How “Fake News” as Word of the Year Associates with Human Rights Activist around the World?

how fake news as word of the year assosiates with human rights activist

The word “Fake News,” chosen by the well–known Collins Dictionary as the word of the year, has caused trouble for human rights activists around the world.

The decision itself does not look bad, but in reality, it portrays the ubiquity of the growing rate of fake news creating serious troubles for the human rights movements since the time number of stories has blurred the lines between fact and fiction, truth, and lies. When it comes to the difference between reality and propaganda, most of the news facts get a pretty raw deal these days – the US climate change policy is based on confused science, such as the election news has been generated based on social media apps such as Facebook compare to the real stories through renowned media organizations. However, neuroscientists have warned that the facts these days are not really convincing, and the stories may not come up with the facts and figures all the time.

The rise in ignorance of facts is a genuine problem when it comes to the stories of human rights activists around the world.

The famous author of the book, Timothy Snyder, in his book “On Tyranny,” has warned that “To abandon the true facts is same to abandon the freedom”. The human rights activist around the world should narrate their stories convincingly and should advocates Rohingya refugees fleeing ethnic cleansing or those who mercilessly deported from the US to Mexico, needs to be credible and with true facts rather than manipulating the reality.

The fact-finding and the storytelling should be based on the witnessing. Elie Wiesel the survivor of the Holocaust that has dedicated his life in the commitment to give witness and speak in the hope, by presuming the incredible, peoples need to make sure that they will not do it again, According to the human right watch published a post.

“Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented, “he added.

When it comes to the encounter of the human rights activist around the world with the victims, they must have a commitment to be careful about fact-finding, to gather the evidence, the corroboration of details and to unveil the truth prevail justice to the society, he further added that.

But the issue is far broader and the people who deal with the fake news seek to make fact fungible and to provide the world noise of competing for hyper-partisan narratives where verdict does not make a difference and the truth at the end of the day comes from the allays of the troublemaker.

The well–known personalities, including politicians, have begun deploying “Fake News” as the smear on fact-finding by media personnel, human rights organizations, and prosecutors. While in the process, they usually seek to break the link between the evidence and accountability, and it makes it more problematic to make sure those who are answerable for their misdeeds.

Each and every single day, ordinary people or the people who are the victims put their lives at risk and tell the stories to the human rights activists for justice because they know that another option is only to keep themselves silent. On the other hand, if human rights activists and human rights watchdogs start tempering the facts, then ultimately, no one will have confidence in these so-called human rights that have been made for the stronger ones but not for the weaker ones.

How has the world wowed against Human rights activists?

China has dismissed claims of torture of human rights activists as “fake news.”

According to the Independent, The Chinese state media has wowed against the famous Chinese rights activist who had cooked up “Fake News” of torture in order to get the attention of the international media in the name of human rights. However, its defender stated that accusations were made to smear his name.  No matter what claims have been made by human rights activists, China has dismissed human rights activists’ torture claims as “Fake News.”

Amber Rudd said child refuge criticism is fake news.

The British Conservative politician Amber Rudd has said that the Government is not taking in child refugees as fake news. At the start of this month, the British Government announced it would take only 350 unaccompanied child refugees from Syria in the light of the Dubs amendment, and as the council said, they had space for 400 unaccompanied asylum-seeking kids at the late of this financial year.

Amber Rudd says reports that the Government is not taking in child refugees were “fake news.”  However, in the interview with Robert Pestoin, the Home Secretary refused to answer the question about reinstating the scheme to help children in France and Syria and further stated that they settled more than 8000 children in the UK last year.

“In your question, it shows that the “Fake News” is setting out there, she further urged that.

Human Rights Watch diminishes Singapore’s Invitation to “Fake News” hearing.

Human right Watch declined on Friday, March 30, 2018, and invitation from Singapore to provide concrete evidence at a public hearing on “Fake News”, the human rights watchdog accused saying that the hearing was not a “true consultation”, but a media event”.

However, the parliamentary committee has reviewed the possible steps to stop “deliberate online false news, the efforts are on the way in many countries to tackle falsehood and to deal with the untrue information.

According to the United Nations Human Rights Office of the High commissioner

The United Nations Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, freedom of expression, monitors the issue of a joint declaration on “Fake News” Disinformation and Propaganda.

“Fake News has come up as one of the most discussed global topics of concern, and there are possibilities to deal with it. It will ultimately lead to censorship, the prevention of critical thinking, and conflicts with human rights law. In this particular joint Declaration, there is a need to point out the true principles that need to be applied in any efforts to tackle the issue, Mr. Kaye stated.

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