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Traditional smoking has remained the serial killer all across the world. Though we have seen people are less likely to quit smoking. However, the latest invention e-cigarette on the name of rehabilitation has been introduced among the masses and there is an opinion that it could be the game changer in public health. Because it may reduce the enormous health inequalities caused by traditional smoking. On the other hand, TheOneSpy has made a comprehensive research work that e-cigarette could be effective, but when it comes to teens we are allowing them to use electronic cigarette because it is less –harmful. Therefore, less harmful does not mean e-cigarette “Ok” for teens. It raises a serious question on an expert independent review that concludes that electronic smoking is less harmful. So, behind scenes, they are welcoming young teens who got fascinated watching people smoke e-cigarette and to join the club later on, “because e-cigarette is less harmful”.

E-Cigarette Reasonable For Chain Smokers but not For Non-smoker Teens

According to the independent evidence a review that has been published by (PHE) Public Health England that says e-cigarettes are quite less harmful to health than the original tobacco products. However, it helps put smokers to quit.

  • E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than smoking
  • Almost 45% general population don’t believe e-smoking is less harmful than traditional smoking
  • Still there is no evidence till date e-Cigarette are route cause for smoking habit in teens, PHE key findings

E-cigarette may be contributing to falling smoking rated among adults and young teens, according to review, commissioned by PHE and led by professor Ann McNeill (Kings College London), PHE Further published a paper on the indications of the evidence for policy and practice.

The Reality: E-Cigarette Lead to Future Smoking Among Kids and Teens

Don’t you think above-mentioned stats are more likely seems an advertisement that is encouraging teens and kids that don’t smoke real –cigarettes but to electronic ones. Obviously, when you are targeting teens that there is no evidence till date teens gets attracted to smoking via e-cigarette and alongside you are claiming that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful. Let’s discuss what (CDC) Center for Diseases Control and Prevention says about the latest illusion on the name of rehabilitation.

  • According to the CDC people who use e-cigarette also smoke tobacco. People that use electronic cigarette are more likely to get traditional smoking habits
  • The latest reports of National Academy of Medicine says the use of e-cigarette use increases the frequency and amount of cigarette smoking in the future
  • No matter what e-cigarette is unsafe for teens even they have touched the real cigarette after words

E-Cigarette contains Nicotine, Volatile organic compound, cancer causing chemicals, ultra-fine particles and flavors as diacetyl that causes lungs diseases.

How Teens Getting Drug Abuse via E-cigarette

Young kids and teens surrounded by the technology in terms of social media websites and apps using cellphone and gadgets connected to the internet are more likely to expose to drug abuse. Because peer pressure is the element that really putting teens and kids into real trouble. The latest social media trends and activities are getting young teens closer to the dangerous activities and use of cellphones providing teens and kids anonymity.

Moreover, when teens see the peers are using e-cigarettes and then claims they are less harmful in the case then teens may get attracted and at the end of the day get their hands on traditional tobacco consumption.

Teens partying activities turned them to get involved in drugs, sexual activities, blind dates, stalking and I think e-cigarette would be the first step towards all the nightmares. Therefore, TheOneSpy has taken an initiative to aware the general public to protect teens even from using e-cigarette because it may be the less harmful but first step to lighten up their lives. Let’s discuss how e-cigarette is dangerous for youngsters.

Reasons Behind Risks of E-Cigarette For Young Kids and Teens (Nicotine Presence)

  • Nicotine is present even in e-Cigarette that is not good for health
  • Nicotine is proven to be dangerous for kids and teens brain in terms of development
  • Use of e-Cigarette releases nicotine into the children’s body that affects brain parts in terms of control, attention learning, and mode and impulse control
  • Nicotine damages the cognition in brain and slow the process of developing new brain cells
  • Use of Nicotine especially via e-cigarette make teens to lurk other drugs
  • Scientists are still working on the long terms health issues by consuming the e-cigarette
  • The ingredients in the electronic smoking tool such as aerosol could be the dangerous for lungs in the long terms
  • Flavors are good for eating, but when it comes to inhaling gut can work more substances compared to the lungs
  • The defective e-Cigarettes are more likely to result fires or explosion and people have got injuries

E-Cigarette Good For Adults Those Have Smoking Habits

The people that have been addicted to the tobacco cigarettes and later on they have replaced it with E-cigarette have got quite good results, Professor Hajek, Queen Mary University of London said that.

“In my opinion smoker that has switched to electronic one are more likely to decrease the risk of health issues they have had before, he added.

Smokers usually have a different kind of demand and habits and I would suggest them not to quite e-Cigarette if they have not liked it at their first try of inhaling vapors and they can use different flavors as well, he further added that.

In Great Britain these days almost 2.6 million people that are using e-cigarette and most out of them or x-smokers that are trying to prevent the habit of smoking. Lisa Surtees, acting Director at Fresh Smoke-Free North East, the very first region where locals are promoting stop smoking and promoting e-cigarette and even they are quite open-minded to allow their wards to use the e-cigarette, she said. Almost 79000 people die every year due to smoking and switching seems beneficial in the eyes of experts. On the other hand, there is no way to allow teens and children to use it except those who already have got the addiction of smoking.

How To Protect Teens From E-Cigarettes?

First and foremost, parents have to realize that e-cigarette is not fun at all. They should teach their kids and teens not to use these electronic devices because it’s been invented for the sake of cure; in particular, it is for those that are addicted to smoking.

So, there is no way to attract young kids and teens in the name of less harmful activity. Previously, TheOneSpy has taken the initiative and launched a campaign against underage smoking, and today, we do a little different. Parents should keep an eye on their kids’ and teens’ real-life and digital activities.

It would be possible for parents when they know to whom teens and kids are talking on social messaging apps, text messages, cell phone calls, and the multimedia they have shared on instant messaging apps via their mobile phones and gadgets. We all know that today young kids and teens are posting each and every single activity on social media. So, if you are able to monitor social media messengers, incoming and outgoing cell phone calls, and what they are planning with their friends.

Then you will be able to stop teens and kids from electronic smoking. So, you need to use the parental control app on your cellphones. Then you will be able to know the teen’s digital and real-life activities. However, apart from the use of cell phone monitoring apps, parents should discuss the dangers of the e-cigarette rather than the fewer harms of the electronic devices.

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