Hike in Number of People Surfing the Web Behind the Wheel


There is an ongoing battle about putting down the phones when drivers are driving the car, a state farm insurance company has reported that for this there is long road ahead.

Texting while driving the car has been considered the biggest culprit behind all the distractions that drivers face, but now there is another habit that is prevailing is dangerous one also: that is internet access from the seat of the driver when they drive the car.

State farms latest survey revealed the facts that drivers who are required to focus their attention on the road and mind should be attentive when they drive the car, they rather use their mind and attention nowadays on surfing the web through their phones.

Chris Mullen, director of State Farm’s research technology, has attributed the rising trend to the prevalent use of smartphones and saying that nearly 1000 respondents that make 88% of survey participant do own one of such devices.

A few years ago using internet features on the phone that was not available but now all the phones are offering this has given the opportunity to people to access the internet through this feature’ so this feature has tempted people to not only text but also check other things by surfing on the internet, he added.

State Farm says, that while driving 29 percent of drivers that are, they use the internet and access it. And if it is to be compared, it will make 13% of people in 2009 who admitted that they surf the internet and the web when they are driving. Meantime, thirty-six percent who texted admit the fact and this number have remained steady over the history of seven years.

It is worrisome to see these results as National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says,

due to the distraction of driver last year 3,179 people in vehicle accident died .Among these victims who were died ,drivers were the mostly in large numbers themselves.

Federal governments and states have been actively urging the drivers to put their phones away while they drive and to talk on phones while texting and holding it in the hand while driving is stating illegal in many states. But drivers are seeming to move away from these deadly habits.

At red light they will text mostly when they have stopped at those signals an intersection’ Mullen says. And according to the federal record and data, nearly 40 percent of accidents are happening at the intersection. So if they are stopped it does not mean that they should stop focusing on the road and things around them.

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