Why do Cyberbullies indulge in Cyberbullying?

Teens are aware that cyber bulling is a major problem amongst the youth. When cyber bullies were asked their reasons for cyber bullying, they had a number of reasons for this behavior. A majority of them said that they engaged in it to either get back at someone or because the person deserved it. This was because they either had some grudge against the person or wished to get back at them for some behavior they may have committed initially.

Other reasons also included that cyber bullying was a way to show off to their friends and to gain acceptance in the peer circle; to indulge in entertainment and to have some fun; to simply be mean and to show to the victim the amount of control they have; some cyber bullying others to embarrass them on purpose and to sense a feeling of happiness and dominance. Lastly, some also had their own personal reasons for engaging in cyber bullying which were more personal than common.

These facts have highlighted the need of a pertinent debate regarding curtailing cyber bullying in schools. Parents need to be on their toes, keeping an eye on the activities of their children who could be both bullied, or bullies.


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[…] Every teen knows that cyber bullying is a problem which is a major one and one which exists very much amongst their age group.  […]