone cameras.

  • Remotely control phone front camera via PC
  • Remotely take over the rear camera of mobile via computer

Monitor Social Media Apps & Instant Messengers

Social media messenger is one of the best tracking apps. You read the instant messaging app’s logs with the schedule. You can install on your target Android phone without rooting. Moreover, access the web control panel of TheOneSpy using your PC. You can read messages, voice messages, chat conversations, shared photos, and videos without the target person knowing.

Every messaging app logs you read via computer device active with a web control panel

  • Read Facebook logs
  • Track WhatsApp messages
  • Spy on Snapchat disappear messages
  • VoIP call logs of IMs

Keystrokes Logger to Control on Android Phones

Do you want to control your target Android phone via a desktop device? You can install the keystroke logging app on your target cellphone connected to a stable internet connection. Further, you need to activate the electronic and secure online dashboard on your laptop device. Moreover, you can initiate the keylogger on the target phone remotely and control every keystroke applied on the target device.

  • Track password keystrokes
  • Messenger keystrokes
  • Text Messages (SMS) keystrokes
  • Email keystrokes

You can capture keystrokes applied to your target phone via PC and download them to your desktop to read conversations, email content, passwords, and messenger activities.

Remotely Capture Screenshots on Android Phones:

Apart from controlling Android phone to capture screenshots of a mobile screen using your computer device. You can install TheOneSpy app on your target device, have physical access to the target device, and activate the dashboard on your computer machine to capture multiple screenshots. Further, download the data on your PC via the web control panel.

  • Capture phone screenshots
  • Capture multiple screencaps at once

Spy on Text Messages Secretly

You can read text messages sent and received with the schedule on an Android phone without their knowledge using a PC device. You can install a spy text message App on your target device and access the dashboard using a laptop connected to the internet. Further, you can activate text message spy, and you will get the logs of sent and received messages, SMS, and chat conversations on the mobile cellular network.

  • Read sent messages
  • Read received messages


You can control messages on your cellphone and block conversations remotely using TheOneSpy web control panel on your PC device.

Track the Browsing History

Do you want to see someone’s Android phone browsing history using your computer? Yes, you can track and monitor browsing history on any cellphone device connected to cyberspace. You can install a phone tracker on your target device and then use your desktop device to access the secure web control panel to control the target Android phone. You can go to the web portal and activate the browsing history tracker. It will enable users to watch the following things using a laptop device.

  • Track visited websites with a schedule
  • Monitor bookmarked webpages

See or Track Emails

Are you trying to track and hack emails sent and received on mobile using your laptop? You can read sent and received emails using an email tracker on Android. It empowers you to access the target device using an online dashboard on your computer browser and activate the email monitoring tool. It enables users to read the following.

  • Track sent emails of Gmail on the phone
  • Read received emails from Gmail on target mobile

TheOneSpy phone tracker has provided a TOSDesk application that you can install on any cellphones to log in to its dashboard all the time to avoid back and forth sign-in to the web control panel. You can download this application via the Google play store or Apple App Store and enjoy instant dashboard access to monitor and control your target mobile device at any point in time.

Top Reasons to Control Android from Your PC Remotely

There are plenty of legitimate reasons to control someone’s phone using your laptop devices. Let’s get to know about those who are desperate to take over cell phones for the following reasons.

To Protect Teens From Digital Nightmares

Parents are scared of the online activities of kids and teens connected to cyberspace. Moreover, know about how kids are emotional about their online privacy concerning parents. However, they do share and breach their privacy to strangers online and become vulnerable to online predators. Before the child gets involved in drug abuse, online hookups, social media addiction, and track and controls your kid’s android devices via your computer device.

To Protect Businesses from Rouge Employees

Employers are desperate to take over business-owned Android devices to protect business intellectual property and avoid time-wasting activities of employees. Employers can control business-owned android devices from rogue employees and prevent time-wasting activities of employees during working hours to the fullest. They can track business phones and tablets provided to employees using their windows and Mac devices.


Gone are the days when you had to keep tabs of your kids and employees for digital parenting and employee monitoring manually. In the modern age, install a phone tracker and control your target device using a PC by activating the web control panel on the web browser or TOSDesk.


Yes, you can control an Android phone from a PC. But you have to access the best app, TheOneSpy, which allows you to remotely monitor Android devices by logging in to the web control panel on your PC device to view the targeted person’s phone activities.

You need to install the Android monitoring app on your targeted device, then log in to the web control panel to view other phone activities remotely without knowing them.

Yes, it is entirely safe. You can use TheOneSpy app to view anyone’s online activities from anywhere without knowing them but with a legal concern.

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