How to Prevent Cyberbullying? (Updated)

How to Prevent Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is an issue many kids face that affects their mental health. Every parent wants to protect their kids from harm, including cyberbullying. When teens face this issue, they can be afraid to share this with their parents, and it is challenging to check the device of kids and help them if they are facing any issues.

Some parents are unaware of this issue, and some do not know how to secure their children from cyberbullying. Parents want their kids to be safe when they are far away from them, like in school or with their friends. To help secure your kids from cyberbullying, we will inform you about some strategies in this article to help you.

What is Cyber-Bullying?

Cyberbullying is an issue that most people face on the internet or through text messages. It is about threatening the individual by spreading a rumor about them online, sharing embarrassing photos or videos, and sending mean text messages. Cyberbullying is so hurtful and humiliating that it can destroy a person’s mental health.

School Role in Preventing Cyberbullying

Schools need to take a stand against cyberbullying prevention of long-term psychological damage.

Schools should also play a role in preventing cyberbullying, as it is a severe issue that can last a prolonged effect on students’ mental health. Cyberbullying is as harmful as physical bullying. It can sometimes be even worse. Because students who face it can feel alone and isolated, leading them to depression, anxiety, and even suicide.

The good news is that schools can help students face it by informing them how they can face it. This way, they can help in preventing cyberbullying from happening. They can prevent cyberbullying by educating students about it and training them on how to cope. They can also make policies and place them in the school that prohibits cyberbullying and consequences for those who engage in it.

Strategies To Prevent Cyberbullying

The good news is that many tips and strategies can help parents prevent cyberbullying. We will discuss the top strategies further in this article.

  • First, ensure your kid has enough information to protect themselves online.
  • Make a friendly environment with your kids so they can share their online experiences with you without fear.
  • Ask your child to create strong passwords and pins on their accounts that can be hard to guess.
  • Install the parental control app or monitoring software on all your children’s devices that can help parents to monitor their online activities.
  • Set a mobile usage limit for your kids on how much time your children can spend online each day.
  • Ask your kids daily about their online activities.
  • Follow your kids’ friends online so you can know what type of company they have.
  • If your kid contacts any suspicious person, block that contact from  your teen’s device.
  • Support your child if you notice that something is wrong with them

Discuss the Dangers of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is extremely dangerous for kids; it can have a devastating effect on kids. It can make them depressed and isolated. Kids who use social media have many chances to face cyberbullying anywhere, anytime, and it is hard for them to escape it alone. Tell your kids that they should not share vital information online with strangers. Teach them how they can report and block bullies.

Educate Children on Internet Safety

You can also help your children to stay safe online by educating them about internet safety. Remind them never to share their personal information or pictures with strangers, and ensure they know who they should talk to if they experience cyberbullying. Also, ensure that your children know never to respond to any messages from someone they don’t know or who is trying to bully them.

Promote Positive Digital Citizenship

Regarding cyberbullying prevention, it’s essential to promote positive digital citizenship. This means teaching young people how to be responsible when using technology. Encourage your kids to be upstanding digital citizens by modeling the right behaviors yourself. It’s also essential to communicate with your kids about the dangers of cyberbullying. Lastly, support your kids in setting appropriate boundaries with technology. It means they should not share or post anything they wouldn’t want someone else to see.

Track Your Children's Online Activity

Make sure that you are aware of your kid’s online activities. And that you know what type of content they are viewing on the internet. It is also essential for parents to know who their kids are communicating with. By daily monitoring your child, you can be aware of any cyberbullying signs. TheOneSpy helps you check online activities and identify the signs of harassment. Also, it has many features like location tracking (GPS tracker), web browsing history monitoring, social media monitoring, screen time management, Internet, SMS, Phone calls and app blocking that can help parents ensure that children are safe from cyberbullying.

Encourage Children to Report Cyberbullying

Parents should inform children that cyberbullying should not be tolerated. Encourage kids to report cyberbullying if they face it. Tell them that if someone harasses them online, they must report it immediately to the appropriate authorities. Encourage your kids to keep a record of all the harassing messages or images and let your kids know that it is OK to ask for help in need.

Utilize Parental Monitoring Software

Using a phone & PC parental control app is the best choice. TheOneSpy parental control software is one of the most effective ways to monitor every activity of children. It enables parents to monitor and control online activities, which can help in blocking certain websites and contacting and setting parental controls. Furthermore, parents can know the location of their kids when they are far away from them using GPS tracking and monitoring messages on social media apps like Snapchat and WhatsApp. This app also alerts if children are facing any cyberbullying by anyone online.


Now you know the strategies and tips for cyberbullying prevention. The most crucial part for the parents is always being proactive and educating themselves and their children about cyberbullying and how they can stay safe online. So always create a friendly environment with your kids to communicate, and always support them if they experience cyberbullying.

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