4 Most Dangerous Social Media Apps for Kids


Social media has become an inevitable part of the people. Kids are not spared from these social media forums like Snapchat, Whisper, Ask.fm, Blender, Yik Yak, and others for various purposes. The causes for using such social media apps include entertainment, interaction with people in your surroundings, discussion on a variety of issues, seeking advice for personal matters, sharing jokes and venting frustration. Though these platforms are apparently perfect options to kill time on social media, the influential impacts on kids and teens are not much favorable. The parents need to monitor the list of installed apps their kids use to get informed which activities they perform and which social media apps they are using. You might be unaware, but your children will be getting negative mental impacts that may ruin their lives.

Here are the top most dangerous social apps that the kids should stay away from.

Yik Yak

This is a location-based social media app that works in a certain limit of area. This provides users opportunities to stay connected with people in their vicinity and see what they share with each other. Initially, it was designed for college students who were using it in their friends’ circles. The original intention of developing and introducing this dangerous app was to facilitate people for better connectivity. But nowadays, just like others, the kids are getting their hands seriously on Yik Yak as well.

One of the psychiatrists has declared this app as the most dangerous he has ever seen and come across. The reasons for its being dangerous comprise many like inappropriate text sharing, exchange of nudity, harassment and cyber bullying and kids perceive they are not being disclosed but as we have told, the app is location-based, and the exact location of the kids might be figured out. This impacts kids in negative ways, influences their mentality and thoughts, impedes grow of healthy habits and kids grow into nasty adults.


Just like other social media platforms, Whisper is a confession forum that lets users enjoy sharing confessions, text, messages, photos and anything without using a real name. The app identifies the actual location of the users and it easy as well to get in contact with people living in an area of one mile in your surroundings. Kids are using Whisper in a large number and catching horrific effects.

The impacts of this app are also scary, and parents need to keep their kids and teens safe from Whisper too. As it does not use a real name, so anyone can come online and talk to your children. He might be a sexual abuser, hiker, cyber bully or some other extremist. Even in 2013, a man was charged with the sentence for raping a 12 years old girl through interaction on Whisper.


This is a flirting and dating social media app that provides access to meeting the partners whom you would never meet in the otherwise case. The working process of the app includes creating a fake account, sharing photos and messages with the person you want to talk. It finds out certain geographical location-based users, exchange of photos occurs and the users evaluate each other based on face attraction. Many users have successfully got into contacts and conversation and even they met that was never possible without this app.

The app is not suitable for kids and teens at all. Once the kids use it, share their photos and search for partners, they actually share their location with thousands of strangers. Kids might get trapped, raped, harassed and bullied as well. Moreover, the level of vulgarity on the forum is dangerous for kids. The parents should know and figure out the means to restrict the use of this app by their kids.


If you are a social media addict, you will be familiar with ask.fm. This is a social media website that provides access to all users, and a major purpose of the site includes providing opportunities to the individuals for asking personal questions’ answers. For example, if a person is having some problem in deciding something, he would surely ask others to help him resolve the problem.

The problem with this site it bears horrifying impacts on the users and especially the kids. The other users give advice in different manners, and sometimes people put forward abusive answers, sexual excitement, very negative decisions and even a user advised the guy to suicide, and he killed himself as well. The parents can understand how dangerous the site is indeed. Moreover, it carries some other adverse social impacts on mental and physical health.

After reading about these dangerous social networking apps, the parents will definitely get worried about their kids, their activities and would see the means to overcome the problem. Usually, it’s not easy and possible to monitor the activities, internet history, and apps list and check out the instant messages of kids on their mobile phone devices. Is there any solution manually or automatically to cope with the very issue? How can parents be sure about all activities of their kids? What’s the solution that can reduce worries of parents? This is a high time that parents should celebrate and thank the technology. Yes, there is a very particular solution to all these problems for non-tech savvy parents. TheOneSpy application software monitors activities, internet browsing history, calls, all instant messengers, traces locations of the device it’s installed. In addition to the above-given features, it lets the user view list of all installed apps can be removed/deleted or paused remotely.

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