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best sms tracker app for android iphone

Communication technology has shattered all barriers, and the SMS tracker is a prime example of this power. New technologies have opened up a world of possibilities, making nonverbal communication more accessible than ever. This form of communication, which includes messages or signals through nonverbal platforms like facial expressions, eye contact, postures, and distance, is now at our fingertips, thanks to the power of SMS tracking technology.

Today, most people worldwide embrace the convenience of nonverbal communication, mainly through text messages, SMS, MMS, and other forms on their cellular devices. With a few keystrokes or a single tap on a mobile screen, they can engage in conversations without uttering a word. This nonverbal form of communication, conducted on the cellphone itself, is discreet and efficient and brings a sense of ease and comfort.

 Given the prevalence of SMS communication on mobile devices, it’s no wonder that people are increasingly interested in uncovering these conversations using SMS tracker applications. This post will delve into the top 10 mobile SMS tracker apps. But before we do, let’s understand these apps and why they are in high demand.

Top 10 Best SMS Tracker Apps for Android & iPhones in 2024

We will do an SMS tracker review of the best applications in our list that enable you to track the sent and received text messages or sent/received SMS on cellphone devices. The following are the applications, along with their rankings concerning effectiveness, result orientation, compatibility, installation pros and cons, and other features.


It is one of the most popular apps in the business that empowers to keep an eye on your kid’s messaging activities and further lets you to the communication of employees on business devices. It has an SMS tracker feature for cellphone devices running with different operating systems. The application is packed with a different set of features and enables you to track SMS on phone devices for online parenting, employee tracking, and to retrieve messages of cellphone networks and social messaging apps.

TheOneSpy App Other Features

  • Track GPS location.
  • Record live phone calls.
  • Monitor social media conversations.
  • Remotely restrict text messages.
  • Track all sent and received emails.
  • Live Screen recorder

TheOneSpy SMS Tracker App Installation

TheOneSpy app is easy to install via physical access to the target device. It has three steps installation process that takes only a few minutes to complete its setup, and you can operate the SMS tracker app for cellphone via its online web control panel. The hassle-free installation process is appealing for the users.

Pros of TheOneSpy Application

  • The application is pack with exclusive and traditional features.
  • It is the Best SMS tracking software for digital parenting and for tracking employees.
  • Retrieve all deleted messages on cellphone networks and social messaging apps like WhatsApp without root.
  • Real-time tracking of SMS on cellphone devices is possible with its multiple features.
  • You can track all sorts of verbal and nonverbal communication.

Cons of TheOneSpy Application

  • Remote installation is not possible yet


It is compatible with cellphone devices running with all Android and iOS devices. Users can track messages sent and received and perform other activities without them knowing. You can use it in a sneaky way and get the results to the fullest.


It is the second most appealing and popular app on our list. Without a shadow of a doubt, OgyMogy is the best SMS tracker app. It has developed the most advanced tools to discover or track SMS sent/received on a cellphone. You can remotely do surveillance on mobile cellular networks’ text messages and SMS conversations and on installed instant messaging apps running on the target device, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. Setting parental control and ensuring a check and balance of employees’ nonverbal communication is the most effective and well-built application.

Features Of OgyMogy

  • Social media monitoring.
  • Remotely read sent/received SMS & MMS.
  • Internet history tracker.
  • Live call recording.
  • Geo-location features to track the location of the SMS sender.

Installation of OgyMogy App

You need to get physical access on the target device to start the process of installation, and it does not support remote installation. Once you have the subscription and have complete the process of activation, then use the credentials and get access to the online web portal and use features to monitor SMS sent/received and other activities.

OgyMogy Pros

  • It has plenty of features that enable you to monitor SMS in terms of logs and real-time activity.
  • Best SMS tracker for cellphone messages sent or received.
  • Not only track SMS, but it also enables you to trace the location of the sender.
  • Easy to install & setup on the target device.
  • You can use an SMS tracker without rooting a cellphone.

OgyMogy Cons

  • Compatible with Android phones only
  • It does not support remote installation


It supports mobile phones running with Android OS version 14. It works secretly on the target device and remains hidden.


FlexiSpy, a leading SMS tracker software for Android and iOS devices, offers unique features. It allows you to access the target phone and track all SMS, MMS, and group conversations. Additionally, if saved on the device you are tracking, it can reveal the cellphone number, email, and contact name.

More Features

  • A keystroke logger is used to capture and record the SMS.
  • Record live cellphone calls with a call recording tool.
  • Monitor sent and received text messages.
  • Track GPS Location


It only requires a few steps to get installed on the digital phones, and you just need to get the subscription and credentials to set it up on the target device. You can operate its features via an online web portal and upload the information.


  • It has a couple of exclusive and traditional features for tracking cellphones.
  • It is easy to install on the compatible cellphone devices.
  • You can monitor sent and received SMS on cellphones and social messaging.


  • The installation process could take time
  • Real-time features are limited that tracks SMS
  • It does require rooting and jailbreak


It is compatible with Android, iOS devices running with the latest operating systems, and you can use it remotely after the installation.


It is the most advanced SMS tracker on our list that works on android and iPhone devices seamlessly. You can install it on the target device, allowing you to set parental control to read teens’ messages to strangers. You can also use it to read employees’ SMS conversations on business-owned devices. It offers plenty of other features.

Spyzie Features

  • Geo-location
  • Track sent/received SMS
  • Call logs
  • Social media tracker
  • Browsing history

Installation App

You have to get physical access to start the process of installation after having the subscription. Furthermore, it takes a little time to complete the setup on the target device. Get access to the web portal after the installation and remote operate it to discover activities on smartphone devices.


  • Easy to install on the target device
  • Compatible with the latest phones
  • Dozens of features for phone surveillance


  • A limited set of features to track every activity
  • Enable to record social media calls
  • Real-time features are limited


It supports all cellphone devices running with Android and iPhones.


It is also a reliable monitoring software that helps monitor targeted devices to find their online activities. This is a famous spy app for SMS on Android and iPhone devices. This provides features to know targeted person online conversations, even from their IMs. Once you install it, it helps you to track every bit of conversation from anywhere. Plus, it’s an effortless app for all concerned users. 


  • monitoring the usage of different apps & blocking the app’s
  •  content filtering.
  • Manage and track screen time.


The app installation process takes time, and it also takes time to process the complete installation process. You need to have physical access to the installation process. Use its online control panel to operate the application to track SMS and other phone activities.


  • This is amazing is location tracking
  • This helps you to keep your child safe from online dangers by blocking features
  • control child’s device usage.


  • Lack of advanced features


It is compatible with the running with Android and iOS version.


TrackMyFone is one of the most excellent SMS tracker apps that you can use to monitor mobile devices such as Android and iOS. It empowered you to monitor all the real-time SMS sent and received on cellphone devices. You can use its features to track messages and chat conversations. Users can get to know about the location of the SMS sender.


  • Internet History
  • Read messages
  • Listen to live calls
  • Social media tracker
  • Monitor GPS location


You can install it on the target cellphone device, but it needs to get rooted; otherwise, you won’t able to perform the process of installation on the target device. It takes a little time to complete the process of installation.


  • Let you know all the activities that happened on the target cellphone device.
  • All the features are functional
  • It works on non-rooted devices to some extent


  • Don’t have a hassle-free installation process
  • It lacks the exclusive features


It is compatible with Android and iOS phones but enable you to set it up on the latest devices.


When you need an SMS tracker, you should get your hands on SpyEra, which will let you do the job to the fullest. You need to install an application that tracks cellphone devices and provides features that empower you to read the sent and received SMS on the target android and iPhones.


  • Read all social media chats
  • Read messages & chats
  • Remotely capture photos
  • Track GPS location
  • Email tracker


The application has a complex installation process, and it does not have a hassle-free installation process and difficult to operate on the target device.


  • Works on the various OS of the cellphone device
  • Separate online control panel
  • It is packed with features that work as an SMS tracker app


  • Difficult installation process
  • Lacks real-time tools
  • It has a limited set of features


It is compatible with Android and iOS version latest.


It is one of the classics and is known as the best SMS tracker app. It is user-friendly app for Android and iOS devices. Furthermore, it is one of the best applications for tracking SMS for digital parenting and keeping an eye on the employees’ communication on business cellphones and instant messengers like WhatsApp and Skype. However, it has dozens of other features.

Tracking Features of mSpy

  • Live call recording
  • SMS tracker
  • Internet history tracker
  • Live GPS location
  • Block apps
  • Social media logs

Installation of mSpy

You have to get physical access on the target device to start the process of installation, and you need to perform plenty of steps to reach the point where you can operate the application for the surveillance of sent and received SMS.


  • It does provide instant results
  • Pack with SMS tracking features


  • Unable to protect the target device data at all
  • It does not have an easy installation process


You can use it on all kinds of cellphone devices running with Android OS and iOS version.


The SMS tracker application is among the Top 10 best SMS tracker apps in the business. It allows you to track and monitor all messaging activities on iphoen and android cellphone device. In addition to surveillance activities on cell phones running SMS, it has numerous other features.

SpyFone Application Features

  • Messages monitoring
  • View Phone Contact
  • GPS location tracking
  • Block apps
  • Social media logs


  • Enable you to read SMS and conversation
  • Remotely upload the text conversations
  • Lacking the features in demand


  • It is not easy to install on the target device
  • You have to root or jailbreak the target cellphone devices
  • Best for online digital parenting only


It has developed advanced and state-of-the-art features to set parental control on kids’ mobile devices using its SMS tracker features. You can read and monitor sent and received SMS on your children’s cellphone devices to protect them from cyberbullying and stalking online.


  • You can view SMS logs on the target device
  • Track GPS location of kid’s hidden whereabouts
  • See all the internet history on phone browsers

Installation of TeenSafe

Get its subscription and credentials and get physical access to start the process of installation. Get access to the web portal to operate it on the target device via its powerful and unique features and upload the results to the dashboard.


  • You can use the SMS tracker app for Android remotely once installed.
  • Don’t let you get panic while children are sending and receiving because of real-time monitoring.


  • It does not support the latest Android phones
  • Customer support chat is not reliable


You can use it on Android and iPhone devices.

Why Do People Want to Use SMS Tracker Apps?

The rise of digital communication via text messages on mobile devices has made people track sent and received SMS activities through the best SMS tracker app. Parents want to track SMS sent and received on mobile devices to do digital parenting and to know to whom kids are talking via nonverbal communication.

Parents want to protect teens and children from stalkers, online bullies, and sex –offenders who are masters in trapping teens via text messages and chat conversations on cellphone networks and social media platforms.

Furthermore, employers want to monitor employees’ communication on business-owned cellphone devices to monitor them during working hours. Apart from online parenting and employee tracking activities, many individuals are trying to retrieve their accidentally deleted sent and received messages for surveillance activities.


The top 10 best SMS tracker apps for Android and iPhone can be used to track nonverbal communication regarding SMS sent and received. However, you can monitor every activity happening on cellphone devices by using applications that have other traditional and non-traditional features. If you are looking forward to having the best of the best apps, then you need to get your hands on TheOneSpy.


SMS tracker is a type of software that empowers you to uncover the entire content of text and picture messages on a mobile or tablet device. It goes beyond this, allowing you to analyze message or group messages to understand the delivery pattern, encoding details, and errors.
The SMS monitoring app works after one one-time installation on the targeted device, but keep remembering that this installation will not be remote. Take physical access to the targeted device and log in to the web control panel to view the SMS sent or received from the targeted device.
Yes, you can read someone’s text conversation without their phone having the best SMS tracker app. by installing theonespy, you can remotely/secretly read anyone’s messages.
Yes, it is possible to track someone’s SMS without them knowing with the help of the best SMS tracker TheOneSpy. It helps you to remotely read anyone’s conversation without giving any clue to the device owner.
Yes, good SMS Tracker like TheOnespy, mspy, and FlexSipy help you to recover and remotely read deleted text chats from targeted Android and iPhone.
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