sms spy app

SMS Spy App

Text Message Spy – Keep Tab on Incoming and Outgoing Messages

TheOneSpy SMS monitoring app empowers you to spy on all the inward and outward text messages even the deleted and hidden ones. Notably, spying is not just restricted to the text messages, but the MMS, BBM chat and iMessage can also be followed logging onto the TOS user control panel.

SMS Spy App Let the User:

  • Read what the target has been writing and to whom
  • Read what the target has been receiving and to whom
  • Track the date and time of each received or sent SMS/message
  • Get the contact information of the receiver and sender of text messages
  • Read complete thread conversations with SMS surveillance app

How SMS Spy Software Feature Helps You?

For the concerned parents who wonder what their children are always texting and to whom, spouse who suspect why their partners get their messages deleted after having a conversation with someone anonymous, and employers who are worried that their employees might communicate company’s confidential information to unwanted recipients, the Spy on Text Message feature is there to help them track the mobile phone conversations via text/SMS.

“Some texts that involve emojis or smileys will not be uploaded as we only support the text messages. An SMS Text Message involving any emoji or smileys will be missed out. We do not support smileys and emojis or any kind of MMS messages or Stickers.”

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Benefits for parents

Sexting through text messages is on the rise among teens and parents on the other hand are concerned over this type of in appropriate activities. Furthermore, teens are obsessed SMS activities they send and receive it all day long and communicate with the people they love to talk via cell phones cellular networks. Now parents can use TheOneSpy SMS tracking app on the target phone. It empowers parents to remotely track all sent/received text messages remotely using Tos online control panel where parents can see the logs of SMS activities with complete time stamp.

Benefits for Individuals

You can use SMS tracking software on your personal mobile phone device in order to monitor your SMS activities. It will help you out to keep the record of all the SMS conversations and sent/received messages that you have used for communication with certain peoples. You can use it as a data backup of the SMS messages using online control panel where you can get see your SMS logs to have reminder to whom you have made conversations through SMS text messages. In fact most of the time people really want to save some of the important conversations they have done on their mobile phones rather than to fill the phone memory you can use this particular tool.

Benefits for Employers

Employers can see the conversations via SMS messages of their employees performed on company’s owned devices. Employers can read the SMS sent received on their devices to know the conversations are productive or it has been made for personal reasons or to deal with the clients. Employers can use SMS surveillance software to keep employers in touch with the activities employees have done within the working hours in terms of text messages. All you need to install the text messages spy app on your devices.

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