Tumblr Causes Dangers to Teenagers

tumblr causes dangers to teenagers

Almost every parent acknowledges that they can’t keep vigilant eyes on the latest social media apps installed on their kid’s smartphones. If a parent educates his/her children on an individual app like Facebook or Whatsapp and their dangers, the teens change their apps and convert to others i.e. Tumblr, Instagram, etc. it’s merely like a game for the kids to use recent and newest apps every day. If parents restrict them from one, they come up with a new one so parents must do their utmost to ensure their kids are active only on safe social media apps.

It’s not later than a few years that every child and teenager started using such apps where they share their personal matters, talk to unknown people, find crushes and a lot more is there to be done. Apparently, they are using such apps for better enjoyment and interactions, but things get worse when the kids fall into the hands of cyber bullies. At the same time, we get news on various apps that resulted in the loss of kid’s personal information and more harms as well. The social media apps encourage nasty people to join and use apps with an anonymous name to trap and catch the innocent people especially kids and teenagers who never reckon about such dangers.

What Actually is Tumblr?

Tumblr, among millions of social media networking apps, is one that provides a platform to the people for sharing information, photos, videos, links and other data. If you check out the slogan of Tumblr, it states “Lets you effortlessly share anything” so how a parent can put the kids into hands of such an insecure app? Most of the users declare it a website blog because here the post of the users appear in the form of links and short posts that can be checked and viewed anytime.

When it comes to sharing thoughts and other information, Tumblr is regarded as the popular social media network with unique and creative features. In the opinion of many users, this is a platform where you can come up to express yourself all the time irrespective nature of your feelings and thoughts about to be posted while others say it a place or forum to gain quick fame and reputation. In short, Tumblr provides freedom of expression and offers some things that users can enjoy.

How Does Tumblr Raise Concern of Parents?

If we say Tumblr is an online collection of current culture, it will not be wrong. When thousands of adult users join to use it, kids are not spared as well who participate and share their personal and important details and information with their peers, friends, and people in the circles. As this is a parent-free zone, so kids are fully free to share and post what they deem right. However, as it includes people of every type so most of the time kids get exposed to such content, photos, and material that they should not have read or checked.

Like many other social media platforms, Tumblr offers zero educational stuff and access to porn content is not very difficult but it’s easily accessible to every user. Nudity and sexual material affect the kid’s physical and psychological health. As it’s a public forum with free access, so it can’t be restricted as well. Another major concern for parents is that Tumblr’s registration policy has no age limit less than 13 that any teen can join directly using an email address. Thus, when it’s important to maintain security and safety of kids, they put themselves into the hands of anonymous people with evil intentions.

Best Possible Solution:-

As a guardian, the parents must educate and warn their kids about the dangerous impacts of such apps. The parents should sit with their teens and listen to them compassionately about their activities and guide them about the possible harms they can face in the event they are a regular user of such an app. For all this, the parents will have to access the device physically so that they can view and check the installed apps. Here we present a best systematic solution for dangerous apps like Tumblr that parents can utilize to check the list of installed apps, delete or uninstall them and pause or restart an app as well if needed. TheOneSpy is a monitoring and spying app that offers unlimited features from tracking to spying, viewing internet histories to controlling installed apps remotely. One feature of TheOneSpy known as “Controlling Apps Remotely” offers what many parents are looking forward to getting. Here are the supported features in this all-in-one package solution:

View List of Installed Apps

The parents can install TheOneSpy on the device of their teens and can check out all the lists of installed apps. This will let the parents be sure what type of apps their kids are using. In case they find unwanted apps or Tumblr, further actions can be performed as well to handle the situation.

Uninstall Apps Remotely

This feature of TheOneSpy allows the users and parents to uninstall an app remotely. When a parent sees an app like Tumblr that their teens must not use, the parents are authoritative to uninstall or delete that as well. It increases the security and protection of kids.

Pause or Restart an App Remotely

Often a parent meets a situation when they want to pause or stop an app on their kid’s device so they can perform the very action. But if their kids need that app for academic or other educational purposes, the parents must feel the need and can restart that particular app as well. Indeed, the diversity and variety in features of TheOneSpy make it the best and top-ranked spying app far and wide.

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